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PMG Chapter 1346: Shrine Opening

PMG Chapter 1346: Shrine Opening

In the Ice and Snow Empire, many had gathered on a gigantic glacier, hoping that they would be able to go there someday.

Everyone in the empire would have that opportunity if they grew strong enough.

Inside the gigantic castle, many young men looked excited.. On the day after, the shrine would open!

The snow leader was an exception. Some people even said she was a real demon because the men she had sex with, all died afterwards.

That night, the surroundings were calm, but many people couldn’t sleep peacefully. They were practicing cultivation or collecting treasures to prepare for the shrine. The shrines were not only filled with treasures, they also housed danger for anyone entering. Many people never came out after entering the shrine.

There were two silhouettes above the shrine, sneakily entering Yi Ren Lei’s palace and hiding their Qi so that nobody could see them.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to the Ice and Snow Shrine, my love. Protect me!” said Yi Ren Lei, sitting on her soft mattress next to Lin Feng. She was caressing Lin Feng and opening his shirt.

“What is there inside?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. Last time the shrine opened, which was a hundred years ago, those who came out became incredible cultivators and leaders. They’re all at least cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer now. Only the imperial family knows what is inside, but the snow leader didn’t tell me that much.” said Yi Ren Lei, jumping onto Lin Feng and tearing his clothes apart.

Lin Feng turned around and let Yi Ren Lei give him a massage, “Why do you want to go to the shrine that badly?”

“The twelve shrines have existed since the antiquity, and emperors can’t enter the shrines. Can you imagine what kind of people can go there?” asked Yi Ren Lei while taking off her clothes. She was sitting on Lin Feng, her hands were wrapped around his neck.

“You demon!” said Lin Feng, throwing Yi Ren Lei on the bed and jumping on top of her. He was holding her firmly as he said, “Do you think there will be a great emperor or a deity?”

“Why do you need to think about that? We’ll know when we get inside. For now, make me become your goddess!” said Yi Ren Lei. Then, Lin Feng started making love to her again. It might be the last time they’d make love together. Nobody knew what would happen after the shrine and after the shrine, they’d go back to Ba Huang and the hundred days would have passed.
Everyone was waiting at the entrance of the Ice and Snow Shrine, dreaming about the treasures inside.

Even the ice emperor and the snow leader were there, but they looked solemn and respectful in front of everyone else.

“Is everybody here?” asked the ice emperor, glancing at everyone, especially the young men wearing imperial robes who stood at the front.

“We’re all here I suppose.” said the sixth prince, indifferently.

“Brother, do you mean that I shouldn’t be included?” said Yi Ren Lei in the distance.

Many people looked at them coldly. Lin Feng had killed so many people last time. Amongst the people he had killed, many of them were supposed to come to the shrine. Their clans had assigned them a spot, but since they were dead, their clans had assigned the spots to other outstanding disciples.

“No woman has ever been in the shrine. Yi Ren, you’re going to be the first one so of course you shouldn’t be here.” said the sixth prince. His voice sounded sharp, not hiding his hatred of her.

“Brother, is the ice and snow goddess a woman or a man?” asked Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“All I care about are the rules created by the empire.” said the sixth prince.

“I understand the rules better than you. Since the ice and snow goddess is a woman, I think only women should go inside.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling firmly. No matter, she looked excited to be the first woman to go inside.

“Are you sure you won’t have any problems inside?” asked the sixth prince. “Sister, don’t dream too highly, otherwise you’ll be disappointed. You’re not the first woman to go inside anyways.”

“Is that so?” said Yi Ren Lei, looking at the shrine and then at the snow leader. The snow leader never said that, but the sixth prince didn’t sound like he was lying.

“No matter if a girl has been inside before or not, it doesn’t matter. You’re the most determined daughter I have, both you and I are very similar, so I chose you. Many of your sisters are much stronger than you, but I believe you’re the best. No matter whether you’re a virgin or not, deities don’t care about that.” said the snow leader to Yi Ren Lei, using telepathy.

Yi Ren Lei nodded, but didn’t say anything. A light appeared and surrounded the shrine.

“Boom boom boom…” the gigantic gate of the shrine opened itself.

Lin Feng didn’t look at the palace, he looked at the lights. It wasn’t the ice emperor or the snow leader who opened the shrine, it opened itself automatically. Who controlled those things though?

“Do the other shrines in the other empires of Jiu You open themselves every hundred years?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed.” said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng was so curious. Fortune Shrine didn’t follow that pattern.

And why had the meeting of the emperors been postponed? Why was it taking place after the opening of the shrines? What was the connection between the meeting of the emperors and Jiu You?

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