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PMG Chapter 1329: Ice Empire

PMG Chapter 1329: Ice Empire

“He’s my boyfriend!” said Yi Ren Lei. Everybody was speechless, especially Dao He.

Lin Feng was astonished as well, but he quickly came back to his senses and glanced at the crowd with his pitch-black eyes.

“You shouldn’t tarnish your reputation, even if you want to protect him.” said Dao Gu, trying to judge Lin Feng.

“Do you think I’m joking?” asked Yi Ren Lei, leaning against Lin Feng and looking at those people rudely.

Lin Feng stared at Dao Gu as well. That was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. If they were in Ba Huang, he’d be a core member of an influential imperial group.

“Dao Gu, Her Majesty has come back with the man she loves. What is the problem with that?” said an old man walking towards them. He was also a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

“I just thought he might be a bandit, but since Her Majesty is not joking, of course I’m happy for her. The Dao family is happy to welcome her back to the empire!” said Dao Gu. All the members of the Dao family moved aside and let Yi Ren Lei pass.

“Your Highness, welcome back to the empire!” said the old cultivator.

“Thank you.” said Yi Ren Lei. Then she dragged Lin Feng and they walked forwards. Nobody caused them trouble anymore since they were now surrounded by such amazing cultivators. After a short time of walking, they arrived at the end of the path. In front of Lin Feng were twelve passages.

The ones leading the way chose a path. They were all moving quickly as the passage was quite long, but even then, it took them half an hour to reach the exit. There were empty space energies waiting for them at the exit.

“Please, Your Highness!” said Dao Gu and the other cultivators, stopping. The exit was very small, for it was only a crack in the space.

“Let’s go out!” said Yi Ren Lei, dragging Lin Feng along. Once they arrived on the other side, Lin Feng quickly realized that he was surrounded by ice-cold energies, and some more people even.

“I’m back.” whispered Yi Ren Lei. When they walked out of that cave, Lin Feng was surrounded by two stone men on each of his sides who looked ice-sculpted people. Lin Feng were convinced that they were real people.

“Guards!” thought Lin Feng. Those two had to be the guards, but they didn’t react at all.
Lin Feng continued walking ahead before finally arriving outside. It was a vast area with buildings everywhere. The crowd in the distance looked tiny, like specks of dust. He was was on a lofty glacier which was ten thousand meters tall, only halfway up a building.

“What’s above our heads?” asked Lin Feng.

“We can go and you’ll see!” said Yi Ren Lei while walking up. Lin Feng shrugged and followed. He was injured, but it didn’t matter.

In the distance, there was a building which was higher than any of the clouds, but it was blurry behind the mist.

“In my previous world, if people had seen that, they wouldn’t have thought so highly of the Potala Palace.” whispered Lin Feng. That palace in the distance was a million times bigger than the Potala Palace.

“Jiu You, Ice Empire!” whispered Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng nodded and saw two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer approaching. Yi Ren Lei was the princess of one of the twelve empires in Jiu You, a high-level empire.

“Your Majesty!” said Dao Gu and the others. “We’ll be taking you back to the palace to ensure your safety.”

Yi Ren Lei nodded and they rose up in the air, moving towards that gigantic building.

Yi Ren Lei’s palace was the farthest one away and the highest up.

“You can go back now!” said Yi Ren Lei to Dao Gu and the others once they arrived in front of her palace.

“Your Highness, we…”

“Since I’m back, nobody will attack me anymore. I don’t want to be disturbed!” said Yi Ren Lei, glaring at Dao Gu and interrupting him. Dao Gu had no choice but to nod and say, “Have a good rest, Your Highness, I’m going to inform the Snow Queen!”

“Your Highness, we’re off.” said another cultivator respectfully. Then, they left. Dao He was the last one to leave. Before he left, he glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way.

After everybody left, Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng and he stared back at her.

“Are you feeling uncertain, my love?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. She didn’t look that cold anymore, instead smiling and looking alluring.

Each palace around hers was gigantic, but hers was the largest. It had a restrictive Qi around it, barring anyone other than those Yi Ren Lei herself brought to it.

Lin Feng said, “Her Majesty, the Princess of the Snow Empire wouldn’t want me to become a descendant of the empire!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, you’re the only one so far. Maybe that someday…” said Yi Ren Lei in a gentle voice, looking at Lin Feng in a seducing way. She walked towards him, pressed her lips against his ear, and said, “Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng!”

“I knew you couldn’t die that easily, if the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle knew you were still alive with how much they’ve lost, they’d go insane. Even the emperors had showed up! Could you imagine?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“How can you be sure I’m Lin Feng?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

“Cursing energies, ninth Tian Qi layer, terrifying battling abilities, several abstruse energies, and the vitality water. How could I not know?” asked Yi Ren Lei smiling. “I was surprised because Lin Feng likes using sword and you use cursing energies, but surprisingly, you’re the same person. No wonder you wanted the demon flute the other day, and after giving it up so easily, you came back for it under another persona.”

“Everybody has their secrets. You too: desire, illusion, transformation, dodging, vitality, and water abstruse energies. In Ba Huang, you’re the holy girl of the Heavens of Desire’s Palace and in Jiu You you’re a cold and noble princess. Why did you go to Ba Huang and why did you study desire cultivation?” asked Lin Feng.
“During the next hundred days, you will understand. After all, you’re my boyfriend now, at least for these hundred days!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“Alright, my love, get ready. We’ll be seeing my father and mother, the emperors and the leaders of my country.”

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