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PMG Chapter 1306: Ambush

PMG Chapter 1306: Ambush

“Uncle, where is You You?” asked Lin Feng, worried. Since You You was fine and alive, why didn’t she go look for him?

“I don’t know, You You gave me that message after she stayed for a few days, then she left. I’m her father and I don’t even know when I’ll see her again.” said Mister Tang sighing.

“Something happened, right?” said Lin Feng looking at You You’s dad. You You was alive, but she hadn’t gone to Tiantai to find him.

“Hmph, why don’t you ask her yourself? You didn’t take care of her even though she went abroad with you. She’s in love with you, so why didn’t you keep her on your side!” asked Mister Tang. Lin Feng recalled that day on the Huang Sea, where he had had no choice but to force her onto the pirate’s boat.

Lin Feng didn’t try to explain anything though. He just said, “Uncle, I made a mistake, I hope you can tell me the truth about You You.”

“I told you all I know, I also want to know more!” said the father sighing.

“Lin Feng, daddy didn’t lie, my sister left without saying anything. She said she’d come back though.” said Tang Yi Yi. It seemed like her father really didn’t know what was happening. Lin Feng was wondering what happened to her though, what happened after the Huang Sea incident?

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds, nodded and said, “Uncle, if she comes back, tell her to go to Tiantai in the Ba Huang Province to find me.”

“Ba Huang Province!” Tang Rui was incredulous. He walked over to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, since you’re my sister’s husband, can you take me to the Ba Huang Province?”

“Eh…” Lin Feng was surprised, sister’s husband?

“Tang Rui!” said Tang Yi Yi speechless.

“You’re so impolite!” said Tang Rui’s father, but Tang Rui smiled and said, “Dad, You You said she liked him, she even planted those seeds for him. He’s absolutely You You’s future husband in any case!”

Tang Rui’s father rolled his eyes.

“Dad, look, he’s so young and yet, stronger than you. Let me go abroad with him.” said Tang Rui, hiding behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng laughed, that little boy was decent at scheming.

“Come here!” shouted the father furiously.

Tang Rui didn’t want to, he said instead, “You You said it, a man should travel, so why would I stay locked-up in Dragon Mountain?”

“Hmph! You You also told told Yi Yi to find a husband here in Dragon Mountain!”

“That’s because of her personality, a man shouldn’t do that. I should go abroad, become stronger, reach the clouds. I should become a hero. A woman is different, I’m not like Yi Yi!” argued Tang Rui angrily.

However, Lin Feng smiled wryly. Tang Rui was right and Lin Feng had similar beliefs, he thought he had to go abroad and become stronger, but he didn’t want Liu Fei and Xin Ye to come with him because he wasn’t strong enough yet.
“You’re too weak! You can’t go abroad yet! Anyone could kill you easily. Once you defeat me, then I’ll let you go abroad!” said the father furiously. Young people were all the same. Even Mister Tang had traveled abroad, but the world was too big and too dangerous.

“Brother!” said Tang Rui looking at Lin Feng, seemingly asking for support. Lin Feng shrugged and took out a ring he had stolen from a Zun cultivator he killed and gave to Tang Rui, saying, “There are many things inside this ring. Practice cultivation, defeat your daddy, and then if you want to go abroad, come to Tiantai in the Ba Huang Province to find me!”

Tang Rui took the ring and nodded, he knew he couldn’t go against his father’s will anymore, “Alright!”

“What weapons do you like to use?” asked Lin Feng.

“Halberds and spears!” replied Tang Rui.

Lin Feng took out his halberd, causing Tang Rui to drop his jaw. Even Mister Tang was astonished. That was a legendary holy weapon!

“I broke the connection I have to it, so you can use it now!” said Lin Feng, handing over the halberd he had fixed in Fortune City to Tang Rui.

“Thank you so much, brother!” said Tang Rui, amazed.

Lin Feng walked to Tang Yi Yi and smiled, “You still haven’t told me your name.”

Tang Yi Yi looked at him and said, “Tang Yi Yi!”

“Yi Yi!” said Lin Feng smiling. He took out another ring he had stolen from a Zun cultivator and gave it to her.

“Sister, don’t you want to become the best cultivator in Dragon Mountain? Take it!” said Tang Rui. Tang Yi Yi took the ring and said, “Thank you.”

“Yi Yi, take this Taoist robe made of feathers too!” said Lin Feng, taking out another holy weapon.

Mister Tang was astonished. He couldn’t even see Lin Feng’s cultivation level and he couldn’t even see how powerful the holy weapons were.

“Uncle, I won’t be not disturbing you any longer, I’m off.” said Lin Feng.

“Wait!” shouted Tang Yi Yi. She took out a ring and gave it to Lin Feng, “Take it, you will like it. I made a lot of them.”

“Alright!” said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He already knew that it contained a lot of hot unit.

“Goodbye!” said Lin Feng, leaving with Yan Di and Lan Jiao. The Tang’s looked at Lin Feng whith feelings which were hard to describe.

After Lin Feng left the Tang’s, he didn’t leave Dragon Mountain immediately. He went to the imperial palace of Dragon Mountain first. He wanted to soo Jun Mo Xi’s father since he was in Dragon Mountain. Lin Feng offered some news about Jun Mo Xi to Jun Mo Xi’s father, who was extremely happy to learn that Jun Mo Xi had become a Young master in the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. He was a bit sad though, because he had hoped Jun Mo Xi would take over after him.

Lin Feng didn’t stay too long. He gave Jun Mo Xi’s father some gifts and left Dragon Mountain. Then, he flew in the direction of the Ba Huang Province.

Lin Feng crossed Gan Yu, he didn’t need to get his revenge so quickly. Even though he had become quite strong already, destroying a few influential groups in Gan Yu wouldn’t be that easy. He would have to go back to Xue Yue later and then, he would take care of his enemies.

He had solved the problems in Xue Yue once again, found out that You You was still alive, so Lin Feng was already a bit relieved. He would see You You again, definitely. He just didn’t have any news from Yun Fei Yang yet.

Lin Feng was flying on his gigantic sword, crossing over several countries. Eventually, he arrived in a familiar place again: the northern Ba Huang Province.

At that moment, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged on his sword. Yan Di was lying down nonchalantly. At that moment, explosion sounds spread in the air. It was as if the sword had arrived in a restricted area and stopped. Lin Feng jumped forwards.

“Kaboom!” A gigantic hand descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

“Someone is attacking me by surprise!” thought Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought that someone would attack as soon as he came back.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His sword streaked across the sky, towards the gigantic hand.

“Slash!” the sword Qi was destroyed and the gigantic hand continued moving towards him.

“Boom boom!” demonic clouds invaded the skies and collided with the gigantic hand. Lin Feng shook violently, his blood seemed to be boiling. A wound even appeared on his chest.

There were three people hiding above the clouds, they looked quite sanguinary.

“Hand over your rings and weapons and we’ll spare your life, you useless dog!” said the leader of the group in a cold way.

“And also, Lin Feng, take off all your clothes!” said another one of them. Lin Feng said coldly, “How do you know that my name is Lin Feng?” Those people had been waiting for him and they were extremely strong!

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