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PMG Chapter 1352: Thinking about Life

PMG Chapter 1352: Thinking about Life

Other may have been concerned, but Lin Feng was excited. That was a pure kind of fire.

“Come out!” A light emerged from Lin Feng’s hand and his Tian Ji sword crossed the fire world.

His Tian Ji Sword had souls, it could swallow fire energies and condense them to create a soul.

“In this Ice and Snow Shrine, there seem to be different worlds with different tests. If you fail the tests, you die,but if you succeed, you’ll become stronger.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling at Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng used his full strength, he could even make cultivators of the fifth Zun Qi layer go insane.

“There are nine floors in the Ice and Snow Shrine and we’re on the fifth floor. Does that mean we have to go up floor by floor? What will we find on the next floors?” whispered Lin Feng. The test on the previous floor was about determination, what did the test of the fifth floor consist of?

“Let’s sit and see.” Then, both Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei sat down, surrounded by fire.

Most of the people there were ice cultivators, so the previous floor hadn’t surprised them. However, that floor possessed a powerful fire which wasn’t suitable for them.

Lin Feng began using his cosmos-burning sun technique. Fire surrounded his body as he absorbed the fire Qi. The cosmos-burning sun technique was a Tian level scripture, so even though it wasn’t as strong as ancient scriptures, it was still quite powerful.

However, as Lin Feng absorbed fire, he felt cold and sensed ice-cold energies surrounding him. He stopped and opened his eyes, looking at Yi Ren Lei.

“Did you sense that too?” asked Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and touched her hand, she was sweating, but she felt cold.

“An ice world can also become a fire world, what does that mean?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” at that moment, a dazzling light lit the sky. Everybody raised their heads, but they couldn’t see through the light.

“That’s a one-paged book!” thought Lin Feng. There was a mysterious Qi flowing throughout the book and it contained marks and words. It looked a little like the three lives scriptures and the Ten Thousand Things of Creation Scriptures.

“That’s moon and sun dual Qi!” thought Lin Feng. Moon and sun energies were flowing throughout the book, changing and flashing. The fire in the book turned into ice, and then the ice turned to fire again.

Fire, ice, impermanence, the four seasons.

“The moon exists because of the sun and vice versa, water exists because of the fire and vice versa.” thought Lin Feng. Was that the lesson of the fifth floor?

The moon and the sun were interdependent, the same applied to fire and ice. Ice could burn like fire.

The crowd looked at the book, but they were smart, none of them tried to steal it. It was probably difficult to obtain, and even if they took it, they might burn to death anyways.

“Let’s see what kind of ancient scripture that is.” said someone rising up. He looked at the book, but it seemed to contain ordinary scriptures, so he wasn’t that interested. He came from a rich clan who had their own ancient scriptures.

A gigantic hand made of ice moved towards the book, however, as soon as it touched the book, that person was propelled backwards. The gigantic hand broke apart and the cultivator’s very hand burnt. It was half burnt, half frozen, actually.

“Ah…” he gave a horrible shriek and shook his hand violently, trying to get rid of the pain.

Crackling sound ensued as he used his blood strength to heal, but it didn’t work. Even though Zun cultivators could use their blood to heal and could even grow new body parts again, if the injuries were too serious, they couldn’t completely heal.

After that person lost his arm, the fire continued to attack him, piercing him through his wound.

“No need to pay attention to that book right now. You need to understand both fire and ice Qi to take it.” said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei using telepathy.

Yi Ren Lei nodded. She was wondering how to resist those energies herself.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei sat down and looked at the fire and ice energies in the air. A light appeared in Lin Feng’s head.

He thought about another kind of abstruse energy, life abstruse energy!

Life abstruse energy was a special kind of abstruse energy, everybody relied on it just to live.

The moon and the sun, fire and ice were interconnected, but what about life?

The opposite of life was death.

Human beings had limits because their vitality slowly faded. Death slowly replaced life along a person’s life.

“My life energy can’t be used to save people, or extend my life expectancy, or stay young forever. In the cultivation world, there is no complete and independent abstruse energy.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes slowly turned pitch-black again. He was pensive.

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    Thank you

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    If you fail the tests, you die,but if you succeed, you’ll become stronger.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling at Lin Feng.
    die,but needs a space.

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    Has he completely stopped cultivating his ice energy?

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      i dont think lin feng ever even had any snow or ice energy the only timei remember lin feng using ice is back when his dragon spirit absorbed meng quings ice qi but back then he could on have one sprit at a time and he replaced ice spirit with purple dragon

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