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PMG Chapter 1312: Trouble, Killing People

PMG Chapter 1312: Trouble, Killing People

Tian Yuan City was where the Yang Clan resided. Many people were already waiting there, coming from thousands of miles around just to see the battle between Tiantai and Tian Long Divine Castle.

Last time, Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan joined hands to fight Tiantai, so this next battle was inevitable. They wanted to destroy Tiantai and the Yang Clan had become their battlefield.

Around Tian Yuan City, clouds were rolling in the air and a mystical boat appeared from them.

“We’re almost in Tian Yuan City.” Everybody was releasing a deadly Qi, creating a picture which looked like a desolate evening in autumn.

“There’s a mountain range, let’s go over there!” said Tian Chi. The boat then descended from the sky and landed on that mountain range.

Everybody looked at Tian Chi, they didn’t understand why he was having them stop there.

“First, we need someone to inspect Tian Yuan City. The others must stay here, understood?” said Tian Chi. Even though the crowd didn’t understand, they nodded.

“Ruo Xie, you’re responsible here?” said Tian Chi to Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie nodded.

“Qing Tian, Lin Feng, you two go to Tian Yuan City.” said Tian Chi to Mo Qing Tian and Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian left, Qiong Qi alongside Lin Feng.

After a short time, Lin Feng said to Yan Di, “Will it be a problem for you?”

“Don’t worry.” said Yan Di proudly and arrogantly. Then, he turned around and descended the mountain.

“Lin Feng, are you sure your friend will be fine?” asked Tian Chi to Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, he’s competent.” said Lin Feng smiling and nodding.

“Alright, let’s go, and remember be careful.” said Tian Chi to Mo Qing Tian and Lin Feng. He wasn’t going to leave with them.

Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian smiled, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and took out a mask. Now, he was releasing demonic energies and his Qi looked completely different.

Mo Qing Tian did the same, turning himself into a middle-aged man.

“Awesome, let’s go.” said Mo Qing Tian smiling. Lin Feng nodded and they moved towards Tian Yuan City.

After a short time, Lin Feng could see the Yang Clan: they were a prestigious family in northern Ba Huang, who apart from influential imperial groups, were the overlords of northern Ba Huang. But after the war against the Island of the Nine Dragons, they had become a lot weaker and now they were in danger, so they joined hands with Tian Long Divine Castle.
Lin Feng looked at the buildings, remembering back to the first time he came to Ba Huang.

Lin Feng was aware that everything that was happening now was because of him. Of course, even before he arrived in Ba Huang, there were tensions between Tiantai’s emperors and Tian Long Divine Castle’s emperor.

Lin Feng turned around and left. He soon arrived in a luxuriant restaurant, filled with people chatting and having a merry time.

They walked over to a table next to a window where there were already two people sitting, both of whom were cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer.

“Your Excellency, may I help you?” asked one of them indifferently, yet coldly when he saw Lin Feng.

“We want to sit here, so piss off!” said Lin Feng. The two cultivators smiled coldly and said, “You told us to piss off?” said the other one pointing to his nose.

“Boom!” Lin Feng immediately punched the air in their direction without hesitation.

“Try and dare!” shouted that cultivator. Lin Feng’s fist crashed onto that cultivator’s head, blood splashed and he immediately fell down.

The other one stood up and stared at Lin Feng, horrified.

“Even though you’re strong, you should be careful!” said that cultivator.

“Kacha!” another aggressive punch. This time, the cultivator was prepared and moved backwards, but Lin Feng’s attack was too fast.

“That guy is aggressive!” thought the crowd. Lin Feng grabbed the cultivator’s body and whispered, “Back then, I was the one who killed the young master from the Island of the Nine Dragons and blamed Yang Zi Lan and his sister, who are you? I told you to piss off and you surprisingly didn’t listen to me!”

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng threw the guy outside the window aggressively. The other looked at Lin Feng and ran away.

“What did he say?” asked someone, trying to figure out Lin Feng.

“He killed the young master from the Island of the Nine Dragons?”

“When the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan fought, Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye said that they hadn’t killed him, but could it actually be this guy who did it?”

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng, how insane was he?

Everybody was speechless though because Lin Feng acted as if nothing happened. He sat down and started drinking his own alcohol, which carried a rather strong fragrance and contained fire Qi.

As everybody had anticipated, some people from the Yang Clan soon arrived. The leader was Yang Zi Ye, who looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

“Miss Yang!” said Lin Feng nodding at Yang Zi Ye. Apart from her, there were other strong cultivators from the Yang Clan: cultivators of the third and fourth Zun Qi layer. Once they heard what Lin Feng had said, they hurried to the restaurant. Lin Feng had only broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer, but they had sent cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer, meaning they weren’t underestimating him.

“Who are you? Why did you want to harm my clan back then?” asked Yang Zi Ye.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention though. He downed his glass and slowly stood up, glancing at the crowd, “Useless people, piss off, all of you, otherwise you’ll die!”

Then, he released ice-cold demonic intent, shaking their souls.

The Yang Clan’s members frowned, his Qi was terrifying.

Many people’s silhouettes flickered. It seemed like Lin Feng was going to fight the Yang Clan, but unfortunately, they couldn’t watch.

“I asked you something.” said Yang Zi Ye proudly. His Qi was powerful, so what? She had strong cultivators on her side. They were all cultivators of the third or fourth Zun Qi layer, so they could easily kill a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.

“She looks proud and arrogant, just like before!” said Lin Feng smiling in a cold way. Yang Zi Ye saw his expression and shivered, that person looked like someone else she knew.

“I’ve let you off once. The Yang Clan wanted to bring about its own destruction and since you killed people from Tiantai, you should be destroyed!”

“Lin Feng, you’re Lin Feng!” Yang Zi Ye’s facial expression changed drastically. That insane guy again!

“It’s too late.” Lin Feng released his demonic territory. In a flash, the restaurant became dark and the faces of the members from the Yang Clan turned deathly pale.

Their faces turned pale, they knew how terrifying Lin Feng was.

“Ah…” they didn’t even have time to react, horrible shrieks quickly ensued!

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