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PMG Chapter 1322: Battle, Teleportation

PMG Chapter 1322: Battle, Teleportation

Everyone in Ba Huang thought that Lin Feng was already dead.

After all, Lin Feng had been caught by a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer from the Qi Clan, and now he had been stuck in an empty space for quite a while. According to legends, apart from emperors, nobody could survive inside it.

Back on that day, Lin Feng had ended up in the empty space after Mu Chen had wrapped him up with thousands of threads of godly awareness. That place was dark and desolate wasteland.

“Am I going to die?” Lin Feng thought, alone in the darkness. There was a strong wind blowing against his skin.

“Kacha!” terrifying cracks appeared inside.

“Mind Stabilizer!” a voice said. Fire burnt around Lin Feng and a black lotus appeared under his feet, quickly surrounding his body.

“Buddy!” His friends hadn’t let him die.

“We have to get you out of here.” said Yan Di. His voice came from the black lotus. Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“Be careful!” Terrifying empty space energies moved towards them, but Lin Feng and the demon lotus ran away with incredible speed. Lin Feng was soaked in a cold sweat now.

“Is it possible to break free?” Lin Feng asked.

“I placed a thread of my godly awareness in the demon lotus, but it’s not strong enough to get you out. By yourself, you can’t break the empty space.” said Yan Di hastily.

“Can you protect him inside?” said another voice. Next to him, a silhouette appeared.

“Brother!” Lin Feng was happy to see that silhouette. Even though he had many enemies, there were some people who were always protecting him, like Mu Chen.

“I know that there’s an empty space battlefield, but I don’t know the exact geographical coordinates.” said Mu Chen.

“Alright, I’ll protect you guys as you lead the way.” said Yan Di firmly, even though he was worried.

The lotus became gigantic as it enveloped Lin Feng and Mu Chen.

“Kaboom!” a white light illuminated the sky. Lightning was striking down, but the demon lotus shakily ran away.

“How dangerous, if I had been here alone, I would already be dead!” thought Lin Feng.

“I have that bed with me, I wonder if it can block those lightning attacks with it!” thought Lin Feng, recalling Empress Xi’s bed.

Even Qi Yun’s peerless weapon couldn’t destroy the bed.

Mu Chen examined the bed and suddenly he looked delighted, “You have some great items, put it above our heads to block the lightning. We’ll mind the wind energies around us.”

“Alright!” said Lin Feng nodding. He put Empress Xi’s bed above their heads and they continued moving ahead. They were slow, but it was too dangerous to move any quicker in there.

“The empty space energy in here is terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. Back in Fortune City, he had had seen empty space abstruse energies and territorial empty space abstruse energies, but these were terrifying.

Slash!” A terrifying energy passed above them, making Lin Feng raise his head. Lin Feng’s clothes were completely torn to shreds after dodging those assaults. Cracks had appeared in his armor even.

“Lightning in empty space energies are dangerous, they’re a type of abstruse energy which even emperors have to pay attention.” said Mu Chen.

“Brother, I want to practice cultivation while we’re here. Is that okay?” asked Lin Feng. Mu Chen was surprised and smiled wryly, “You’re quite strong. Alright, I’ll manage things out here for you.”

Lin Feng smiled, he couldn’t do anything else anyways, so studying empty space energy in here made sense.

“My life is in your hands, little guy!” Lin Feng said to the demon lotus.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and his pupils became black. A dark world appeared in his head as he studied the space around him.

Gradually, the sweat on Lin Feng’s body disappeared and he seemed to be less scared. Maybe he had just forgotten about the surroundings since he was focusing on his cultivation.

Lin Feng forgot about time and soon, he forgot about his surroundings.


“Lin Feng, we’re here!” said a voice. Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw a battlefield before him, a real battlefield!

“That’s the battlefield the teacher brought me to last time.” whispered Lin Feng. Last time, Emperor Yu had brought him to several places and Ruo Xie was fighting on a battlefield similar to this one, if it wasn’t this one, that is.

“The wind is less strong in that area” thought Lin Feng glancing around.

“Brother, where are we?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious as to why such a battlefield existed in the first place?

“There’s a road from Ba Huang to Jiu You, but if you use geographical coordinates to go there, you end up in a rather terrifying place. The place you see in front of you is that place which connects Ba Huang and Jiu You, it’s a kind of bridge. Many strong cultivators from Ba Huang and Jiu You battle here.” explained Mu Chen.

“Since it’s the place which connects Jiu You and Ba Huang, why have I never heard of anyone from Jiu You coming to Ba Huang?” asked Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, if you go to Jiu You, will you tell them that you’re from Ba Huang? You might have seen some geniuses in Ba Huang who were actually from Jiu You. They probably came here to gain experience and the same applies to Jiu You, maybe some people from Ba Huang go to Jiu You to practice cultivation and fight.” explained Mu Chen smiling.

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  1. Lito Origo April 30, 2018 at 10:24 pm - Reply

    “Brother, where are we?” asked asked Lin Feng.
    One extra ‘asked’ in there.
    Thank you!

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    “The wind is less strong in that are(a)!” thought Lin Feng glancing around.

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    Maybe Yun Fei Yang and Tang You You are there

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