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PMG Chapter 134: He Will Die!

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The young man who came out was Lin Feng.

“It goes so much faster when cultivating within a room on the sixth floor!” thought Lin Feng. A hundred days before, Meng Qing’s cold Qi in the room had been such a shock for him but had helped him reach the peak of the third Ling Qi shortly after when cultivating he had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. His current cultivation was close to reaching the fifth Ling Qi layer.

Of course, Lin Feng understood that sitting in a cultivation room for a hundred days wasn’t all a cultivator had to do to advance. There were many other things a cultivator needed to learn and practice in order to become stronger. Outside of training and practice, there was control of emotions, state of mind, battle experience and life experiences, all of these were necessary to break through to a higher Qi layer. The opposite was true too though, if a cultivator only practiced outside and fought but never cultivated then he also wouldn’t be able to progress. There had to be a balance.

Lin Feng raised his head, glanced at the entire crowd outside of the room and left. He was wondering how Liu Fei’s training had been going since he left her.

When the crowd saw that Lin Feng was leaving, they suddenly felt relieved. However, they all looked to their right then to their left, carefully watching everybody else getting ready to fight them for the room… but that already had nothing to do with Lin Feng any longer.

While Lin Feng was walking to go to the tenth floor, the young man in black was still there waiting. He could feel that the pure Qi coming from the room was getting weaker and weaker. The young man in black had an evil smile and was getting ready to attack the one he thought was in the room. He punched the door once again and made it tremble.

Besides, the young man in black wasn’t worried at all because Lin Feng probably hadn’t become stronger at all. He had been punching at the door of the cultivation room every single day for a hundred days. It was impossible to practice in such conditions.

“Finally, you’re about to come out.” said the young man in black while waiting for Lin Feng to come out.

The door of a cultivation room opened itself automatically when the pure Qi of a room was completely consumed, otherwise people would be stuck inside forever.

The door made a loud rumbling sound and opened itself. Cui Ting and the young man in black only saw a beautiful girl come out of the room.

“It’s you.” said the young man in black as he looked completely stupefied. He was blankly staring at Liu Fei. He had been waiting for a hundred days and suddenly, the person who came out was Lin Feng’s friend… the beautiful young girl.

Liu Fei’s face was thin and pale. She looked so pitiful and was completely exhausted… but her facial expression also revealed fury. She was staring at the young man in black and said: “How impudent.”


The young man in black looked at her with an evil expression. He would have never thought that the person that he had been waiting for three months was the wrong one… No wonder the person inside hadn’t reacted to his insults. If it had been Lin Feng, he probably would have come out.

“Since it’s you and not your friend, I will take you with me. You will have to suffer in his place.” said the young man in black with a perverted look. He was fixedly staring at Liu Fei’s body and found her extremely alluring. He also thought that her angry expression made her even more attractive. He felt quite excited while looking at her.

“Hehe, if he gave you the room, it means that you must be very intimate. If I have a taste of you, he will definitely go insane.” said the young man in black with the same evil expression on his face.

Cui Ting glanced at him. He really despised the young man in black. He was definitely the son of a concubine, incapable of controlling himself when facing a beautiful woman. What a humiliation for Hei Mo to share the same blood as this degenerate.

But Cui Ting said nothing. After all, Hei Mo and he still shared the same blood. He couldn’t attack him even if he wanted to.

When Liu Fei heard what the young man in black said, she looked disgusted.

“How impudent… disgusting.”

“You already said that once but because you like those words so much, I will show you what it’s like to be impudent. That cultivation room is quite big, isn’t it? It will be perfect to accommodate the both of us. When your friend comes back he will see us both in an embrace, loving each other, it will be a wonderful moment.” said the young man in black with a huge smile on his face. Cui Ting was stunned.

At that moment, the young man in black felt an extreme chill run down his spine. A freezing cold Qi surrounded his body and applied heavy pressure.

He turned his head and saw Lin Feng who was releasing the strong Qi.

The young man in black had been looking forward to seeing Lin Feng but at that moment when he was standing before him, the young man in black remained speechless.

Lin Feng was slowly walking towards Liu Fei. When he passed the young man in black, it seemed like he didn’t intend to take notice of him at all.

However, Lin Feng simply walked past him and with his back facing the young man in black, he said: “Asshole.”

The young man in black could feel his hatred boiling inside his heart. His heart was filled with wrath and hatred. Lin Feng was humiliating him too much, not even looking at him and insulting him like that. He wanted to kill Lin Feng but he didn’t dare attack him… he knew that he wasn’t strong enough. He was just hoping that Cui Ting would be able to do it for him.

“Bastard. I will make you pay for your hundred days worth of crimes.” said Liu Fei to Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t know what she had gone through. Her eyes were filled with hatred and suffering.

Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei with a wry smile on his face. He hadn’t never thought that the young man in black would be so shameless.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and gently caressed Liu Fei’s face, he wanted to let her know that everything would be alright now he was here.

When Liu Fei felt Lin Feng’s hand on her face, she felt her legs go weak and she had slightly lost her balance. Lin Feng was being so tender and affectionate towards her.

The sadness and anger she was feeling suddenly were replaced by tender warmth.

Liu Fei’s mother had died when she was still young. Her father had been fighting in every corner of the country and didn’t have time to take care of her. At that moment, she thought that Lin Feng was being incredibly gentle and caring towards her. She felt the warmth she had been longing for, her whole life.

“I’ll handle this myself.” said Lin Feng to Liu Fei who was feeling nervous at the current situation. She quickly started to rearrange her messy hair when she realised what she must have looked like.

Lin Feng smiled and immediately turned around.

The warm smile on his face suddenly vanished and was replaced with a piercingly cold glare.

“This guy is strong.” thought Cui Ting while looking at Lin Feng. He then moved closer to the young man in black. He wanted to prevent him from fighting against Lin Feng whose face was filled with killing intent.

“I don’t really enjoy dirtying my sword with the blood of people like you, but since you have insisted, you will be the first person I kill at the Celestial Academy.” At that moment, Lin Feng slowly unsheathed his soft sword. It was diffusing a sharp silver glow.

When the young man in black heard Lin Feng, he was terrified and started moving backwards. He then hid behind Cui Ting.

“What a pathetic little boy. You’re truly a piece of shit!” said Liu Fei to the young man in black when she saw that he was hiding behind Cui Ting.

How had the situation become like this? He had been harassing Liu Fei, thinking that it was Lin Feng for three months… and had then he tried to humiliate Liu Fei to make Lin Feng angry… but now that Lin Feng had arrived, he was scared to death.

When he heard Liu Fei’s words, he felt extremely humiliated but didn’t reply. He hated his own actions as well. Why was he so scared when in front of Lin Feng?

“You cannot kill him.” said Cui Ting who was standing in front of the young man with black.

“He will die.” said Lin Feng taking a step forward. He released an incredible amount of sword force which created whirlwinds in the air, accompanied by whistling sounds as it pierced the atmosphere. The sword force was also filled with an extreme cold.

“Sword force.” Cui Ting’s pupils shrank. Not only was that guy using sword force but the young man in black had been wrong. He had said that Lin Feng was of the third Ling Qi layer but it seemed like he was at least the fourth Ling Qi layer.

“What a piece of trash!” thought Cui Ting about the young man in black. He was still very confident in his abilities as people who could defeat him were not numerous… but he knew that it didn’t mean he was invincible.

Cui Ting didn’t feel like fighting against a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer who could use sword force. He was sure that he had no chance of coming out alive if he was to fight against Lin Feng.

The difference in power between a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer who could use sword force and one who couldn’t was too huge.

“Get lost.” Lin Feng who was dragging the tip of his soft sword against the solid tower floor which diffused a sharp metallic noise. He looked extremely murderous at this moment.

Cui Ting could feel that the sword force was growing even more intense. He was persuaded that he wouldn’t be able to fight against Lin Feng. Lin Feng had released such an incredible amount of sword force already. He was terrified and wondering how a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer could already control so much force to perfection.

“I am not as strong as you and I cannot protect him. But you still cannot kill him.” said Cui Ting remaining motionless. He was nervously staring at Lin Feng.

The young man in black was stupefied. Cui Ting was unable to protect him? He wasn’t as strong as him?

The young man in black was furious.

“Today, nobody can save him.” said Lin Feng while a freezing Qi emerged from his body. He stepped forward and thrust his sword through the air.

Cui Ting, when he felt the power of the attack, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Cui Ting immediately moved aside. He knew that he would never be able to resist the power of that attack so the only thing he could do was dodge.

Even though Hei Mo wouldn’t agree, Cui Ting also knew that Hei Mo wouldn’t want both of them die together, especially if he knew what the situation was so dire. He probably wouldn’t blame him for dodging such a powerful attack.

Cui Ting moved aside and the young man in black was at the mercy of Lin Feng’s sword. The young man in black had the feeling that his death was growing closer.

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