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PMG Chapter 130: The Sixth Floor

Here is Wednesdays regular release. I actually spent the whole time catching up on my sleep from the weekend and the shift change so this is a little bit late.

Also special thanks to Likyliky who has taken over the Index, because I always forget about it!!

Enjoy xoxo

“Let me practice in peace, damn it! Get lost!.” said Lin Feng extremely coldly. At that moment, the atmosphere started to drop in temperature once again.

The opponent didn’t have the same arrogant expression he had when he arrived, he looked scared. Lin Feng was so strong!

“Damn, what the hell should I do now?” said the opponent as he was insulting himself for having come across someone as strong as Lin Feng.

At that moment, many other people in other cultivation rooms had also lost their concentration and their cultivation had been forcefully interrupted. They could feel Lin Feng’s piercingly cold Qi in the atmosphere. It had invaded the entire tower and was incredibly oppressing. Of course, they were not going to go and see what was going on. They didn’t want to invite trouble from someone who could produce such a terrifying Qi.

“Will you get the hell out of here or not?” said Lin Feng extremely aggressively with eyes revealing murderous intentions. The enemy was shaking from head to toe.

He glanced at Lin Feng evilly and then went to look for another room within the tower. His current room would have to be left with Lin Feng.

“The strong can use aggressiveness and strength to scare the weak away. That is the reality of the cultivation world.” thought Lin Feng while recalling his spirit back into his body. The young man in black clothes had wanted to steal Lin Feng’s room until Lin Feng had shown his real power. He had thought that Lin Feng was weak.

The second person had also wanted to seize Lin Feng’s room for disturbing his practice but considering the strength which Lin Feng displayed, the second person had been terrified and had immediately left. He didn’t dare to act against someone so strong. That would have been acting recklessly.

The path of cultivation was full of unkind people for whom the word compassion meant absolutely nothing. Someone weak and friendly would constantly get bullied. Someone strong and aggressive would be worshipped. The strong were respected and held in high esteem by everybody.

“Yuan Shan, you can use that room. You should also prepare some of your own purity stones. If the three stones I put it are not sufficient to practice for three months, then please use your own.” said Lin Feng to Yuan Shan. Yuan Shan nodded. He didn’t even try to prevent Lin Feng from leaving the cultivation room to him. He was convinced that relying on his strength, Lin Feng would face no difficulty in finding another room within the tower.

“Duan Feng and Jing Yun are a bit too weak. If the pure Qi is too dense and thick, it will be of no use for them. Liu Fei, go to that room.” said Lin Feng pointing at another room.

Duan Feng and Jing Yun didn’t say anything but Liu Fei said: “If I use that one, what about you?”

“No need to worry about me. I will find another one better suited for myself.”


“See you in three months.” said Liu Fei and then immediately entered in the cultivation room.

Lin Feng then made Duan Feng and Jing Yun follow him so he could help them find a cultivation room. The eleventh and the twelfth floor were full so they immediately went up to the thirteenth floor. He then found two rooms which were free for them to practice.
From the eleventh floor, all the rooms required less purity stones. They only required one purity stone of lower quality a day. One of Lin Feng’s medium quality purity stones was enough to practice for three months.

It made Lin Feng sigh with some regret. Cultivation costs were too high, especially when one wanted to cultivate faster. If he hadn’t gone to the ancient temple then he would not have had any purity stones at all. Now thanks to the ancient temple he didn’t only have low quality stones but he had medium quality purity stones.

The higher a person went within the tower, the less people there were and thus more and more empty rooms. Those who were willing to train in these rooms were not strong. They usually hadn’t even reached the third Ling Qi layer. They were also the students who did not have many purity stones to cultivate.

On the contrary, strong cultivators usually had a great deal of purity stones. That kind of cultivator wanted to train on the lowest floors of the tower and if they were strong enough then they would even train on the ground floor, directly next to the veins of the earth where the pure Qi was extremely thick and dense.

This was a vicious circle, those who were strong rapidly became stronger while those who were weaker progressed much slower.

Lin Feng was the last one left and he needed a room too. He didn’t want to stay at the top of the tower so he immediately went back down the flight of stairs. He passed by the tenth floor, ninth…. and arrived on the sixth floor. He suddenly stopped.

There were eight cultivation rooms on the sixth floor. If a room was occupied, the hole in which the users inserted purity stones would be slightly flashing.

Lin Feng walked around and stopped in a corner between two occupied rooms. He then sat down and started meditating.

A pleasant and refreshing pure Qi enveloped his body.

The sixth floor wasn’t that far from the ground. Even if Lin Feng wasn’t in a room, the pure Qi which was outside of an occupied room on the sixth floor was still denser than the pure Qi in a room on the tenth floor. On the tenth floor, you even had to pay three purity stones of lower quality a day to use the room. Not being in a room but sitting outside the occupied rooms on the sixth floor was thus more advantageous to his cultivation.

If students could choose a floor as they wished, they would all go to the lowest floors but it was clear to everyone that those who trained on the first floors were extremely strong. They were the only ones who had the chance to choose the rooms on the first floors. Strength always guaranteed access to the best things in the world.

But Lin Feng at this moment, was cultivating outside of a room on the sixth floor. He immediately entered in a state of meditation. He didn’t think for a second that this was not a normal thing to do.

Not long after, some people passed by and saw Lin Feng practicing outside of a cultivation room. They thought that it was really strange thing to do on the lower levels of the tower. They were all very surprised by his actions.

“What’ that…? Surprisingly, there’s a guy meditating outside of an occupied room on the lower floors. Isn’t he scared to constantly be disturbed in his cultivation?” wondered one of the people who saw Lin Feng.

Cultivation was about achieving peace and absolute serenity in one’s heart. It was possible to efficiently inhale the natural Qi of heaven and earth only when that state of mind was reached.

Jealous people would not hesitate to try and disturb him.

But Lin Feng was sitting outside of an occupied room where many people could pass by. How could that not attract other people’s attention? But the strangest thing was that, an insanely thick and dense pure Qi was rapidly flowing around him and penetrating into his body. Surprisingly there was nobody disturbing him.

“That guy… even if he doesn’t have purity stones for his own room, he shouldn’t practice there like that… what if someone disturbed him at the most crucial moment of his practice? That would be really horrible for him.”

“That guy is so ignorant. If a malicious person attacked him by surprise, the consequences would be disastrous on his future cultivation.”

Many people were thinking the same thing when they passed by Lin Feng and saw him sat out in the open. Actually, it was forbidden to disturb other people once they were in a room and had already started practicing. The Celestial Academy didn’t accept such behaviour because they wanted to provide their students with the best cultivation environment.

But Lin Feng wasn’t inside of a cultivation room at all. Instead, he had decided to study outside of a room on the sixth floor. Doing so was extremely dangerous.

However, Lin Feng was sitting next to a cultivation room. Suddenly, the pure Qi in the room next to Lin Feng was becoming weaker and weaker. Some people noticed this and were watching on with dazed expressions.

That probably meant that that person’s time had elapsed. Somebody was probably going to come out and see Lin Feng sat there.

At the same time, Lin Feng opened his eyes. The pure Qi surrounding him had progressively stopped being absorbed into his body. He looked at the door of room next to him and stood up.

The crowd was surprised. They had just understood why Lin Feng had been sitting outside of the occupied room. He was not planning to stay outside of a room for a longer period while cultivating. He was just waiting for a room to be free.

But was Lin Feng going to get it?

At that moment, many people started walking towards that room with determined looks on their faces. They understandably all wanted to have access to a room on the sixth floor of the tower.

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