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PMG Chapter 1313: The Yang Clan’s Nightmare

PMG Chapter 1313: The Yang Clan’s Nightmare

“It’s Lin Feng, attack him!” Yang Zi Ye’s face was deathly pale. A few people rose up in the air at the same time and attacked the demonic territory, but Lin Feng took out his sword, which contained three types of abstruse energies, and immediately killed a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

“He killed a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer with only one sword attack!” thought Yang Zi Ye. Her face was even more pale. Only now did she understood what Lin Feng had done back then, he had created tensions between the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan and he hadn’t died from the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea. Lin Feng’s cultivation knowledge was too deep.

Blood continued to spill everywhere as a dozen Zun cultivators died in the blink of an eye, all in front of Yang Zi Ye.

Yang Zi Ye sighed once she saw Lin Feng pointing his sword at her. She hadn’t thought her entire life would change because of Lin Feng, whom she had met on a boat in the Huang Sea.

“It’s all my fault.” when Lin Feng’s sword approached her, Yang Zi Ye closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. Lin Feng had saved her, and if the Yang Clan had been grateful, everything could have have been different.

Outside the restaurant, the crowd wanted to know what was going on inside. Very quickly, they saw a silhouette leave the restaurant and run away. That must have been the one who caused trouble, but he wasn’t dead, which meant those Yang Clan cultivators were…

“Go, let’s see.” the crowd waited for a few minutes. After they saw that nobody was chasing him and that nothing seemed to be happening in the restaurant anymore, they peeked inside the restaurant.

“All the members of the Yang Clan were killed!” whispered someone. They couldn’t believe it. There were cultivators of the third and fourth Zun Qi layer, even Yang Zi Ye was with them!

Yang Zi Ye was calmly lying there, she didn’t look scared, instead she looked like she was asleep. The crowd even saw tears drying  in the corners of her eyes.

“Tiantai!” they thought. Maybe that that guy had hidden his cultivation level as well as his appearance. The Yang Clan had helped Tian Long Divine Castle kill people from Tiantai before, and now Tiantai wanted their revenge.

“The Yang Clan deserved it. Even though Tian Long Divine Castle came here, it’s still too dangerous to offend Tiantai.” thought some people. They didn’t dare say that to anyone though.

“Move!” Yang Zi Ye’s father turned deathly pale after he arrived in the restaurant. He had already lost a son at the Qiu Clan and now his last child, his daughter, had died!

Many people from the Yang Clan quickly arrived in the restaurant, Tiantai, all of them thought of the same group.

One hour later, in the governmental buildings of the Yang Clan. The grandfather of the Yang Clan was looking at a corpse. Apart from Yang Zi Ye and the strong cultivators who had been killed in that restaurant, more strong cultivators of the Yang Clan were killed in another location soon after the bar fight.

“Master!” said someone rushing into the palace. That person looked crushed and didn’t want to speak.

“Speak!” demanded the old man of the Yang Clan.

“Some members of our clan were killed at the market, including Master Yang Lie!” said that person, not raising their head. Yang Lie’s social status was even higher than Yang Zi Ye’s, he was Yang Zi Ye’s uncle.

“Tap tap tap…” someone else arrived and the face of the old man turned deathly pale.

“Speak!” said the old man before the person even arrived.

“Master, the fifth Young Master was…” said that person.

“Kacha!” the old man’s chair exploded. He was furious, “Quick, tell everyone to come back. Nobody can stay outside!” said the old man. The Yang Clan was Tian Yuan City’s most powerful group, they ran many businesses in town, the open air market, treasure shops, and so on. They’d have to cease their activities for the time being.

The old man went to the back of the room, to a door. He entered the room, where some people were sitting inside.

“Didn’t you say that you were tracking every movement of theirs?” said the old man to one of the people who were sitting.

That person raised his head and glanced at the old man, “Are you blaming me?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” the old man was furious, but he didn’t dare offend those people.

That person stared at the old man, making him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t know what the old man was thinking, before finally, he looked elsewhere and said, “Be patient, they’re already outside of Tian Yuan City. Three people already came to Tian Yuan City, so they can’t do much. Their forces might all come to the clan tomorrow, at that point we’ll destroy them all!”

When he said the word “destroy”, he sounded cruel.

“I feel relieved, I know you’re extremely strong, so we must annihilate them!” said the old man.

Outside of the Yang Clan, there was a vast area where few people ventured. It was usually calm, but at that moment, a loud sound broke the silence, as well as an explosion. The ground cracked as a silhouette descended from the sky and violently landed on the ground. However, it was actually a corpse.

The guards of the Yang Clan were startled when they saw the corpse, their faces turned deathly pale.

“It’s Yang Qiong, it’s master Yang Qiong!”

The guards didn’t know what to do, petrified with fear. Yang Qiong was the fourth member of the Yang Clan who belonged to the real lineage.

After a short time, a horse with a corpse on its back appeared to be galloping towards them.

A day passed, a long day of death, that is. Once it became night, there was even more shouting and everybody was terrified. Each time the strong cultivators from the Yang Clan went out, they wouldn’t find anyone alive, only corpses.

The ordinary members of the Yang Clan didn’t trust Tian Long Divine Castle as much as their leaders. They were scared of influential imperial groups and preferred to stay away from those people, but they had no choice in this matter.
One full day passed and Tiantai’s people still didn’t show up.

“Kaboom!” the old man from the Yang Clan was furious, clenching his fists aggressively. He went back to the small room at the back of his palace hall. He realized that Tian Long Divine Castle was waiting for Tiantai to arrive, but nobody was arriving! Instead, Tiantai was just playing with them.

“Three days passed and they still haven’t come. I’ll dispatch some people.” said a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer to the old man of the Yang Clan.

Outside of Tian Yuan City, Tiantai’s people were still waiting at the top of a mountain. Tian Chi had even come back.

“Brothers, when are we going to go and kill the Yang Clan?” asked someone calmly.

Tian Chi turned around, smiled and said, “Why would we go?” We can just wait for them, isn’t that better?”

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