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PMG Chapter 133: Rule Violation

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Lin Feng entered in the cultivation room and suddenly, a rumbling noise emerged. It was the noise of the stone door closing itself.

A thick and pure Qi invaded the entire room. Lin Feng was feeling extremely comfortable with the dense Qi surrounding him.

When cultivating, being exposed to pure the pure Qi of heaven and earth was extremely beneficial. The feeling was like sudden rain after a long drought. It helped cultivators consolidate the very foundations of their cultivation and strengthen their foundations as they advance.

Lin Feng released his celestial spirit and entered into meditation.

His celestial spirit would definitely help him receive a breakthrough at a much faster rate. He would be able to control every cell within his body in a much more precise way and would probably be able to break through to the next Ling Qi layer at an increased speed.

Suddenly, pure Qi started entering in Lin Feng’s body as if Lin Feng was a bottomless pit swallowing all of the energy available.

Lin Feng’s strength was at the third Ling Qi layer so he had absolutely no problem to inhale all the pure Qi which filled the cultivation room. It seemed like the amount of Qi he could absorb was almost endless.

The pure Qi that Lin Feng had already absorbed was circulating within his body and becoming even purer.

The Qi once purified within his body had started penetrating into Lin Feng’s flesh, muscles and blood making them purify.

He could feel that his body was becoming stronger and stronger. Because of this transformation within his body he knew that he would be able to practice at much greater speeds.

Besides, the pure Qi in his muscles had also turned into a pure Qi which would increase his agility techniques in the future.

Even though Lin Feng wanted to become strong, he knew that rushing to advance would cause greater harm than good. On the path of cultivation a person required breakthroughs which one could only find with enlightenment and battles. Cultivating was only a small step on the path and life experiences are where the advancements came.

What Lin Feng didn’t know that while he was cultivating some evil looking people were moving into the tower from the outside.

They moved directly towards the flight of stairs and then started climbing the floors. They finally came to a halt on the tenth floor.

“That way.” said a young man in black. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized the young man in black as he was the person whom he just defeated on the tenth floor.

The young man in black had threatened Lin Feng when he left the tower but Lin Feng hadn’t taken him seriously. Many people would make baseless threats from the anger of being humiliated.

In the end it was actually Liu Fei who was practicing in that room.

“Here.” said the young man in black while pointing at the room. The one who was accompanying the young man was about twenty years old. He looked extremely cold and evil.

“Cui Ting, open the door!” said the evil young man. Another person moved forwards. Despite the rules of the Celestial Academy, he didn’t hesitate and started running towards the door at full speed and thrust his fist directly towards the door. He then collided heavily with the stone door.

The door remained closed but it was strongly shaking from the impact.

Liu Fei was in a deep state of mediation behind the door. She wouldn’t have thought that she would get disturbed during this period, especially by people directly attacking her door. The noises immediately woke her from her meditation. There was a small trail of blood on the corner of her mouth because of the shock she received while in meditation.

“Get the hell out here!” said an extremely loud voice from outside. Liu Fei was furious. She wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“How impudent.” Liu Fei stood up. She wanted to rush outside and crush them. One of the worst things to do in the world of cultivators was to disturb someone while they were meditating. Besides, they had woke her up in such a violent way that she had been injured in the process. Being woken up during meditation was such a shock that a cultivator could get injured if it was not done correctly. Disturbing a meditating cultivator was such an offense that the academy didn’t forbid fights between students but forbade them to disturb others while they were already meditating in cultivation rooms.

But the opponents had clearly violated the rules of the academy.

“Shit, I can’t do that. I can’t attack them.” Liu Fei who had stood up to go outside and crush them suddenly stopped. Maybe the person hadn’t come for the room but had come to fight against Lin Feng.

“It must be him.” Liu Fei remembered the young man in black. When leaving, he had threatened Lin Feng. He hadn’t lied, he had come back.

“If I went out now, that would probably cause trouble for Lin Feng.” Liu Fei thought. Besides, she didn’t know who would win if they fought. In this world, only strength mattered, nothing else.

When she thought about the current situation, she sat down again and tried to meditate but obviously, it was very hard for her to continue her cultivation.

“BOOM.” rumbling noises spread in the cultivation room. Liu Fei’s eardrums were hurting from the constant loud bangs.

“YOU WHO’S INSIDE, COME OUT IMMEDIATELY!” shouted a loud voice from outside. Liu Fei was angry but ignored it. She kept sitting. At worst, he would keep shouting until he was too tired or until someone intervened.

The door of the cultivation room would never crack open. It was impossible for the people outside to manage to do such a thing. They were far from being strong enough.

When the enemies saw that nobody was reacting inside, they were speechless.

The young man in black moved towards the door and furiously shouted: “Were you not being very aggressive and arrogant before? Are you too scared to come outside now? Coward! Weakling!”

“Coward, weakling?” When Liu Fei heard what the young man had called Lin Feng, she was surprised and found him ridiculous. That guy had been easily defeated by Lin Feng, so he had brought people to help him… and he dared call other people cowards and weaklings? Only weak people could do such things. How ridiculous.

What would Lin Feng do if he was there?

The door was unceasingly rumbling. Liu Fei didn’t react but she was very upset.

In such a small and narrow room, anybody would go crazy if they were harassed this way by other people.

After a while, the rumbling noises stopped.

The young man in black calmed down again. He wouldn’t have thought that nothing would work against Lin Feng, especially the insults. He felt powerless and had no strategy left to try.

“Looks like he knows what is best for him and cowers inside the room.” said the young man in black coldly.

The evil looking man then asked: “How many purity stones has he inserted?”

The young man in black replied: “Three purity stones of medium quality which is enough to practice for three months.”

“Alright, I’ll come back in a hundred days. What about you? Are you staying or are you coming with me?”

The young man in black didn’t reply and looked hesitant.

“He could run away if you leave… but you’re also probably scared that he will come out to humiliate you again…” said the evil young man as if he had guessed what the young man in black was actually terrified of facing Lin Feng alone.

The young man in black was surprised. This is exactly what he was worried about.

“Cui Ting is already at the peak of the fourth Ling Qi layer. Nobody in the third Ling Qi layer could possibly defeat him, even if they are an unrivalled genius. Coming with him was more than enough to defeat that person. Since you insisted for me to come along too, I decided to follow. However, now I am going to the first floor to practice for three months. You can ask Cui Ting if he wants to stay and wait with you.” said the evil looking young man calmly.

The young man in black, didn’t dare call into question what the evil young man had said. The evil looking man was also a member of his family after all. They had the same father but not the same mother and the young man in black was merely the son of a concubine. The evil looking man had already done him a great favor by coming. He had given him a great deal of face.

The young man in black looked at Cui Ting. The expression in his eyes indicated that he was begging him to stay with him.

“If Hei Mo wants me to stay, then I’ll stay.” said Cui Ting indifferently.

“If that is the case, just stay here for a little while then.” said Hei Mo. He then turned around and left towards the first floor.

When the young man in black saw Hei Mo leave, a sad expression appeared on his face. He then turned around and looked at the stone door. He took a step forward and punched it again. It created an extremely loud rumbling noise which filled the room. Liu Fei was extremely upset as she was still inside the cultivation room. Would they never stop bothering her?

At that moment, Liu Fei’s face turned deathly pale. If the young man in black kept harassing everyday for a hundred days, she would go crazy.

Besides, Lin Feng had spent three purity stones of medium quality in this room. If she was harassed everyday for a hundred days, that would be the same as being kept in captivity and tortured for a hundred days. This was a complete nightmare. She had never thought that such a thing could happen.

At that moment, the pure Qi on the sixth floor was strange. Some curious people had gone there wondering what was happening. A silhouette was emerging from a room. It was a young man, he looked calm and serene… but that calm and serene facial expression made the entire crowd shiver.

The young man’s look was as sharp as a sword and he looked extremely domineering!

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