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PMG Chapter 1338: Destroying Noble Young Men

PMG Chapter 1338: Destroying Noble Young Men

Lin Feng’s attacks had destroyed their determination and restrained their strength. They were starting to go insane.

Once they all released their spirits at the same time, Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared above them.

“Boom boom boom…” energies crashed where Lin Feng was standing a moment before.

“Die!” Lin Feng was still holding his scepter as he shouted furiously. People raised their heads and looked into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes. The crowd then saw a demon silhouette appear who looked particularly proud and evil. The energies of the nine netherworlds demon filled the territory.

“Nine netherworlds song, demon life!”

Lin Feng started singing the song of the nine netherworlds as everybody was staring into his eyes. Everybody was filled with threads of demonic intent, losing control and turning into demons.

“In this world, I am your master and you are my slaves.” said Lin Feng. Those people were shaking uncontrollably.

“No, nobody can control me!” said a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer, trying to regain control of himself.

“Kill him!” said Lin Feng.

“Die, die, die!” The cultivators of the third Zun Qi layer and under all threw themselves at the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer, unable to control themselves

“Die, all of you!” shouted the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer. He had level six ice and snow abstruse energies, easily freezing all those people.

“Slash, slash, slash!” spears made of ice pierced through their bodies and killed them instantly.

The sixth prince was aghast, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would go so far. Did Lin Feng really just break through to the Zun Qi layer?

“Yi Ren Lei, what a pleasant surprise!” said the sixth prince. Yi Ren Lei was smiling as she watched Lin Feng’s battle.

“My love, you’ve received some incredible knowledge from the Netherworld Demon Emperor!” thought Yi Ren Lei. Back in Xue Yue, Yi Ren Lei knew that Lin Feng had received some knowledge from the Netherworld Demon Emperor when he and the Qiong Qi talked to the demon emperor.
Lin Feng watched the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer killing the cultivators he had possessed. Since that cultivator had level six abstruse energies, Lin Feng needed to kill him as fast as possible.

“Soul Cursing!” Lin Feng’s scepter streaked across the sky and turned into a gigantic tree, oppressing the universe.

“Freeze!” shouted that cultivator, releasing their blood strength.

“Curse!” shouted Lin Feng. The ice broke and a demonic tower fell from the sky. It was a holy weapon, the golden tower which Qi Jiao Jiao was imprisoned.

“I already used the Deva-Mara territory as Lin Feng, so I can’t use it now!” thought Lin Feng. Back when he fought against Xue Baguio, he had used the Deva-Mara territory. Even though he was in Jiu You, he had to avoid using it in case somebody had seen his fight outside fortune city.

Besides, that strong cultivator was smarter than the rest, he wasn’t looking in Lin Feng’s eyes. Without demon intent, Lin Feng didn’t have the advantage.

“Consciousness curse!” shouted Lin Feng. Those who weren’t affected by his demon song might be affected if he attacked their consciousness.

“Die!” the demonic tower grew to the size of a palace as it descended from the sky. Horrible shrieks ensued and many people immediately died.

The few who were still alive were surrounded by demonic energies and were struggling. They couldn’t get rid of the nine netherworlds water and the demon intent, it stuck to their skin like glue.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng. They couldn’t get rid of his cursing energies either. Even though they had only been fighting for a short time, they thought they had been fighting for days.

The demon energies corroded their determination again, two people raised their heads and looked into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes again.

“I’m your master, you are my slaves, serve me or die!” the nine netherworlds water surfaced again and destroyed their remaining determination. They submitted and nodded.

“Die!” shouted the two Zun cultivators, immediately attacking the other cultivators around them. A feather fan appeared and lacerated a few people.

“You’re really terrifying!” said Lin Feng.

“You’ve lost your determination, so I can easily kill you now!” said Lin Feng..

“No!” shouted one of the remaining few. He raised his head and looked into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes…

“Lacerate!” said another one, without looking at Lin Feng. A feather fan moved towards Lin Feng with level six abstruse energy.

“Kill him!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Some people moved towards the attacker, making him panic as he immediately recalled his fan.

“Boom boom!” Two kinds of strength collided and Lin Feng smiled.

“Die!” He suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of that cultivator. He had no time to block Lin Feng’s attack now. Lin Feng’s demonic fist punched him square in the face, exploding his head and instantly killing him.

The last one looked at Lin Feng and shook, “No, please…”

“Die!” said Lin Feng, punching the air in his direction again. That person exploded too and Lin Feng was the last one remaining.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t look worried at all, instead her smile was growing larger and larger.

She didn’t expect that he could kill them all!

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