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PMG Chapter 1344: Pure Power!

PMG Chapter 1344: Pure Power!

“A gigantic hand which came from the sky?” Lin Feng repeated. That sounded like a terrifying cultivator, a cultivation emperor at least. Why would such a terrifying cultivator take Duan Feng away?

“When that strong cultivator talked to you, was he nice or mean?” asked Lin Feng. He hoped Duan Feng was still safe for they were good friends. Duan Feng was a pure and kind-hearted young man. Jing Yun used to be Duan Feng’s servant, but Duan Feng had always considered her a sister.

“I don’t think he was mean. Such a strong cultivator couldn’t be angry at Duan Feng anyways, and even if he had meant us harm, he could have killed me easily.” said Jing Yun. Lin Feng nodded, he was relieved.

Many members from the Mo Clan arrived as they were talking, glaring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed so many of their people, he had destroyed their clan.

Lin Feng glanced at them and looked at Mo Yun Yao, “Can your grandfather keep your clan under control?”

Mo Yun Yao nodded and said: “All the people you killed were senior officials of the Mo Clan. My grandfather and my father were also imprisoned because they didn’t want me to be chained. If they were released, my grandfather would be the strongest cultivator of the clan.”

“Alright. Go and release your grandfather, from now on, I hope your grandfather can be the ruler of the Mo Clan.” said Lin Feng calmly. Mo Yun Yao nodded and said to Jing Yun, “Jing Yun, I’m off.”

Mo Yun Yao then walked towards the Mo Yun Yao and Lin Feng looked at him, then at Jing Yun and said, “Jing Yun, do you want to stay with Mo Yun Yao? If you don’t want to, I can take you away.”

Jing Yun looked at Lin Feng and lowered her head, “He’s good to me and he risked his life for me.”

“Alright, here are some things you can use to practice cultivation. If you want to give him something, you can, but don’t give him everything. After all, Mo Yun Yao has many people on his side.” said Lin Feng, giving a ring to Jing Yun.

“I will help you solve the remaining problems. Let’s wait until the Narang Clan comes though.” said Lin Feng. The Narang Clan wasn’t going to let Jing Yun off after that.

Lin Feng didn’t have to wait for too long. In the distance, some people appeared riding gigantic Zun level beasts. There were so many that they blotted out the sky. The beast at the front was a level four Zun beast and a middle-aged man was on its back. He looked like Narang Yu, so it was probably General Narang.

In Jiu You, empires fought and it was normal. Therefore, a general was very important, it was a very high social status actually. General Narang was the great general of the Ice Mountain Empire and he was very famous. He had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer with some assistants who had also broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer. In other words, apart from the emperor, the Narang Clan was the most powerful influential group in the Ice Mountain Empire.

At that moment, General Narang and the Zun level beast landed on the ground and looked at the crowd in a despising way.

Lin Feng looked at them, inspecting their powerful army.

“General Narang!” said someone in the distance. A person wearing an ice and snow imperial robe and riding a beast showed up. They also had guards and their Qi was incredible.

“Your Highness!” said General Narang while bowing respectfully.

“His Majesty showed up, they must have learnt about what happened as well.” thought the crowd.

Mo Yun Yao had already released his father and grandfather, but when his father arrived and saw those people, he looked petrified.

“General Narang, I also heard what happened, I’m so sorry.” said the prince, sounding apologetic.

General Narang nodded and said, “Your Highness, I need to solve the problem.”

The general then turned around and said coldly, “Liu Yun, go and kill them!” said General Narang. Someone on an beast replied, “Everybody, get ready to slaughter them.”

Then, he jumped off the beast and descended from the sky. Everybody suddenly felt cold, the weaker cultivators from the Mo Clan were instantly covered with a layer of ice.

Lin Feng immediately released energies and jumped towards the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer.

“Boom!” Sword lights appeared and the ice energies that person had released immediately broke apart. The general was surprised when he saw the sword Qi. That cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer was strong, strong enough that they had to destroy him, otherwise he would be problematic.

All the strong cultivators in the air sensed Lin Feng’s energies and frowned. However, they were convinced that with a difference of four levels and level five abstruse energies, they could easily oppress him.

The cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer was also convinced that he could easily win. “Die!” More cold energies moved towards Lin Feng.

“Vayu Death!” said Lin Feng. He had four different types of abstruse energies fuse together.

“Slash…” the ice continued breaking. At the same time, blood splashed. The cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer was cut into two and exploded.

A cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer had just been crushed with one sword strike.

An eerie silence filled the scene.

General Narang was astonished, trying to judge Lin Feng. That sword technique was too fast and too powerful. It contained empty space and wind abstruse energies, so it was difficult to dodge.

After Lin Feng killed that person, he continued rising up in the air, looking at the strong cultivators in front of him.

“Does the imperial power of this place want to get involved too?” said Lin Feng proudly, looking at the prince in a disdainful way.

“How insolent!” said the prince. Even though his guards couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but act upset.

“I’ll give you ten seconds.” said Lin Feng, looking at them in a disdainful way.

“Where are you from?” asked the prince to Lin Feng.

“The Ice and Snow Empire!” said Lin Feng. No wonder he was so strong! The Ice and Snow Empire was one of the strongest empires in Jiu You.

The prince was shivered. Even his family was afraid of the people from the Ice and Snow Empire. They could easily kill everyone in a medium level empire such as theirs.

“General Narang, only you can solve this issue  it seems.” said the prince. The general was petrified, even the prince of the empire didn’t dare offend that young man!

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    How many absture energy lvl are there ?

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      Pretty sure there are 9 levels.

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    Thank you!

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    “Mo Yun Yao then walked towards the Mo Yun Yao” its probaby the mo clan or something
    and whats “Vayu Death”? i now an attack but whats the translation background. I would like to know more about it.

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