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PMG Chapter 129: Lin Feng’s Strength

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Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the expression of the young man in black robes. He immediately inserted his three purity stones of medium quality.

At that moment, a thick and intensely powerful pure Qi started flowing into the room. It was extremely bright and a magnificent sight. It looked like there was a miniature sun that had awoken in the room. It was similar for everybody else in the other rooms.

The young man in black robes had a strange expression on his face, almost evil. He immediately moved towards Lin Feng’s cultivation room.

There was only Lin Feng in the room so he wasn’t scared.

That room was appropriate for only one person at a time. If there was more than one person in the room, they would disturb each other during cultivation.

Yuan Shan moved towards the young man in black robes and blocked the way to Lin Feng’s room. If the young man in black robes tried to steal Lin Feng’s room, Yuan Shan would have no choice but to attack him. He was intensely staring at the young man in black robes.

Three purity stones of medium quality, that was too valuable of a treasure!

Rumbling noises spread through the air: “Throommm Boom Boom”

The stone door opened.

The young man in black robes was surprised and said to Yuan Shan: “Get the hell out of my way.”

Suddenly, Yuan Shan was suffocating. As expected, the young man in black robes was at the third Ling Qi layer and was extremely strong, even in comparison with other cultivators of the same level. His pressure was extremely powerful.

Yuan Shan knew that he wouldn’t be able to compete with him if he was to fight. It was taking everything that he had to stay standing.

“Get Back!” said a voice. At that moment, the temperature outside of Lin Feng’s room suddenly dropped. There was an icy cold pressure which filled the air.

Yuan Shan was freezing from the Qi which penetrated the air around him.


Suddenly, the young man in black robes took a few steps backwards and Lin Feng had appeared next to Yuan Shan.

“Lin Feng, how powerful!”

Yuan Shan’s pupils shrunk from shock. He wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would be strong enough to make the young man in black robes retreat backwards. No wonder Lin Feng didn’t care about the young man sitting there when he entered the room.

The young man in black robes was stupefied as well. He looked at his own hand and saw that it had turned snow white. Frost was covering it and he could barely move it. His hand had been almost frozen solid from that initial encounter.

The ice on his hand suddenly cracked and the pieces of ice fell onto the floor. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t look very powerful but he had surprisingly also broken through to the third Ling Qi layer.

“Now, get the hell out of here.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t aggressive to other people unless they were aggressive to him. Picking his fights carefully would allow him to live a long life and avoid meaninglessly insulting someone, however one needed strength in this world to be respected and could not back down from a fight.

The young man in black robes was furious. Even though Lin Feng had also broken through to the third Ling Qi layer. How could he possibly disrespect him in such a blatant way?

Suddenly, huge flames appeared behind the young man and he released his spirit. What astonished everyone is that the flames were filled with a black colour inside.

“My spirit is a Black Flame Fire Spirit.” said the young man in black robes coldly. At that moment, his eyes looked like they were on fire and burning brightly however his gaze was completely cold and bloodthirsty.

“Black Flame Fire Spirit.” Yuan Shan was stupefied. He had never heard of such a fire spirit before.

The Black Flame Fire spirit was a fire spirit but it was clearly a rare fire spirit. The rarer a spirit was the greater its power would be. Surprisingly, the young man possessed an extremely rare spirit which even Yuan Shan did not know. His spirit coupled with his strength of the third Ling Qi layer, he could be considered as an extremely strong cultivator within the tower.

Lin Feng was coldly looking at him. Layers of ice appeared on Lin Feng’s body. The air around him was freezing.

“Black Flame Fire spirit, how powerful! Wow it really looks hot!” said Lin Feng and then immediately started walking forwards. Suddenly, an incredible amount of ice started emerging from Lin Feng’s body. Everything around him was freezing. Even the air was freezing in place and the atmosphere had become chillingly cold.

Yuan Shan who wasn’t far from Lin Feng was shivering from how cold it had become. His ears were particularly were stinging from the coldness in the air.

“That’s… a normal ice spirit?” thought Yuan Shan. He then immediately shook his head and said: “Impossible. That’s not a normal ice spirit. Ice spirits are not that… cold.”

While the young man in black robes sensed the coldness emanating out of Lin Feng’s body, he was also surprised. It was even too cold for his black flame fire spirit which started fluttering as it was slowly being extinguished by the cold as it grew closer.

Usually, fire spirits had the advantage over ice spirits. But Lin Feng’s ice spirit was obviously terrifyingly powerful compared to normal ice spirits.

Lin Feng thought that his ice spirit was particularly strong because it had been transmitted directly from Meng Qing’s Qi into him.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation.” Lin Feng raised one hand and thrust it towards the young man as he carried out his attack. It was still freezing all around him as his hand swiftly moved through the frozen air.

“Fire Fangs!” shouted the young man in black robes. His spirit moved at the same time as his hands. The young man’s attack moved straight towards Lin Feng’s cold Qi. Suddenly, sword Qi started to fill the atmosphere. It was extremely powerful and seemed like it could annihilate the entirety of creation.

Lin Feng’s cold Qi seemed to be sufficient to freeze anyone into a block of ice who moved close to him.

The sword Qi was so sharp it felt like it would cut anything it encountered into pieces.

The cold Qi and the sword Qi invaded the atmosphere together as a single entity. At that moment, the young man in black robes could feel that he had been marked for death. His entire soul was shaking in fear.

“How is this possible? He has an ice spirit, how could he release such an insanely strong sword Qi and I can even sense sword force combined with his Qi!!!”

The young man was shaking from head to toe with complete terror. His knees had already gone weak and he was about to collapse from fear. Lin Feng took another step forwards.

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng. At that moment, sword Qi crashed into the young man’s body.

A trail of blood flew through the air. The young man in black robes groaned and then collapsed onto the floor. He was looking at Lin Feng with murderous eyes.

“You dared to injure me?”

“I don’t have time to waste talking with you, get out of here!” Lin Feng took another step forward. The young man in black robes was terrified. Suddenly, his body emitted a dazzling light and he vanished without leaving a single trace.

“You’ll pay for what you did.” said a voice as it retreated. Lin Feng laughed. How could that guy talk such nonsense?

Yuan Shan was staring at Lin Feng but remained silent. He was smiling wryly.

“What a monstrous power!”

Lin Feng had an ice spirit but used the skill Eight Strikes of Desolation and released sword Qi. How terrifying! He could even use sword force!

Even those who had a sword spirit couldn’t use sword force to such an incredible level when they had the strength of the Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng was only of the third Ling Qi layer and could control his sword force. Yuan Shan was stunned. Could it be that Lin Feng had several spirits? A sword spirit and an ice spirit must have been used at the same time. Otherwise, how could he have used sword force at the same time as his ice spirit?

Yuan Shan had only guessed right about one thing: Lin Feng did possess several spirits.

Jing Yun wasn’t too surprised. On the way to the Imperial City, she had already witnessed Lin Feng’s strength a few times already.

Liu Fei wasn’t too surprised either. Lin Feng had shown her a many times already that he wasn’t an ordinary person. His power and his natural abilities were way too terrifying!

Lin Feng was about to recall his spirit into his body when suddenly one of the practice rooms opened by itself. An intensely cold air came from the room as the Qi flooded to the outside.

“Damn it, do you not understand the rules! Do you really want to die so badly!” said a voice coming from the room. A silhouette appeared and that person was staring at Lin Feng with incredible killing intent.

Lin Feng frowned. A strangely savage smile appeared on his face. He released a piercingly cold Qi again as well as sword Qi and force. It was oppressing the opponent’s body completely.

The facial expression of the opponent drastically changed. His heart was pounding and he was truly scared of the combined energy which was oppressing his body.

“Let me practice in peace, damn it! Get lost!”

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