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PMG Chapter 1357: Terrifying Battle

PMG Chapter 1357: Terrifying Battle

Lin Feng was struggling though. Even though he used the silver wings and the dragon to protect himself, he was still oppressed.

He put some life water in his mouth and sensed his vitality returning to him. He also released life abstruse energies to expedite the recovery.

“We have to be extremely cautious, we could die while trying to kill him!” said the sixth prince. If Lin Feng’s energies ever reached them, they might not survive a single strike.

“The last spot is definitely mine!” said someone. A layer of ice and snow surrounded that person’s body, like an armor.

That person had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer and his ice abstruse energy was probably level seven. Lin Feng would have to release his strongest sword energies to break that person’s ice armor.

“That’s equivalent to a high-level holy weapon!” thought the crowd. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as that person ran towards Lin Feng.

“Gloomy Ancient Cauldron!” shouted a cultivator furiously. A gigantic cauldron appeared in the air, the same one from before.

“Freeze!” a cultivator ran towards Lin Feng. His cultivation level was even higher at the sixth Zun Qi layer. It was the highest cultivation level allowed in the shrine. His ice energies contained holy marks which prevented Lin Feng from escaping.

Lin Feng looked at that cultivator and released demonic energies. Demonic clouds appeared three hundred meters up in the air as Lin Feng raised his head. A silhouette was condensing behind him, forming into a demon. Ice energies were flowing out of the cauldron above Lin Feng’s head, but they couldn’t freeze the demonic Qi.

The demon used an incredible agility technique, as his pitch-black hands moved towards a cultivator of the three Zun Qi layer.

“Roar!” the demon roared, making that person shake violently. After that, a gigantic hand moved towards him, destroying everything in its way. Then, the hand crushed him brutally.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at someone. A gigantic hand appeared again and another person died.

“Kaboom!” The gloomy cauldron hit Lin Feng’s back. The wind was knocked out of him and he felt like he was going to explode.

At the same time, an icy whip descended from the sky.

Lin Feng raised his demonic hands and grabbed the whip. The whip released ice energies, but Lin Feng released sword Qi and destroyed the whip.

“Whistling Celestial River!” shouted the sixth prince as he landed in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed that the cauldron was attacking him again.

“Die!” The cultivator with his ice armor punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction.

“Roar…” Lin Feng shouted furiously. His hair was covered with ice and his sword Qi broke.

“Die!” a sword light appeared and pierced through the sky, lacerating two people on the way.

Blood splashed out of Lin Feng’s mouth, his face was white, his blood was starting to freeze. Even his life water couldn’t heal him anymore.

“Death Curse!” said Lin Feng, looking at a cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer. Death Qi penetrated into that person’s bones and corroded his body, making him turn black, then collapsing. He was dead.

“Die!” Xuan Yuan’s battle ax moved towards a cultivator who had also released their spirit. The Earth and sky were filled with ice and snow as the battle ax immediately broke apart.

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng’s arm collided with the one with the ice armor, breaking some of his bones. He crashed into the ground, but rose up again.

“Piss off!” shouted the sixth prince furiously. Lin Feng shouted at the same time and released soundwave energies. He was staring at him with his demonic eyes, making the sixth prince shudder.

“Die!” shouted a demon’s voice, resonating in the sixth prince’s brain, and slowly draining his determination.

“Save me!” shouted the sixth prince. He sensed that he was in danger, that Lin Feng was going to kill him.

Nobody helped him, his few fellow disciples were there to fight Lin Feng, not to help him. They watched as Lin Feng’s gigantic hand moved towards his head.

“No… I don’t want to die!” shouted the sixth prince. He wanted to release his spirit, but Lin Feng was too fast. His skull exploded. The sixth prince was dead.

“Kaboom!” While Lin Feng crushed the sixth prince’s head, he sensed an icy-hand attacking his back. The demonic silhouette moved again.

“He’s still not dying!” thought the crowd. Had Lin Feng studied… imperial scriptures?

“Die!” abstruse energies turned into an ice and snow spear, which aimed for Lin Feng’s throat. Lin Feng turned around and saw that spear heading towards him. He quickly released sword energies to block it.

“Slash…” the ice spear was propelled back in the direction of that cultivator’s throat, along with the sword. It pierced his throat, and that person collapsed. Then, someone else appeared: Yi Ren Lei.

“Be careful!” shouted Lin Feng. An icy-hand appeared behind Yi Ren Lei as Lin Feng ran towards her to catch her.

“Ice curse!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The ice melted, and at the same time, he released sword energies to cut the attacker in two. Thee punch crashed onto Yi Ren Lei’s back, trying to freeze her.

“Spiritual Cursing Technique!” shouted Lin Feng. A corpse on the ground suddenly stood up. It had been cut in two, but as it rose, its lower and upper parts joined together. At the same time, Lin Feng ran and released sword energies. He killed one person, but ice energies penetrated into his body. He suddenly felt ice-cold, and his demonic energies weakened.

“Death Curse!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing more cursing energies and demonic Qi. Someone who was running towards him suddenly felt like he was going to die.

“Slash…” a sword lacerated someone and cut off another person’s arm.

Yi Ren Lei hugged him and smiled at him in a seductive way. He had been caught in an illusion.

Then, Yi Ren Lei released ice abstruse energies and slit their throat.

“Die stupid woman!” shouted someone. Imperial Qi rolled in waves towards Yi Ren Lei. It was one of the princes from the Ice and Snow Empire.

Yi Ren Lei ran using abstruse energies, but the attack still reached her and sent her flying away. At the same time, Lin Feng who had just killed someone was suddenly slapped by the one who had the ice armor. His demon silhouette was destroyed and he was propelled away. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei crashed onto a wall, buried under some snow.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei joined hands and had already killed twenty people, but there were still nine people left!

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