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PMG Chapter 1339: Yi Ren Lei’s Plan

PMG Chapter 1339: Yi Ren Lei’s Plan

Lin Feng descended from the sky and landed on the ground, looking far less like a demon than a moment before.

“Unfortunately, my demon intent is not strong enough still. My demonic abstruse energies are way too weak, I can’t even use the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song properly, otherwise, they would have turned into slaves instantly.” thought Lin Feng.

“I now I can rely on pure demon strength, demonic skills, and territory strength to kill cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer in one strike, but it’s still not enough.” thought Lin Feng. He raised his head and looked at the sixth prince.

“You don’t mind them being dead, do you?” mocked Lin Feng. The sixth convinced looked unperturbed. Lin Feng was convinced that the he had a reason for his confidence. Even if he had only broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer, he was probably the strongest of them all. However, he didn’t seem to be interested in fighting against Lin Feng.

“They were my friends, but you’re my fellow disciple’s boyfriend. I didn’t want to see you battle to death, but since it’s already done, I can only have compassion for them.” said the sixth prince calmly. Someone rose up in the air and appeared in front of the sixth prince, “Your Highness, there are more and more people, we…”

“Just let them pass!” said the sixth prince indifferently. That person nodded and left again.

Lin Feng looked at the sixth prince, he was smiling cruelly. That guy had probably used Lin Feng to get rid of those people.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi appeared.

“Dao He!” Dao Gu looked at Dao He’s body on the ground and his face turned deathly pale.

“My son!”

“Yang Fan!” those people’s faces turned red. The sixth prince had organized a banquet for all the noble people. Those who had just arrived were their family members, and seeing their sons dead on the ground made them furious.

There were corpses everywhere.

“Your Highness!” all of them were infuriated, staring at the sixth prince.

“They had attacked Yi Ren Lei’s boyfriend and he killed them all. I couldn’t do anything to stop it.” said the sixth prince, bowing before them in a respectful way.

He couldn’t do anything?

Lin Feng had killed so many people, but the sixth prince didn’t care at all!


All those people knew that he was being hypocritical. They had heard about Mu Feng before, the sixth prince had obviously used those people to kill Mu Feng.

But in the end, Mu Feng had killed them, so they couldn’t be angry at the sixth prince.

All of them looked at Lin Feng coldly. Surprisingly, it was a cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer. As Unsurprisingly, Yi Ren Lei had chosen an incredibly extraordinary young man.

“Did you kill them?” asked Dao Gu.

“Dao He challenged me to a battle to death, you already knew that.” said Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei flew over to Lin Feng, grabbed his arm and said, “I saw everything, they wanted to kill my lover, but when they attacked him, he defended himself and killed them all. They lost so you can’t do anything, and if you try anything dodgy against him, I guarantee it will have consequences.” said Yi Ren Lei, releasing some cold energies.

Apart from the Dao Clan, there were many other powerful groups. If the snow leader was angry, she really could destroy them, even the ice emperor couldn’t stop her if she got angry.

But if they didn’t kill Lin Feng, then their offspring would have died for nothing.

“Your Highness, Dao He was good to you and the Dao Clan has been good to you. Dao He is dead now, did he die for nothing?” said Dao Gu, his face was read.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t look affected, she held no compassion for them.

“Dao He challenged Lin Feng and my mother accepted the battle. If Dao He had killed Lin Feng, I would have said nothing, but he won and killed Dao He. You have to respect and accept the result of the battle as I have. Go and find my mother if you have anything left to discuss concerning the battle.” said Yi Ren Lei, sounding rather angry.

Yi Ren Lei then dragged Lin Feng and rose up in the air leaving.

Of course, they weren’t going to let Lin Feng off after this.

Yi Ren Lei brought Lin Feng back to her palace and they both burst into laughter.

“My love, you’re amazing.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“My love, can you stop turning me on?” said Lin Feng. He already wanted to make love with her. If he stayed with her his entire life, wouldn’t he turn into an actual pervert?

“It’s an honor for me to turn you on all the time.” said Yi Ren Lei, giggling while caressing Lin Feng’s body.

“What should we do about all those problems?” asked Lin Feng, smiling wryly and forgetting about his desire.

“We can avoid the problem by walking away from it.” said Yi Ren.

“We can avoid the problem by walking away from it?” Lin Feng was speechless, weren’t they supposed to go to the shrine?

“Alright, you already did what you had to do. Just listen to me.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“I wonder why the sixth prince did that?” whispered Lin Feng. All those people were experts at plotting, just like Duan Wu Ya in the past. Lin Feng was starting to think that the sixth prince wanted those people to kill Lin Feng, but in the end it hadn’t happened.

“My fellow disciple doesn’t care about what strangers think about him, he also didn’t care about those people, all he cares about is strength. His goal is to become an emperor and then a great emperor, so what he has to do before that is obtain the most precious treasures from the shrine. He thinks I’m his biggest threat, therefore, his goal is the Ice and Snow Shrine!” said Yi Ren Lei.

“So in the end he wants to fight you and I?”

“Indeed, some other people will also go there.” said Yi Ren Lei. But, the sixth prince musn’t be worried about those other people.

“Today, I let you kill all those people so that the evil woman would accept you!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. If the snow leader accepted Lin Feng, he wouldn’t die!

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  1. Wan Shi Tong May 3, 2018 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    You have Yi Ren Lei call Lin Feng by his real name to Dao Gu, when she should be saying Mu Feng.

    • Suicai99 May 3, 2018 at 6:21 pm - Reply

      Yup. Seems like she’s revealing him. Or was it TL’s oversight?

  2. Just a Reader May 3, 2018 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    “those people were expects at plotting,” were experts

  3. Muffin May 3, 2018 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    (The sixth “emperor” looked unperturbed.) The sixth prince became emperor xD ?

  4. Starface (Xxx) May 13, 2018 at 2:28 am - Reply

    I totally read it right, “his face was read” like a book.

  5. Ezura December 5, 2018 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    Honestly it’s driving me crazy. Can someone please, I beg you, sort out the chapters? Using the next chapter function is so unreliable, it frequently skips chapters or takes you much further from the one you want. It really destroys the immersion and flow!

    • Ezura December 5, 2018 at 10:03 pm - Reply

      The next chapter is apparently 1344 according to the next chapter button.

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