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PMG Chapter 1340: The Future Ice and Snow Goddess?

PMG Chapter 1340: The Future Ice and Snow Goddess?

“For the snow leader to accept me?” Lin Feng smiled. The world of cultivation was full of strategies and rules.

Even though Yi Ren Lei hated the snow leader, she still played by her rules.

“If I hadn’t gone to kill them, some people would have come to kill me?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course, Dao He is a good example. Before going to the shrine, the snow leader wouldn’t have let you off, but since you proved your strength, she won’t annoy us anymore.” said Yi Ren Lei, in a seductive whisper. Her face was close to Lin Feng’s, her lips even brushed against Lin Feng’s lips.

“My love, take me in your arms and let’s go inside.” said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng couldn’t control himself, he immediately took her in his arms and walked into the room, carrying her. Quickly after, her moans could be heard from outside.

That night, two dark silhouettes flew towards the shrine.

As they made it to the front of Yi Ren Lei’s palace and entered it, there was nobody there. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei had disappeared.


Ten days later.. There was another state called the Ice Mountain Empire which was very far from the Ice and Snow Empire. It was a medium level empire with ice covering everything. The entire empire was an iceberg.

In the very north of the country, there was a glacier where nobody normally resided. There was a small mountain range with desolate stones, two people were staying there, using the ice as a bed, and making love.

After a long time, they were still lying down on the ice, like statues. They were both in each other’s arms.

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” said Yi Ren Lei. Her legs were on Lin Feng, caressing him.

Lin Feng looked at her and sighed. He wasn’t worried about Yi Ren Lei falling in love with him, he was worried because he was completely crazy about her.

“Stay with me forever then.” said Lin Feng, caressing her skin and enjoying her beautiful body.

“I can’t. I have to walk my own path, my love. You should understand, you’re the same. Besides, I’m an adept at desire cultivation.” said Yi Ren Lei, giggling. Lin Feng had many women, Meng Qing, a beautiful celestial girl, Yue Xin…

“What path?” asked Lin Feng, sighing.

“Are you afraid that I would practice desire cultivation with other people?” asked Yi Ren Lei, jumping on top of Lin Feng. Then, she lied on him and smiled at him.

“My love, if I decide to practice desire cultivation, how would you react?” asked Yi Ren Lei, rubbing herself against Lin Feng softly.

Lin Feng shivered, quickly turned himself around and jumped on top of her.

“If you do that, I will kill every man that you know.” said Lin Feng, his eyes were filled with murder. Yi Ren Lei shivered. Kill every man she knew?

She put her arms around Lin Feng and caressed his back, “Make love to me again!”

“Mmh!” Yi Ren Lei moaned, they were both on fire.

After making love to her, Lin Feng said, “I’ll show you something.”

“Alright.” Yi Ren Lei nodding.

Lin Feng took out a bronze mirror, “Try and use it.”

“What’s that?” asked Yi Ren Lei, she sounded skeptical. That was an ancient mirror, but it looked ordinary.

“Try and activate it.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know what it was either. He had seen something inside, but didn’t know if it was showing him the past or the future.

If Yi Ren Lei tried it, maybe he’d learn something.

Yi Ren Lei took the mirror and released energies, but nothing happened.

“Wait for me.” Lin Feng consulted his celestial book spirit inside his body and released a page.

“Demonic Bodhi tree!” Yi Ren Lei was amazed when she inspected the demonic territory. What was that place with the demon Bodhi tree?

“Four seasons ancient tree!”

Yi Ren Lei’s eyes twinkled, she smiled and said, “My love, you have so many secrets!”

“Look at the mirror!” Lin Feng brought Yi Ren Lei to the demonic field and put the mirror in front of her. In a flash, a Qi emerged from the mirror and something appeared in front of Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei.

They both shivered. The image was a woman, she looked like an ice-goddess.

“That’s… me in the future?” Yi Ren Lei said shivering. Was she going to turn into an ice empress?

“The Diviner told you that you’d have to decide what you wanted to do with your life!” said Lin Feng. He felt happy. If Yi Ren Lei didn’t choose to practice desire cultivation, she’d become an ice goddess.

“My love, are you falling in love with me?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. She was skeptical about his motivation to show her this.

“What do you think?” said Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei put her arms around him and smiled, “If you kill all the men I know, then during this lifetime, I’ll have only one man, even if it was only for a hundred days!”

“And can you show me your future, my love?” said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng nodded and shifted himself in front of the mirror. A terrifying demon appeared in front of Yi Ren Lei, he was holding a sword and looking at the sky in a disdainful way.

“If that’s really our future, then you’re going to become a demon god and I’ll become an ice goddess. What will happen then?” asked Yi Ren Lei, smiling.

“I’ll make love to you roughly!” said Lin Feng, laughing. Yi Ren Lei giggled in return.

“My love, put it away. We only have twenty days, so we can’t waste any time.” said Yi Ren Lei, jumping back on top of Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and put everything away. There were thirty more days until the meeting of the emperors, and Lin Feng didn’t know what was happening in the Ba Huang Province.

And what about Meng Qing and Yue Xin?

Lin Feng wasn’t worried about Meng Qing, she would remain practicing cultivation in Tiantai. Mu Chen also knew Lin Feng was fine, so he’d tell Meng Qing. However, Lin Feng was worried about Yue Xin. Had she chosen to continue practicing mercilessness cultivation? Had she decided to go and kill the people from the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle? She probably wasn’t strong enough for that!

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