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PMG Chapter 1286: Give it back!

PMG Chapter 1286: Give it back!

“Si Kong Xiao is furious!” thought the crowd. He was one of the ten strongest young cultivators and he was a descendant of the Si Kong Clan. Now, a Tian level cultivator had defeated him and humiliated him, he couldn’t stand it.

Mu Fan Chen waved his hand as to indicate that he didn’t want to attack. Actually, when Lin Feng released those two punches in Mu Fan Chen and Yi Ren Lei’s directions, they blocked the attack, but didn’t continue fighting. They wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was.

“Let’s see how strong you really are.” said Si Kong Xiao to Lin Feng. They had just fought for a few minutes before, so it didn’t prove that he was any less than Lin Feng, but it proved that Lin Feng wasn’t that weak.

“You’ll see.” said Lin Feng, then he rose up in the air.

“Where are you going?!” Si Kong Xiao also rose up in the air. They weren’t fighting yet, but Qi was already dashing to the skies.

“Celestial Vision, territory!” said Si Kong Xiao. Everything in front of his eyes became strangely distorted.

“Territorial strength!” Si Kong Xiao had immediately used territorial strength to fight, not underestimating Lin Feng at all.

Lin Feng glanced at the empty space and slightly raised his hands. He found that he was moving slower in that space.

“Celestial Vision Territory: speed abstruse energies!” sighed Lin Feng. It reminded him of what the Diviner had told Si Kong Xiao in Fortune City: “Celestial Eyes, you can definitely become an average emperor, even an upper emperor if you fight for it!”

Besides, Si Kong Xiao had been shot with a golden arrow. Considering the Diviner’s predictions, Si Kong Xiao was at the top of the list of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang.

The Diviner’s predictions for Si Kong Xiao were similar to those for Wen Tian Ge. They both seemed stronger than Mu Fan Chen. The Diviner had said that Mu Fan Chen would need to be extremely lucky if he wanted to become a high level emperor.

Lin Feng guessed the best cultivators from the list of the ten strongest young cultivators were Kong Ming the Buddhist monk, Si Kong Xiao and Wen Tian Ge. The Diviner had also predicted that Mo Peng could become a medium level emperor. But because of his temper, because he considered everybody and everything beneath him, he couldn’t excel beyond that.

Of course, Yi Ren Lei couldn’t be underestimated either, she just had to change some things on her path of cultivation.

“Die!” shouted Si Kong Xiao furiously. He moved with incredible speed towards Lin Feng and released fission abstruse energies.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, looking like a demon god. Empty space energies rolled in waves and at the same time, Lin Feng’s fist hand reached Si Kong Xiao.

“Slash!” Sharp lights emerged from Si Kong Xiao’s celestial eyes, slowing the demonic hand.

“Break!” shouted Si Kong Xiao, punching the demonic hand and breaking it. Si Kong Xiao continued running towards Lin Feng while releasing fission energies which seemingly became even more terrifying.

“Argh!” Lin Feng roared like a demon. It was troublesome, inside the Celestial Vision Territory, he was too fast.

Lin Feng also knew a demonic territory spell, but he didn’t want to use it because he was scared that he would be recognized. After all, he had used that demonic territory attack against Qi Tian Sheng and Xue Bi Yao before.

“Si Kong Xiao!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Si Kong Xiao looked at him mistakenly, looking deep into Lin Feng’s pitch-black pupils.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. Demonic intent emerged from his eyes and drowned Si Kong Xiao, who was struggling to keep his vision.

His eyes were sore and his Celestial Vision Territory spell weakened. However, Si Kong Xiao groaned coldly and forced his blood to boil.

“I’ll show you the real strength of the Celestial Vision!” said Si Kong Xiao. He closed his eyes and then sounds were heard. Lights emerged from his body and came together to form two dazzling eyes.

A pair of celestial eyes appeared above.

Suddenly, Lin Feng had the sensation that the space was becoming even more chaotic.

“Celestial Vision, Spirit!” the crowd was astonished.

“It’s as if my legs and hands are tied up, it’s really unpleasant!” whispered Lin Feng. Then he smiled indifferently and took out the demonic flute.

“Take it!” said Lin Feng throwing the demon flute at Si Kong Xiao. Si Kong Xiao continued staring at him and stopped attacking. Then he threw himself at the flute.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng turned into a blast of wind and disappeared. At the same time, many strong cultivators threw themselves at the flute. Strong cultivators from the Si Kong Clan, the Magic World, Heavenly Palace and the Heavens of Desire’s Palace.

Qing Meng Xin also escaped. She was feeling a bit sad because Lin Feng had already disappeared. He had had left her an incredible impression, changing her vision on cultivation completely.

She knew that Lin Feng had defeated Si Kong Xiao, but he couldn’t take the flute because of those three powerful groups.

The Earth and sky seemed to be collapsing and sky raining blood.

The battle was tragic, but in the air, it was still Si Kong Xiao who obtained the flute. He glanced at Yi Ren Lei and Mu Fan Chen and said, “Let’s not fight over the flute any longer!”

Mu Fan Chen and Yi Ren Lei looked at the strong cultivators around them, the Qi was overwhelming. There were many corpses on the ground already.

“Since you like it, you can have it.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. She didn’t even know if it was that useful, but fighting Si Kong Xiao for it was pointless.

Mu Fan Chen glanced at Yi Ren Lei, smiled and also said, “You can have it then, Si Kong Xiao, I won’t take it!”

“Alright, thank you!” said Si Kong Xiao smiling indifferently. He put the flute in his ring and gazed into the distance. There were some dazzling swords approaching.

“Jiange’s people?” Si Kong Xiao frowned, Yi Ren Lei and Mu Fan Chen also looked surprised. Was Jiange going to cause trouble?

Terrifying sword energies whistled. The leader of the group was wearing a white robe, he looked confident and at ease, it was Lin Feng.

Initially, Qing Meng Xin wanted to leave, but then she saw Lin Feng, she stopped. That was… Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng!” shouted Yi Ren Lei.

“Yi Ren Lei, I trust you have been doing well since we last met!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“I’m alright, I missed you!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling yet sounding a bit sad.

“Master Si Kong, I’m interested in the item you just obtained, give it to me!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody was astonished. The crowd suddenly looked excited again!

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