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PMG Chapter 1328: Obvious Murderous Intentions

PMG Chapter 1328: Obvious Murderous Intentions

Yi Ren Lei released more energies after seeing them approaching.

Her energies turned into a watery cage to block the enemies’ attack. Their energies became a rain as they hit the cage.

A dazzling golden light did capture Yi Ren Lei, however, her silhouette became distorted and she managed to get away. She could turn into water when attacked.

“Help me block one of them!” Yi Ren Lei said to Lin Feng using telepathy. The other one released wind energies which quickly surrounded her.

Lin Feng looked at them and instantly realized that they had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, so if any of their attacks reached them, they’d die. The different between the fifth and the sixth Zun Qi layer was that large.

“I’ll fight against the one with the golden abstruse energies!” siad Lin Feng using telepathy, while taking out a scepter.

“Die!” the scepter turned into a cursing tree and headed towards that cultivator with the golden energies.

“Take!” that cultivator created a gigantic hand which moved towards the ancient tree. He immediately grabbed it and throwing Lin Feng’s body away.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng. The scepter released energies at the gigantic hand and started corroding it.

“Bzzz!” That cultivator suddenly looked horrified. He wanted to move his hand back, but blood already appeared.

“You must want to die!” said that cultivator. He stretched out his hand and a golden tower appeared with golden marks on it.

“Die!” shouted the cultivator. The tower became gigantic, so large that it was going to crush Lin Feng like an ant.

“Come out!” Lin Feng took out his bed and put it above his head.

“Kaboom!” The golden tower crashed onto the bed, leaving Lin Feng’s arms numb. That tower had forced half of Lin Feng’s body into the ground.

“You’re quite tough!” said the enemy while releasing more oppressive energies.

“Boom!” Lin Feng released demonic Qi this time. The golden tower was above Lin Feng’s head again, but then he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the enemy. His scepter aimed straight for the enemy’s head.

“Kaboom!” The golden tower hit the ground and exploded. Lin Feng was feeling a bit lucky to have his cloak to teleport with.

“Deadly Soul Curse!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Suddenly, it was like ghosts were wailing, their lamentations resonating in everyone else’s brains and corroding their determination.

“Destroy!” shouted a strong cultivator furiously. His body became surrounded by golden lights as he threw himself at Lin Feng. The space around them turned completely golden and Lin Feng felt weighed down, like several mountains were resting on his shoulders.

That cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer had attacked Lin Feng a few times, but still hadn’t managed to kill him.

Lin Feng took a few steps back, but was still stuck in the golden world. Even though peerless holy weapons were powerful, the cultivator who used them also had to be strong.

Lin Feng looked at his quickly approaching enemy and then at the bodies on the ground, the twenty something people he had killed before.

“Deadly curse technique!” Lin Feng used his scepter to release more energies, immediately after, the bodies started to stand up.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. The corpses’ eyes were twinkling with black lights as they moved towards the enemy. At the same time, Lin Feng attacked the golden world with his scepter again. He knew that the bodies couldn’t withstand the enemies’ attacks.

“Curse Gold!” the golden energies faded and Lin Feng rose up in the air, surrounded by demonic Qi.

“Where are you going?” shouted the cultivator, chasing Lin Feng. Lin Feng punched the air in his direction.

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng was violently propelled backwards and crashed into the ground. Many of his bones were broken.

Lin Feng invoked his blood strength. Even though he hadn’t broken through to the Zun Qi layer yet, he had dragon blood.

Lin Feng also swallowed some vitality water and released vitality abstruse energies to heal his body.

However, he didn’t have much time before the enemies closed in on him.

Lin Feng opened his third eye and turned into a demonic beast.

“Do you think using your godly awareness is of any use?” asked the enemy. A golden hand headed in his direction again.

“Bestial consciousness, open!” said Lin Feng. Desolate Qi poured out from within him.

That pure desolate Qi could corrode anything, even the golden lights faded some.

“Ah…” the strong cultivator gave a horrible shriek. His eyes were hit by the desolate Qi, preventing him from opening his eyes.



Lin Feng and his enemy shouted at the same time. Lin Feng aimed his scepter at the enemy’s head while the enemy pierced through the desolate Qi and aimed straight towards Lin Feng.

“Die!”“Die!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing more and more demonic Qi. Apart from the demonic Qi, he also released Ling Long’s celestial Qi.

“Kaboom!” Cracks started appearing on the enemy’s head. At the same time, the enemy caught up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s bones were cracking and his viscera felt like they were going to explode.

Lin Feng was propelled backwards, crashing into the ground a hundred meters away. Blood splashed everywhere, a gigantic golden hand handprint was left on his chest. Luckily, he had finally managed to hurt the enemy, but he had used all the desolate Qi from the Huang Sea he had previously absorbed.

Yi Ren Lei was also in a bad situation. She was injured, she was only managing to evade lethal blows, nothing more.

“Father!” shouted a Dao He furiously. A group of strong cultivators arrived and all the enemies suddenly looked destabilized. A strong wind started blowing and tornados appeared.

“Slash, slash…” blade lights appeared everywhere and blood spilt. The wind became calmer, Yi Ren Lei appeared from out of the chaos, her clothes were a bit torn.

“Your Majesty!” said a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, bowing before Yi Ren Lei in a respectful way. At the same time, the other strong cultivators wiped the blood and dust off Dao He’s face, then, they all ran to Yi Ren Lei and bowed.

“Thank you very much everyone for your help.” said Yi Ren Lei, glancing at them. She didn’t look particularly troubled. Then, she went to Lin Feng and saw the body of the cultivator, of the sixth Zun Qi layer, whom Lin Feng had killed.

“You’re amazing.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling in a way which sufficed to make anyone fall in love. The strong cultivators behind her couldn’t see her face, but they could tell from her her voice that she didn’t sound that cold. Dao He’s father frowned and glanced at him in a cold way.

“Your Highness, who’s that?” asked Dao Gu, hastily walking towards Lin Feng, not hiding his coldness. Lin Feng was surprised. Why did that guy want to kill him?

“Watch your words!” said Yi Ren Lei.

“I understand, but for your safety, that person must leave.” said Dao Gu furiously.

Yi Ren Lei glanced at him and then walked next to Lin Feng. She grabbed his arm and said, “He’s my boyfriend!”

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  1. kid May 1, 2018 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter

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    “siad Lin Feng using telepathy” -> said
    “a gigantic golden hand handprint” (hand) handprint

  3. Wan Shi Tong May 1, 2018 at 7:58 pm - Reply

    I don’t get it. What the hell is this cycle? In every bit of wuxia and xianxia I’ve read or watched, whenever a girl likes a guy a bunch of people try to kill him. The words “he’s my boyfriend” are a death sentence, it’s like the Kiss of Death.

    • Lito Origo May 1, 2018 at 11:43 pm - Reply

      The Harlem aspect of this story.

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      Ikr, it’s only annoying and boring

    • Bob June 4, 2019 at 12:39 pm - Reply

      Yeah, i know how you feel.
      >Some people want to kill Lin Feng because he stays within 10 meters from the hot girl
      >The girl says he’s her lover to protect him
      >Now half of the country is after his head
      >100 chapters later some major clans get wiped out because they constantly send people to murder Lin Feng
      I mean, come on!

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    it must be quite a funny sight for a guy to fight using a bed. *ahem*

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