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PMG Chapter 1285: Three Beasts’ Battle

PMG Chapter 1285: Three Beasts’ Battle

The one who would kill Lin Feng first would get the jade flute, those who weren’t strong and didn’t have a powerful background should die.

Si Kong Xiao didn’t rely on his reputation as one of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang to steal treasures, he also relied on the strong cultivators who were with him. He had even brought some cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, who would dare oppose him?

Mu Fan Chen and Yi Ren Lei were the same, they hadn’t come alone either. They had also brought strong cultivators from the Magic World, Heavenly Palace and the Heavens of Desire’s Palace.

Three powerful groups while Lin Feng was alone, and on top of that, he only had the strength of the Tian Qi layer.

“I agree!” said Mu Fan Chen smiling indifferently. Maybe it was the easiest way to solve the issue. That way, the people who were with them didn’t need to be involved.

“Since you both agree, I have no choice. I agree too.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling at Lin Feng in a seducing way. She felt sorry for him, but she hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t blame her.

“Eh?” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with demonic energies. If Yi Ren Lei agreed with them, it meant they were going to attack now.

“Bzzz!” An illusion appeared and Lin Feng thought he was in another world. He saw that he was stuck in a cage and that sword energies were moving towards him, towards his throat.

“That’s the power of the illusional eyes!” Suddenly, it was as if a demonic god appeared behind Lin Feng. It was pitch-black, especially his eyes. The sword lights which were moving towards him immediately disappeared as if they had never existed.

“Slash!” Another pair of eyes appeared in the illusion, the Celestial Vision.

The atmosphere around Lin Feng became distorted. He suddenly felt like his body was being ripped apart.

Those four people were in an illusion together. From outside, it looked like those four were just standing there, not moving at all. However, their eyes looked terrifying.
“Die!” shouted Si Kong Xiao furiously. Deadly energies emerged from his eyes and moved towards Lin Feng.

“Using illusion techniques against someone who has demonic eyes is ridiculous!” said Lin Feng. Then, demonic energies rolled in waves in front of him.

“Godly curse!” Lin Feng was suddenly bathing in cursing strength. He wasn’t trying to curse other people this time, he was cursing himself to come back to his senses.

“Bzzz!” The illusion disappeared, leaving Mu Fan Chen surprised. Demonic eyes could break illusion spells?

“Another genius!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a resplendent way. She couldn’t help but recall Lin Feng. This reminded her that she couldn’t be arrogant on the path of cultivation, the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang would continue to see new and powerful opponents.

Lin Feng’s demonic vision granted him special powers that she didn’t know about. He could destroy illusion spells and could prevent her from seducing him with her seduction spells.

“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped forwards while he raising his fists. His demon fists were aimed at Yi Ren Lei and Mu Fan Chen at the same time while Lin Feng himself ran towards Si Kong Xiao.

“You want to die!” shouted Si Kong Xiao. At the same time, he also jumped forwards, cutting everything in front of him down with his Celestial Vision.

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at his eyes with his demonic eyes. The energies from the nine netherworlds were visible in those demon eyes, so Si Kong Xiao could feel his Celestial Vision being corroded. A thin black layer had appeared around his eyes.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, his voice created soundwaves ahead of him. It was as if two demons were staring down at him, the energies they emitted pierced through Si Kong Xiao’s eyes painfully.

“Break!” shouted Si Kong Xiao furiously, closing his eyes. He landed in front of Lin Feng and punched the air in front of him.

“Body curse!” Lin Feng’s cursing and demonic energies intertwined. This time, he was  cursing his own body while turning the demonic energies on himself, trying to turn create an indestructible body.

Fission abstruse energies crashed onto Lin Feng, but it didn’t affect him.

“Destructive curse!” Lin Feng punched the air in Si Kong Xiao’s direction as well. Demonic Qi rose to the skies as his punch contained a terrifying amount of demon Qi and cursing abstruse energies.

They glanced at each other, Lin Feng’s cursing energies first spread through Si Kong Xiao’s body, making him feel weak. At the same time, terrifying empty space and demonic energy invaded Si Kong Xiao’s arm.

“Boom boom boom!” a terrifying collision occurred, both Lin Feng and Si Kong Xiao were thrown backwards. Lin Feng’s arm was shaking, his fist was bleeding. Si Kong Xiao had used fission abstruse energies to break Lin Feng’s spell and his fission abstruse energies were already level three. Even though Lin Feng had cast a cursing spell on himself, he had almost lost his arm.

However, Si Kong Xiao wasn’t feeling any better. His arm was hanging loose and his bones were crushed. His face turned deathly pale. What infuriated him the most though was that Lin Feng was relatively safe, he was just bleeding a little.

“Si Kong Xiao has been defeated!” the crowd was surprised. Even while fighting three people at the same time, he had won the battle eye battle, forcing Si Kong Xiao to close his eyes.

Yi Ren Lei and Mu Fan Chen didn’t take advantage of the situation to attack Lin Feng. He had already proven how strong he was by pushing Si Kong Xiao back with his punch. Even if they attacked Lin Feng, they couldn’t defeat him.

“Si Kong Xiao, who’s one of the ten strongest young cultivators isn’t that strong after all!” said Lin Feng smiling. He had made fun of Qi Tian Sheng not so long before and now a Tian level cultivator was making fun of him, even injuring his Celestial Vision.

“Boom!” People behind Si Kong Xiao released some of their own Qi, but Si Kong Xiao shouted, “Stop!”

Si Kong Xiao then rose up in the and said, “Nobody can attack!”

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