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PMG Chapter 1354: Massacre

PMG Chapter 1354: Massacre

Even more people were arriving in that hall. Three more batches of people appeared, now making around six hundred people.

The sixth prince looked at Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei in a disdainful way, thinking about how he could kill them.

“Boom boom boom!” the palace started shaking violently. A gigantic statue landed a thousand meters away from them.

“That’s the statue of the Ice and Snow Goddess!” thought some people. She was holding a scepter and there was a door with an entrance on the statue.

Someone appeared in front of the Ice and Snow Goddess, another envoy.

“Welcome to the entrance of the shrine.” said the envoy, smiling indifferently.

“You must go through the Ice and Snow Goddess’ door to see if you are worthy of bathing in her divine lights. Those who are on the seventh floor and above could immediately bathe in her lights and already received her blessings. If you go through that door, you’ll be able to see them as well.” explained the envoy.

What was the seventh floor? It meant that some cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer could defeat cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. The eighth floor meant that a cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer could defeat a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. Did such people exist?

“What’s this place? Who are those people?” thought Lin Feng. In the Ba Huang Province, he had seen many geniuses. Inside here, he realized that there were many more people who were stronger than him, but where were they from?

“Of course, I have some bad news too. The number of people who can bathe in the goddess’ lights is limited. Only nine of you will be selected.” said the envoy, smiling.

Many people were panicking. They knew that they were a lot weaker than some of the people there.

“Will people be eliminated through battles? How cruel would that be. So many incredible geniuses would die.” thought some of the weaker cultivators in the crowd.

“I have already chosen those nine people!” said the envoy. People were astonished again, what was going on? He had already chosen nine people?! Did that mean those who weren’t chosen wouldn’t have the chance to see the seventh floor?!

“Of course, you managed to make it here which means you are all outstanding young people. I don’t want you to lose your life easily, but I also don’t want you to have no chance at all. You can make your own decisions.” said the envoy slowly.

Then, a light illuminated someone in the crowd. He looked tall and sturdy, his biceps stood out from the rest of his body. It was the young man with whom Lin Feng had talked to. He was the first person the envoy had chosen.

“You, come out.” said the envoy. The young man walked forwards and looked at the envoy.

The envoy shook his hand and a path between the young man and the statue of the goddess appeared. Then, he shook his hand again and a horizontal line appeared a thousand meters behind him.

“Everyone stand behind the line!” said the envoy. The crowd formed behind the line. Only the young man was left, standing on the path leading to the door.

“What’s the opportunity?”

“Now, I will choose ten people. You all will try to kill him, preventing him from going inside. If you lose, he’ll go through the door. That’s pretty obvious. If one of you manages to kill him though, the one who kills him will replace him and be one of the nine selected candidates.” said the envoy.

“When I pick you, you can walk ahead. Only ten people, but if you break the rules, I’ll kill you.” said the envoy calmly. Nobody doubted that. Inside the shrine, he was the boss. Everybody moved back and waited. If someone was too slow, they might run ahead when ten people had already made it, which would mean they violated the rules.

“Start!” shouted the envoy. Instantly, a few people ran as fast as they could. Thirty-forty people moved at the same time, but then they remembered what the envoy said, and decided to move back.

“The strongest people didn’t move!” thought Lin Feng, glancing around. The girl in black clothes didn’t move. Maybe they were confident that they were going to be selected by the envoy personally.

“Attack!” said the envoy. In a flash, Qi rose to the skies. All the cultivators were well prepared.

“Argh…” someone shouted furiously. Their souls shook, their blood boiled.. That was a dragon chant.

“Lalala…” Lin Feng’s blood was boiling, as if a dragon was getting furious. The tall and sturdy young man punched the air in front of him. Then, shadow-like fists appeared everywhere around him.

“Slash, slash, slash…” a few people were immediately destroyed. He killed six of the ten people in the blink of an eye.
The nine people the Envoy had chosen were probably all extraordinary.

“That guy could have gone straight to the fifth or sixth floor, but he chose the fourth floor.” thought Lin Feng. Then, two more people died.

“Die!” the faces of the last two opponents were red. They couldn’t use holy weapons in there, instead, they had to rely on themselves, blood strength, spirit, and skills. One cultivator with ice and snow energies attacked the tall and sturdy young man, his energies surrounded him.

“Die!” the tall and sturdy young man jumped forwards and punched the air in the direction of his opponents again. The one in front of him exploded, leaving the cultivator with ice and snow energies.

“Argh…” the tall and sturdy young man suddenly turned into a gigantic ice dragon, hundreds of meters long.

“Roar!” the gigantic ice dragon immediately swallowed his opponent’s spirit and landed in front of the Ice and Snow Goddess. He turned back into a human and glanced at the crowd in a despising way. Then he crossed the door!

“An ice and snow dragon, a real dragon!” the crowd was astonished. It was no wonder he had been chosen first, he had a real dragon body!

Lin Feng was shaking, it was the first time he had seen a real dragon!

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