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PMG Chapter 1332: Ice Lotus

PMG Chapter 1332: Ice Lotus

“He has a bad temper, even you can see that. I hope you can think a bit more about this.” said the ice emperor. He sounded like a father giving advice to his daughter.

“I’ll remember that.” said Yi Ren Lei before standing up. “Father, mother, if there’s nothing important to do, I’m leaving.”

“Alright, you can go and practice cultivation. You need to become even stronger before the opening of the shrine.” said the snow leader smiling.

“Thank you, mother.” said Yi Ren Lei bowing, then dragging Lin Feng out of the palace.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei arrived in another palace and some women arrived.

Their skin was as white as snow, they looked beautiful, and their Qi was extraordinary.

“Yi Ren, you came back!”

“I heard that you went to Ba Huang Province, it’s so nice there.”

They all smiled in a gentle and friendly way.

“It’s alright.” replied Yi Ren Lei calmly.

“Is that your boyfriend? He doesn’t look that special at all. You should have found a boyfriend even more outstanding than you.”

“She’s right, don’t you care about the rest of the lineage? Don’t you care about your sisters?”

The girls were all talking and making fun of Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng frowned, their relations were all chaotic.

“According to some rumors, there’s a chaotic place called the Heavens of Desire’s Palace in Ba Huang where there’s a holy girl who has the same name as you. It’s not you, right?”

“How could it be her? The women there are sluts, they’ll sleep with anyone!” said another one laughing and looking at Yi Ren Lei.

“Let’s go.” said Yi Ren Lei, suddenly dragging Lin Feng. But those girls didn’t give up, some girls even stopped in front of Lin Feng and smiled, “Sister, why don’t you not introduce your boyfriend to us?”

“Are women in the Ice and Snow Empire all so noisy?” asked Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei.

“How insolent!” after he said that, a terrifying ice energy filled the room. The girls instantly stopped smiling and became hostile.

The other girl also moved aside. Lin Feng knew that they had been fishing for a reason to attack him this whole time.

“I may be the weakest here, but I can’t let my sister stay with a piece of trash like you. Piss off and get out of the Ice and Snow Empire!” said the girl in front of Lin Feng in a cold way.

Yi Ren Lei smiled indifferently and dragged Lin Feng. She smiled proudly and said to him, using telepathy, “My love, do whatever you want, and no matter what you do, I’ll stay with you.”

Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes twinkled as he looked at the girl in front of him. She had broken through to the first Zun Qi layer, but since she was the weakest one, her abstruse energies were probably level three already.

“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped forwards. He no longer looked like a little boyfriend, but a demon god.

The girls instantly felt cold when they saw Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes. He was destroying their determination.

“Sit down!” said Lin Feng, walking forwards. It was as if the demonic energies had turned into spears and were piercing into the girl’s eyes. She immediately fell down on her bottom and her face became deathly pale.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng calmly. Yi Ren Lei smiled and put her slender white arm around Lin Feng’s arm.

“What’s going on?” asked the girl who was sitting on the ground.

“Demon, demonic eyes!” whispered the girl as if she had understood something.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei went back to her palace where Lin Feng asked, “Is the snow leader your real mother?”

“You guess!” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling and looking back at Lin Feng.

“The emperor has so many sons because he can have as many women as he wants, but those who call the snow leader mother should be her real daughters, they probably share her blood. If you tell me that everyone is the snow leader’s child, I wouldn’t believe it.” said Lin Feng.

“She’s my real mother.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling, but Lin Feng found that smile unnatural. Yi Ren Lei put her hands on Lin Feng neck, he could smell her breath when she said, “She’s evil!”

“I’ll take you to a place I hate.” said Yi Ren Lei, dragging Lin Feng up in the air. On Lin Feng’s right was a tall and erect building, it was the Ice and Snow Shrine. There was also a gigantic glacier.

Yi Ren Lei looked at the Ice and Snow Shrine and then moved towards the glacier. Yi Ren Lei landed on it and Lin Feng followed. They arrived in front of an ice lotus.

“My love, will you pick up that flower for me?”

Lin Feng walked towards the lotus, crouched down, picked it up and gave it to Yi Ren Lei. “Could a woman from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace possibly act like a cute and sophisticated girl too?”

Yi Ren Lei took the lotus and smiled, “There are many glaciers in the Ice and Snow Empire. When I was a child, I liked running on glaciers and picking up lotuses. My father was an ordinary man who liked being on my side and would protect me. At least, until that demon appeared in my world.”

“The snow leader?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed, the snow leader. You saw how beautiful she is, its her hobby to seduce and play with men.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. “She’s a real demon, many men go insane for her, some of them are even ready to die for her.”

“My father waited eight years for her and she only stayed with him for eight days, then she made my father kill himself. Don’t you think that’s evil?” said Yi Ren Lei calmly.

“All those girls are the snow leader’s daughters and they all believe that for the snow leader, men are only tools.” explained Yi Ren Lei.

“I don’t know about the Holy City, but in the Continent of the Nine Clouds and no matter where in it, be it Ba Huang Province or in Jiu You, women are rarely leaders. Not because they’re less talented, but because they are less determined and less cruel. A woman has to be cruel to become an empress. The snow leader is that kind of person, she won’t let anything or anyone influence her, her daughters or men. She has an indomitable will.”

“That’s why you went to Ba Huang Province and became the holy girl of the Heavens of Desire’s Palace.” said Lin Feng. “Do you want to become like the snow leader, have men and then abandon them?”

“No, how could I be like that? How could I abandon or kill a man I love?” said Yi Ren Lei. “I just want to kill one person, the snow leader, but it’s easier said than done. My love, will you help me?”

“Is that why you want to go to the Ice and Snow Shrine?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” said Yi Ren Lei nodding. “In the Ice and Snow Empire, there’s an ancient legend that when a man picks up an ice lotus for a woman, he has to protect her. I’m not asking you to protect me forever, only during these next hundred days. Can you promise me that, my love?”

She slowly approached Lin Feng and released desire abstruse energies, causing Lin Feng to slowly burn on the inside.

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