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PMG Chapter 132: Lin Feng’s Sword

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“Now, I will advise you to run away and go as far as possible from my sight.”

A strong and intense cold Qi had accompanied Lin Feng’s words. The young man’s smile vanished. His facial expression became as sharp as his sword.

“I will give you one last chance. Give me twelve purity stones of medium quality.” said the young man with the long sword in a cold tone. An incredible amount of sword Qi emerged from his body and started moving towards Lin Feng.

“A fight between Sword masters.” Exclaimed people in the crowd. They noticed that the sword Qi released by the young man and by Lin Feng were the same. They probably both had a sword spirit, otherwise their sword Qi wouldn’t be that powerful. Lin Feng had also released sword force into the atmosphere.

“Do you think that such a small amount of sword force is enough to beat me? Especially when used by someone like you.” said the young man with an evil look on his face.

When the young man stopped talking, he released a gigantic amount of sword force which created whirlwinds in the air as it consumed the atmosphere. Whistling sounds spread throughout the entire atmosphere. The power of his sword Qi and sword force had enveloped everyone on the sixth floor of the tower.

The sword force was everywhere in the atmosphere. It looked like it would destroy anything in its path.

The young man had a higher cultivation level than Lin Feng. He had already broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. Just like Lin Feng, he could use forces in an extremely large scale. No wonder that he had been so arrogant and aggressive. He was confident that he would be able to take over the room from anyone within the crowd once they put their purity stones inside.

And even if Lin Feng didn’t agree to hand the room over, the young man with the sword just had attack Lin Feng and make him leave.

“It’s a good thing that none of us got the room after that battle.” said the people in the crowd happy that Lin Feng had scared them away. Otherwise, they would have had to fight against the young man who had just release such incredible amounts of sword force. He was at the fourth Ling Qi layer and knew how to use such huge amounts of sword force. They weren’t strong enough to fight against him.

It wasn’t different for Lin Feng even though he had showed some skill previously. He was undoubtedly going to lose that fight. What could he possibly do against such an overbearing power?

“You are correct! Do you think that such a small amount of sword force is enough to beat me?” Lin Feng used the young man’s own sentence against him. He took a step forwards and his deadly sword started moving through the air as he thrust it forward. Everybody was stupefied.

In such a situation, Lin Feng didn’t even consider the possibility of giving the young man his purity stones and did not even plan to hand the room over, instead he was being even more aggressive!

The young man was stupefied as well. He hadn’t managed to scare Lin Feng away with his display. Instead, he wanted a fight.

“You’re following the path to your own doom. I will make it so that you are never able to pick up a sword again with your meagre skills.” said the young man while smiling arrogantly.

A whistling sound spread through the atmosphere and a magnificent and radiant golden light filled the sixth floor. It looked like the rays of the morning sun. Lin Feng’s deadly sword and the young man’s sword collided emitting an extremely loud metallic noise.

“Golden Sword!” His sword turned gold and releases another light which was as beautiful as the morning sun.

“Golden Rain Sword!” shouted the young man. Suddenly, the dazzling light around his sword became even more dazzling and refracted through the atmosphere. There wasn’t even a single corner not illuminated by the light from his sword.

“What a beautiful sword skill! I would have no chance to defeat such a masterful display.” said some of the cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer in the crowd. The young man with the long sword could definitely afford to be arrogant with his level of skill.

Lin Feng was going to die. The area was too small and it was impossible to escape the light of his sword. He had nowhere to go if he wanted to dodge the attack, there was nowhere left to escape.

“I will teach you what it means to be a real sword master.” said the young man with extreme arrogance and a cold smile on his face.

The young man’s golden rain sword skill made rays of light fall from the atmosphere as they were raindrops. Lin Feng who was in the middle of the attack, didn’t move back and looked calm as ever.

Lin Feng’s sword force had already vanished without leaving trace.

“Is he giving up?” said some of the people in the crowd when they saw that Lin Feng’s sword force had disappeared. They were stupefied. The young man was extremely strong, he had managed to make Lin Feng give up and stop using his sword force as if he knew the situation was hopeless.

Not only was the crowd stupefied but the young man too. Lin Feng had voluntarily stopped releasing sword force, why? The young man’s arrogant smile grew even wider when he saw the force dissappear.

His arrogant smile didn’t last for much longer as suddenly, he looked stunned.

An oppressive sword energy suddenly crashed onto his body and prevented him from moving.

“What’s this?” the young man’s pupils shrank.

The Qi was becoming more and more oppressive. The young man had the feeling that he was suffocating under the pressure. This was the result of all the sword energy in complete fusion. This required combining his sword force and sword Qi into a single power.

The young man looked at Lin Feng and saw that he looked as calm as before. The young man felt his heart sink when he realised what had happened.

“That’s the sword energy…” The young man with the sword was a sword master and recognized the skill.

Lin Feng could already use a sword energy attack. That meant that he could already control almost all of the sword energy to perfection. What a genius!

The sword energy attack required an incredible amount of sword force and sword Qi. Who could resist to such an attack?

Lin Feng’s attack didn’t even look special but suddenly, a hole appeared in the young man’s sword and suddenly it disintegrated itself.

The whole crowd was shivering at such an incredible display.

How was that possible?

Lin Feng’s attack had barely been noticed by anyone. It looked so random and so normal but had been sufficient to destroy the magnificent and extremely powerful Golden rain sword!

“Retreat!” The young man’s expression suddenly drastically changed. He had no time to carry another powerful attack because at that moment, Lin Feng’s sword energy was already on him. He wouldn’t be able to block it.

A hurricane-like vortex made of sword energy emerged from Lin Feng’s body and flew through the air towards the young man. His body started shaking violently and then he heavily collapsed.

At the same time, the tip of  Lin Feng’s sword arrived on the young man’s chest.

Everybody was astonished and shivering. They were speechless. Nothing of what they expected had happened. Lin Feng had needed a single strike to defeat such a powerful opponent. At that moment, the young man’s life was in Lin Feng’s hands.

“This is all the skill that you have and you dare to say that you will teach me how to use a sword?” said Lin Feng coldly. The young man was speechless.

Indeed, the young man had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer and could use forces but Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Ling Qi layer and was already able to exercise perfect control over sword force to the extent that he was able to absorb and make it fuse with other Qi and force to make a sword energy attack. After having displaying his abilities in front of everyone, being arrogant would make him gain even more prestige within the academy.

“Your sword is not sharp. You lack too many things. You are too arrogant. While trying to do beautiful and magnificent attacks, you stray from the true path of the sword. You must focus your sword to be sharp and precise. As far as swords are concerned, you definitely an amateur.” said Lin Feng in a detached tone. As far as Lin Feng was concerned, sword skills were about having more refined skills, more power, more sharpness, more speed and was not about how beautiful they looked.

“What do you intend to do with me?” said the young man as he completely ignored what Lin Feng had just said to him. He was just worried that Lin Feng would kill him.

When Lin Feng saw him, he shook his head looking saddened and said: “A moment ago, when you were aggressive and threatening me, I thought that you were a real sword master and that you were seeking enlightenment on the path of cultivation but you have disappointed me. You do not even take my advice on improving your sword skills. You are just a shameless guy who wants to stand above others using his sword. I think it would be best if you never held a sword again…”

When Lin Feng finished talking, his long sword glowed and he then immediately cut off the young man’s sword hand. The young man gave a horrible shriek as he looked at the place where his hand used to be.

“How bloodthirsty and ruthless.” Said people within the crowd. Fortunately, they had not made Lin Feng angry and attacked him a second time. He was terrifying!

The young man’s eyes were filled with wrath and hatred. He was staring at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng just replied coldly: “No need to look at me with such eyes. You said it yourself a moment ago. You said that you would make it so I could never hold a sword again. I simply returned what you intended back onto you. If there is one person that you should blame, it is definitely yourself.”

Immediately after, he turned around and entered in the cultivation room without even glancing back at the young man and the rest of the crowd.

The entire crowd had a cold sweat running down their backs. That’s right, if they had exchanged places with that young man, Lin Feng could have possibly removed one of their limbs. Lin Feng didn’t like being cruel but he didn’t like being provoked either.

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