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PMG Chapter 1326: Your Highness

PMG Chapter 1326: Your Highness

Very quickly, five corpses littered the ground. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei killed them all.

“After breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, Yi Ren Lei’s illusion strength has become terrifying.” said Lin Feng.

“With the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer, your demonic energies and your cursing strength are already terrifying. You killed two cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer and a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer.”

“If you hadn’t helped, I wouldn’t have had such an easy time with the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer. It’s your victory more so than mine.” said Lin Feng.

“Let’s continue. Even stronger cultivators are waiting for you in here.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Lin Feng walked ahead with her, where they encountered many people who provoked them, but they weren’t that strong.

Even if they were interested in fighting them, it was only because of Yi Ren Lei’s beauty. Lin Feng didn’t exist in those strong cultivators’ eyes.

“Have you ever fought against him?” asked Lin Feng, looking at Kong Ming in the distance. They were walking in the same direction, so it was probably the direction of Ba Huang.

“Impossible!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“Is he that strong?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t know if she was just being modest.

“Believe me or not, many of the ten strongest young cultivators can’t defeat him.” said Yi Ren Lei.

“Many people only see the tip of the iceberg, but apart from the ten strongest young cultivators themselves, nobody really knows how strong they are. For example, Lin Feng had defeated Qi Tian Sheng before he became famous. Then there is you, nobody knows you, but you could definitely defeat some of the ten strongest young cultivators.” explained Yi Ren Lei. “Besides, they’re not necessarily all equivalent in terms of battling abilities.”

“Or, like you, nobody knows how good you really are at battling.” said Lin Feng smiling. Yi Ren Lei smiled sweetly after she heard Lin Feng, but didn’t say much.

Over the next few hours, Lin Feng’s Qi became more cold and he realized that Yi Ren Lei’s Qi had changed too. She didn’t look as seducing anymore, her Qi had become rather cold.

Besides, if Lin Feng hadn’t stayed next to her the entire time, he wouldn’t have thought it was the same Yi Lang Ren from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace.

“Yi Ren Lei, how long is this place which connects Jiu You and Ba Huang?”

“It has existed for many, many years. We would need three hours to go from one place to the other.” replied Yi Ren Lei. She sounded relaxed, like she wasn’t trying to seduce him.

“Three hours to cross!” Lin Feng was surprised. It was completely different from the outside world, the space here didn’t represent the actual distance outside.

“This is a convenient way to travel from Jiu You to Ba Huang and vice versa then!”

“If you’re strong enough, a few more battles and you can reach the other side. You will also have to defeat the guards. Each of Jiu You’s exits has a guard, a guard for each of the twelve empires.” said Yi Ren Lei.

But how did Yi Ren Lei know that there were guards at the exits? Was it the Heavens of Desire’s Palace who had told her that?

“What a beautiful girl!” said someone evilly. Someone else was looking at Yi Ren Lei in a perverted way.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t pay attention to them, so that person smiled and said: “And cold, I like it women with a strong personality.”

He then opened his arms, wanting to force Yi Ren Lei to hug him. However, a strong Qi surrounded him and covered him with a layer of ice.

Slash!” The enemy shook violently and then collapsed.

Lin Feng stopped, Yi Ren Lei turned around and smiled, “Sorry about that.”

“Haha, I’m just surprised.” said Lin Feng. “Water abstruse energies, level five!”

“You chose the path.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.
Lin Feng was suddenly curious and intrigued by this new personality. He continued walking at the same speed. Now and then, people wanted to fight, but Yi Ren Lei immediately dealt with them.

After an hour, Lin Feng realized that they still hadn’t made it to the exit.

According to Yi Ren Lei, they only needed three hours to cross the entire battlefield. Assuming they started near Ba Huang, they should have arrived in Ba Huang after an hour and a half, but they had already been walking for two hours.

Lin Feng understood what it meant, Yi Ren Lei’s goal wasn’t Ba Huang, but Jiu You!

Lin Feng asked, “Yi Ren Lei, will you go back to Ba Huang for the meeting of the emperors?”

Yi Ren Lei was surprised when she heard Lin Feng, but said, “Of course.”

“Alright, then let’s have a walk in Jiu You.” said Lin Feng.

“It won’t be a pleasant trip, it’ll be a terrifying adventure!” said Yi Ren Lei, as they continued walking towards Jiu You.

However, as they continued, a strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng was surprised because that person was the young man he had fought when he had first arrived in that place.

But the young man didn’t recognize him anymore, he was staring at Yi Ren Lei instead. After Lin Feng thought the young man would attack, he watched him kneel down and say, “Your Highness!”

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