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PMG Chapter 1310: Tiantai’s Disaster

PMG Chapter 1310: Tiantai’s Disaster

“Lin Ruo Tian, tell Ruo Xie that Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are sly. They’ve proved it each time I fought them.” said Lin Feng. Tian Long Divine Castle had probably been plotting against Tiantai for a while now, so Tiantai needed to be vigilant.

“Lin Feng, do you intend to come or not?” asked Lin Ruo Tian.

“I need to practice cultivation for a few days, so I can’t come.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t explain himself too much, that he couldn’t use Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword as much as he wanted, and without it, he wouldn’t be able to do much there.

“Alright.” nodded Lin Ruo Tian.

Lin Feng then walked up the stairs and arrived in Tiantai. Instantly, Lin Feng could sense a strong celestial Qi. Meng Qing was sitting on the main road,  looking like a goddess.

“She’s still practicing cultivation!” Lin Feng smiled. Meng Qing had been practicing cultivation for what seemed like a long time. She was probably about to break through to the Zun Qi layer now.

Lin Feng continued walking ahead, he didn’t want to disturb Meng Qing. With the strength of the Zun Qi layer, Meng Qing could probably threaten some mid-ranged Zun cultivators.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the mist. In the past, he wasn’t able to see through it.

Then, Lin Feng crossed the mist while Yan Di chose to lie down, nonchalantly.

After crossing the mist, Lin Feng saw a silhouette, his own silhouette. However, he was a lot stronger this time and he understood how to control force even more so.

Lin Feng wasn’t the Lin Feng he used to be. He continued walking and passed in front of his self. Force oppressed him, and his copy did the same. The ground was slightly shaking and his blood started boiling.

He took a step forward and a force, ten times more powerful than Lin Feng’s resistive force, crashed on him.

“Break!” Lin Feng attacked it with his sword Qi. His sword attacks now contained several types of abstruse energies. His reflection attacked too, but Lin Feng immediately destroyed that attack. Then, the mist dispersed. He had succeeded!

“If I used pure strength, I wouldn’t be able to win against my self whose attacks are ten times more powerful, but by using abstruse energies, I easily succeeded.” whispered Lin Feng. In front of him, the road and the buildings became even more distinct, but remained somewhat blurry.

Lin Feng continued walking, but mist appeared again and another Lin Feng was waiting for him. What was going on? He had defeated his self once, so why did another Lin Feng appear?

“Boom!” Lin Feng immediately released energies and attacked his self using sword Qi.

“Kaboom!” His copy attacked too and the ground trembled. Lin Feng could feel his blood boiling even more so this time. He had taken a step and had almost coughed up blood from it.

Lin Feng raised his head and observed the force of the Earth and sky.

“Can I do that?” thought Lin Feng. Just where did that force come from? A moment before, his self’s force surpassed his own by ten times, this one was  a hundred times that.

“If I could borrow a hundred times more force than I have now, I wouldn’t even need skills or techniques, I could kill cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer like they were ordinary people!” thought Lin Feng.

When he condensed two types of abstruse energies, his attacks were around five times more powerful. With three types of abstruse energies, another five times. Theoretically, he could multiply his strength by up to twenty five, but that was extremely complicated to realize. It was already difficult to condense  two kinds of abstruse energies together properly, so in reality, he could multiply the power of his attacks by only twenty or so. If he managed to condense four types of abstruse energies properly, the power of his attacks could multiply by a hundred and twenty five, but in reality, Lin Feng’s real attacks were only multiplied by sixty or seventy at their best.

It meant that even with his Tian Ji Sword and four types of energies, the power of Lin Feng’s attacks were not even multiplied by a hundred, unless his abstruse energies were fused together perfectly.

“Die!” Lin Feng was filled with an indomitable will as he condensed destructive sword Qi with four different types of abstruse energies and attacked his clone. Lin Feng had named that attack: Vayu Death.

However, his other self attacked too and performed a punch attack. Qi rose to the skies and each thread of energy was a hundred times more powerful than Lin Feng’s normal attacks. His sword Qi was immediately destroyed by the punch, at the same, Lin Feng shuddered from the blow.
“Unless I add another kind of abstruse energy, I won’t be able to beat the illusion!” whispered Lin Feng.

The flight of stairs contained a force which was ten times stronger than his own, but now he was facing an illusion who had a strength a hundred times more powerful than his own. If he succeeded, would he then face an illusion of himself who’d have a thousand times more strength than him?

Lin Feng tried using variants of his sword attacks with demonic energies, trying to perfect the attacks.

Yan Di glanced at Lin Feng and thought, “Tiantai’s emperors racked their brains to create such exercises for their disciples to practice. They used enlightenment strength, not bad.”

Lin Feng didn’t notice the time pass. He fought himself for ten days and on that tenth day, many people came back to Tiantai. The leader of the group was the best of the Zun level disciples who had become a direct disciple. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked furious.

Ruo Xie was surrounded by other imperial cultivation disciples who looked just as ferocious. All the Tian level cultivators who made it back had lost at least an arm, meaning blood was dripping everywhere.

“What’s going on?”

“Ruo Xie, brother!”
“Tian Long Divine Castle, they indeed have sly methods!” said Lin Ruo Tian.

“Ruo Xie!” said Tian Chi the Buddhist monk, “What happened? Did you bring an empty space boat?”

“Brother, the Yang Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle joined hands to attack us. The Yang Clan didn’t intend to move at all. When we went to their clan, the space around us suddenly closed and Zun cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan joined hands to kill our Zun cultivators. They didn’t kill any of the Tian level cultivators, they just cut off their arms. When I broke through the empty space, it was already to this point.”

“Brother, there must be traitors inside Tiantai!” said Lin Ruo Tian.

“Traitors?” Tian Chi the Buddhist monk said, “Have those from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan left?”

“No, they haven’t. When we left, they said they’d wait for Tiantai to come back again, that they’d kill all our Zun cultivators and cut the arms off of all our Tian level cultivators. I don’t believe they dispatched their best cultivators yet, so Tian Long must have even stronger cultivators in the background!” said Ruo Xie.

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