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PMG Chapter 1314: Yang Clan’s Judgement Day

PMG Chapter 1314: Yang Clan’s Judgement Day

“Wait for them?” everybody sounded skeptical. Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian had only been gone for a few days, Had they informed Tian Long Divine Castle instead of killing them?

“Brother, if Lin Feng and brother Mo went to Tian Long Divine Castle, won’t it be dangerous?” asked Meng Ba, frowning.

“Who said they went to find people from Tian Long Divine Castle?” asked Tian Chi smiling. Meng Ba was surprised and asked, “Why are we waiting for them? How do they know we’re here?”

“Maybe someone will tell them.” said Tian Chi indifferently. Then, Tian Chi stood up and said, “Alright, it’s not safe here anymore, we have to move somewhere else. Please follow Ruo Xie to another mountain range.”

“Traitors?” thought the crowd, it seemed like Tian Chi was trying to deal with their traitor.

Everybody stood up and followed Ruo Xie. However, Tian Chi said seriously, “Everybody, stay a hundred meters away from Ruo Xie, you probably understand why!”

“Of course!”

“Brothers, hurry.”

Tian Chi nodded, everything was going according to plan. Tian Chi looked at Ruo Xie and Wang Xiao and said, “Ruo Xie, Wang Xiao, you are both quite strong. Ruo Xie, bring the others to another mountain range, Wang Xiao and I will sit and wait for people from Tian Long Divine Castle to come. Once they do, we’ll leave.

“Understood!” said Ruo Xie nodding. Ruo Xie then brought the crowd to another mountain while Tian Chi and Wang Xiao stayed there.

“Brother, forgive me for being straightforward, but Tian Long Divine Castle is very strong. Even though we have many strong cultivators, it’s still not enough!” said Wang Xiao, after the crowd left.

Tian Chi closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged, “Of course it’s not enough.”

“What you mean to say is that more people are coming?” said Wang Xiao.

“You’ll understand in the morning, so why ask me so much?” said Tian Chi. Then, Wang Xiao didn’t say anything more.

Time passed and it became dark outside. The previous days had been nightmarish for the Yang Clan. Bodies were piling, and the murderers were nowhere to be found.

If they weren’t so sure that it was Tiantai, they would have suspected the assassins from the Abyss of Sufferings.

“Yang Ding, after tonight, the nightmare will be over. Do you think Tian Long Divine Castle can destroy Tiantai?” asked someone in the main hall. Two people were drinking tea and talking.

“I’m worried.” said Yang Ding, sipping the tea and frowning.

“Worried about what?”

“Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are leaving Tian Yuan City tomorrow to annihilate Tiantai, shouldn’t we send some people too? When the time is right, there will be nothing left here. And if Tiantai’s strong cultivators come here during the chaos, it’ll be dangerous for us.” said Yang Ding. If Tian Long Divine Castle was defeated by Tiantai, the Yang Clan would be in even worse danger.

“Yang Ding, since we made these decisions, we can’t back out now. We could only accept defeat if Tian Long loses. However, your worries are not groundless, let’s go and find grandfather.” said the other one. Yang Ding nodded and they left.

However, after they passed the door, a sword appeared in the darkness. It was ice-cold and it could pierce people’s souls. They suddenly stopped moving.

Blood splashed and a wind blew, but they didn’t see anything besides a black shadow.

After a short time, some people walked by and saw them standing there, blood pooling beneath them.

“Master!” many people looked to the leader of the Yang Clan, but he just turned around and left without saying anything.

That night seemed extremely long. Nobody slept or practiced cultivation, everybody was worried that they would die if they weren’t vigilant. Eventually, the sun started rising, relieving their concerns. Finally, after that day, the nightmare would be over. Tian Long would destroy Tiantai and they would move to western Ba Huang.

The Yang Clan, like many of the other clans, had a battle stage where they made their disciples fight. On their battle stage were many strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle, waiting.

There were also many strong cultivators from the Yang Clan and some other clans. In total, there were three groups of people.

“You’re only sending half of your people?” asked a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“We have to leave some people here to protect the territory. You’ve seen how many of our people have been assassinated. If there is nobody here and Tiantai comes, they’ll destroy our territory without resistance.” said the old man from the Yang Clan.

“Besides, with your strength plus the Xuan Yuan Clan and the others, we should have no problem annihilating Tiantai.”

The cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer nodded, “That’s not groundless, let’s go then!”

They rose up in the air together and those who were still alive Tian Yuan City noticed them flying away. Was Tian Long Divine Castle leaving to fight Tiantai?

After Tian Long Divine Castle’s people and the others left, the old man from the Yang Clan was finally relieved. Finally, they were going to fight with the strong army Tian Long Divine Castle had assembled.

“All the members of the Yang Clan, come onto the stage!” shouted the old man from the Yang Clan. His voice spread everywhere in their territory. In a flash, people from the entire clan gathered on the stage. They would wait for the strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle and the others to come back before leaving the stage, that way they couldn’t be assasinated.

More and more people gathered together, but outside of the Yang Clan, a terrifying Qi loomed over the sky.

“Boom!” The old man was instantly depressed. Then, all the members of the Yang Clan sensed the terrifying Qi, powerful enough to make them suffocate.

“A strength at the peak of the Zun Qi layer!” the face of the old man of the Yang Clan turned deathly pale. Even though he was also a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, he couldn’t compete with cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai.

“Who came?” the old man of the Yang Clan was vigilant. He had left some strong cultivators in the clan, but Tiantai had sent a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer to spy on them.

At that moment, the crowd raised their heads and saw a sword appear in the sky, it alone illuminated the entire territory of the Yang Clan. Sword Qi was quickly moving towards the battle stage, destroying everything in its path: people and buildings..

“Move aside!” shouted the old man of the Yang Clan, his face was deathly pale. He rose up in the air and dodged the attack. They also moved aside as the sword cut the battle stage in two. Those who were too close were immediately killed, without a trace.

“What a terrifying sword!” thought everybody.

Tiantai continued attacking.

In the distance, a silhouette rose up in the air, his face looked sharp and his robe was fluttering in the wind.

“The Yang Clan is doomed!” those who recognized the silhouette realized.

The Yang Clan had made a decision and now, they were going to regret it.

Even the leader of the Yang Clan burst into laughter when he saw that silhouette. He knew they were doomed!

“Hou Qing Lin, today is a tragic day for the Yang Clan. The Yang Clan didn’t make any mistakes, I, Yang Tian Lin, didn’t make any mistake! We were not wrong, I wasn’t wrong!” said the old man. He wasn’t scared. He knew that it was impossible to avoid the destruction of his clan. Hou Qing Lin was now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, nobody could stop him. A few years before, Hou Qing Lin could already kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer and back then, he was already far from being what he is now.

“In the cultivation world, there’s no such concept as right and wrong!” said Hou Qing Lin calmly, making the leader of the Yang Clan smile. Indeed, in the cultivation world, there was only the strong and the stronger!

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