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PMG Chapter 1302: Jade Emperor’s Treasures Lin Feng was captivated after he recalled his godly awareness.

PMG Chapter 1302: Jade Emperor’s Treasures
Lin Feng was captivated after he recalled his godly awareness.

“Those spells must have been Empress Xi’s spells, which means that the one-paged golden scripture must have belonged to Empress Xi. Since the material she used to fabricate the three lives scriptures is the same as this one, then it means that they also belonged to Empress Xi!” thought Lin Feng. Just like Yan Di had said, Empress Xi also used the three lives scriptures.

Now, Yan Di was more interested in the nine netherworlds demon lotus than in the three lives scriptures.

“Maybe Yan Di wants to get his revenge.” thought Lin Feng. He had been killed by someone long ago, so he probably hated that person more than anything.

“The Ten Thousand Things of Creation Scriptures also constituted a path in themselves, but they’re not suitable for me. Maybe Yue Xin will like them.” thought Lin Feng smiling. Then, he put the scriptures away.

Lin Feng took out a heart which became larger and turned into a palace. It was the Jade Emperor’s palace.

Lin Feng moved through the dragon’s entrance and quickly enough, he sensed that many people were glaring at him.

They had been waiting at the entrance for a long time, hoping that they could escape with a moment’s notice.

“Lin Feng!” said several voices unison, sounding like the voices from hell. Everybody stood up and looked at Lin Feng in a bestial way, like animals who wanted to eat him alive.
Lin Feng glanced at them calmly. For him, many of those people were actually strangers. Back then, they had chased him after leaving the mysterious world because they wanted to steal his treasures. He had had no choice but to imprison them there.

Lin Feng walked forwards. Amongst those people, there were some who had the strength at the top of the Tian Qi layer and because they hadn’t been able to practice cultivation properly in the palace, none of them had managed to break through to the Zun Qi layer.

“Die!” shouted a voice, and then many people threw themselves at Lin Feng, trying to kill him. However, could Tian level cultivators from Gan Yu pose a threat to Lin Feng?

Golden claws and fire moved towards Lin Feng and actually hit him. However, the crowd thought that they were attacking a mountain, nothing happened at all.

“Kaboom!” terrifying, purple, thunderous energies loomed overhead and lightning struck those who had just attacked Lin Feng. They instantly started burning alive and then turned to ashes.

“Gulp!” some people gulped down, their faces turned deathly pale. Lin Feng had become so strong? They would never be able to leave that palace!

“There’s no hope anymore!” said someone breaking the silence. And then another eerie silence took over. Everybody unconsciously moved aside, letting Lin Feng pass.

That Lin Feng and the Lin Feng who had imprisoned them before were two different people.

“Practice cultivation and maybe I’ll let you out, but only if you break through to the Zun Qi layer.” said Lin Feng indifferently. That was easier said than done, but they had no choice, what else could they do?

Lin Feng continued walking ahead. A short time after, Lin Feng arrived on the other side, where golden rooms were on his left and right. Their gates were firmly closed. In front of him was the central hall, it was the hall where the Jade Emperor’s physical body was left.

The Jade Emperor knew that he had offended the demon emperor and would die someday, therefore, he had sealed all his belongings in the small world, so that no one would find them. But, the demon emperor had carved things in the Jade Emperor’s palace, so the Jade Emperor would never rest in peace.

Lin Feng stopped and glanced around. He released some sword Qi and a light surrounded him.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng, jumping forwards. Rumbling sounds appeared and a big gate in the palace broke.

“An ordinary Zun cultivator should be able to break that gate. It seems like the Jade Emperor did that on purpose, in case his descendants wouldn’t have been able to open it!” thought Lin Feng. After thinking about that, he entered that room. It was a room with many books. He walked to some book shelves and looked at the books. Those were skills and techniques, spells for all sorts of cultivators. Those spells would be great for any cultivators who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, but not for Zun cultivators.

“The Jade Emperor left a great heritage for his descendants!” thought Lin Feng smiling. He continued walking to the next gate, released sword Qi and broke it easily. That room was full of weapons, but they weren’t powerful at all, just Tian-level weapons.

Lin Feng left that room and went to another one. The further he went in, the more difficult it was to break the gates, and the better the things inside were. In the next room, he found intent crystals, in the next one he found abstruse crystals, in the next one were abstruse tablets, which he took. Then holy weapons, then better skills which were suitable for Zun cultivators.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. The Jade Emperor had planned things carefully for his descendants. With all those treasures, Jade Heaven would have had no problems becoming the rulers of Gan Yu.

“Now that I have all those treasures, I don’t need to worry about the Yun Hai Sect anymore. If I manage things properly, the Yun Hai Sect will easily reign over the Xue Yu Region.” thought Lin Feng smiling. So far, he had found nothing suitable for his cultivation, but he still had three doors to open.

“Boom!” Explosions sounded as Lin Feng opened the first of the last three doors. That door required the strength of the fourth Zun Qi layer, Lin Feng even found it difficult to open it.

“Holy Marks techniques!” Lin Feng entered the palace and looked at the marks on the walls.

“I can’t wait to inspect them.” Lin Feng smiled and turned to the last two gates.

Peerless holy weapons, the Jade Emperor’s imperial weapons and imperial scriptures. Those were probably the things that Lin Feng would find in those rooms.

But this time Lin Feng couldn’t open the gates, even with his strongest attacks. Lin Feng guessed that the Jade Emperor had planned for his descendants to become stronger, step by step, opening each door over time.
“Should I bring Yan Di and ask him for help?” thought Lin Feng. But, he quickly gave up the idea, the Jade Emperor had created that world with gradual progression in mind, so Lin Feng was willing to respect the Jade Emperor’s wishes. He would wait, become stronger and come back then to open the last two doors!

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  1. Lee April 26, 2018 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    I’m disappointed he didn’t get good treasures.

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    When he gets stronger. Won’t the things the rest of the gates provides become useless to him as well.

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    wasnt zun cultivators trapped there too?

    • Ezura December 5, 2018 at 6:20 pm - Reply

      No I think they were all Tian level. Most Zun Cultivators LF met we’re at Ba Huang. These guys were all Shen Gong, Jade Emperor Palace And East Dragon Palace idiots basically if it was a game they’re tier 2 mobs with Ba Huang being tier 3, Xue Yue tier 1 and Yangzhou City was beginner village. He still intends to wipe these factions out completely before he returns to Ba Huang as revenge for Meng Qing and his teacher from Celestial Academy.

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