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PMG Chapter 1289: Nine Netherworlds Demon Lotus

PMG Chapter 1289: Nine Netherworlds Demon Lotus

“Lin Feng, you don’t need to stay with me if you’re busy.” said Qing Meng Xin smiling at Lin Feng. She knew that Lin Feng and her were now different people. She thought that Lin Feng was talking to her because he remembered her from the past, but if he had ignored her, she would understand.

Lin Feng looked at her and didn’t say much, “If you hear about her, come to Tiantai in Ba Huang province to find me, or go to the imperial palace of Yangzhou City.”

“I will!” said Qing Meng Xin nodding and smiling. She said goodbye and left.

“You can all go.” said Lin Feng indifferently to the strong cultivators from Jiange. They turned into sharp swords and left again. They knew Lin Feng didn’t like being followed.

After they left, he turned into a black mage again and the demonic zun cultivators began following him.

Lin Feng found it more convenient to walk around as a black mage because everybody already knew him in the Ba Huang Province, and the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle didn’t like him at all.

Now that the demon palace had appeared, he probably wouldn’t find that many treasures anywhere else. He already had the flute, so he still needed to find out what the flute could do.

“Disperse!” said Lin Feng. All the Zun cultivators who followed him dispersed in the small world. Of course, if Lin Feng needed them again, he would be able to call them back.

“Boom!” terrifying sounds came from the distance. Lin Feng glanced around and saw some gloomy clouds and some demon fire.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng turned into a beam of light as he moved in that direction.

“There’s a treasure!” everybody assumed that the sudden fire must be indicative of treasures.

The atmosphere was illuminated. Light beams appeared everywhere. Lin Feng realized that many people were coming, there were too many strong cultivators.

“I wonder what treasure has been found, it has definitely attracted many strong cultivators.”

There were nine black lotus petals, but it wasn’t a real lotus, it was a fire lotus. Nobody knew just how terrifying it was.

Many Zun cultivators looked at it from far away. Even Zun cultivators couldn’t approach because they feared it was too powerful.

“If I had the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll, I could get.” thought a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Qi Yun was stupid, not only hadn’t he managed to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had also broken the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll, an imperial weapon! Why had the emperor given the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll to Qi Yun?

Lin Feng glanced at them, but they couldn’t know it was him.

Lin Feng quickly looked elsewhere and saw a beast with red and dark hair whose hair was on fire. Had he released that fire?

Lin Feng went over to Qiong Qi and asked him, using telepathy, “Emperor, did you release that fire?”

Qiong Qi glanced around and looked at Lin Feng. He slightly opened his mouth showing his white fangs.

“Little boy, you’re better than me at hiding who you really are!” said Qiong Qi using telepathy. Lin Feng had too many faces.

“What’s that black fire?” asked Lin Feng.

“Bullshit, apart from me, who else could release a nine netherworlds demonic fire?” said Qiong Qi raising his head. He looked proud and satisfied. Lin Feng almost burst into laughter when he looked at his hair again.

“The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s fire.” thought Lin Feng. Apart from the three lives scriptures, he had been looking for something else.

“How do you use it?” asked Lin Feng.

“He ran away, so it’s complicated now.” said Qiong Qi annoyed.

“He ran away?” could that fire run away on its own?

“Yes, that’s the fire the Netherworld Demon Emperor used to control: the nine netherworlds demon lotus. It can come to life and turn into a demon lotus, but I almost got it before it ran away again. Even cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer can’t get close, otherwise they’d burn. Imperial weapons are also useless. The members of the Qi Clan are stupid, how could a Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll absorb such a fire?” said Qiong Qi.

“How scary.” thought Lin Feng shivering. If cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer couldn’t get near it and if imperial weapons were useless, then how was it possible to get that fire?

“Since there’s no hope, what are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng to Qiong Qi.

“There’s hope.” said Qiong Qi.

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