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PMG Chapter 1360: Twelve Shrines

PMG Chapter 1360: Twelve Shrines

Lin Feng continued releasing demonic intent and condensed it in his hand. Then he slapped his opponent, injecting demonic intent into his opponent’s body. The attacker’s body suddenly turned black.

“Let me go!” shouted that cultivator.

“Kill!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released even more strength and attacked the opponent’s body. Cracking sounds were heard as his bones broke.

“They’re all dead.” the crowd in the distance shivered.

Lin Feng landed next to Yi Ren Lei who was still smiling. He poured some life water into her mouth, hoping that would save her life.

Lin Feng took her in his arms and released fire energies to warm her up. Very quickly, the ice around her melted and Yi Ren Lei shivered, but she still didn’t move.

“Are you cold?” asked Lin Feng. She shook her head and smiled, “I thought I was going to die.”

“I promised you one thing!” said Lin Feng smiling. He released even more fire energies. If he hadn’t broken through to the second Zun Qi layer, they might have died.

At that moment, the envoy arrived next to Lin Feng rather excitedly.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at him. He smiled indifferently. If Lin Feng was strong enough, he would have killed the envoy.

“Bzzz!” the envoy opened his third eye and a light emerged which moved towards Lin Feng’s face. The envoy inspected Lin Feng’s memories, but then he looked surprised.

“Fortune Shrine!” the envoy was astonished. Lin Feng felt cold, but he didn’t know what just happened.

Very quickly, the envoy smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Congratulations, you passed the test.”

Had the Diviner left a protective thread of consciousness in his brain? Why couldn’t the envoy’s godly awareness pierce through his godly awareness correctly? Why did he look surprised when he saw the Diviner’s thread of consciousness in Lin Feng’s brain as well?

“Mister, you said that I came to the wrong shrine, so I can’t go into the shrine, right?” asked Lin Feng smiling. He couldn’t tell the envoy what he really thought.

“What you mean is that you want your girlfriend to go in as well, right?” said the envoy smiling. Lin Feng nodded, “If that’s possible.”

“No need, I already made an exception, so I’ll make a second exception. The Ice and Snow Goddess is willing to have you both.” said the envoy smiling. He was talking to Lin Feng in a more polite way, but why?

“Thank you, Mister, can you give me more time?” asked Lin Feng.

“No problem.” said the envoy nodding.

Lin Feng smiled at Yi Ren Lei, “All those people here practice ice cultivation, right?”

“Right.” replied Yi Ren Lei as if she knew what Lin Feng meant. Lin Feng stood up and released demonic Qi at the crowd.

Lin Feng appeared in front of someone, making them feel scared. Amongst the people from the Ice and Snow Empire who came to the shrine, only a dozen were left of the eighty-one.

“Kill!” said Lin Feng while releasing demonic energies. Then he punched that person and released cursing, demon, and desolate abstruse energies. That person was propelled backwards, but Lin Feng continued running at them and punched his head, killing him instantly.

All the others who were from the Ice and Snow Empire looked terrified.

“Boom boom!” Another explosion sounded as Lin Feng killed another person with an explosion.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique to quickly catch up with the remaining cultivators. Another explosion sounded as someone else died.

“Mister!” shouted someone begging. However, the envoy looked indifferent. He didn’t care about them. He had seen many people die in his life, including the last time the shrine had opened.

Lin Feng continued killing people before going back to Yi Ren Lei. He had killed all the people from the Ice and Snow Empire. They would never get the treasures from the shrine and the ice emperor would know nothing.

Lin Feng couldn’t take any risks. If the ice-emperor learned that he had killed all his sons, he would be furious.

“Are you feeling any better?” asked Lin Feng.

“Much better, the life water is great. You should take it back.” said Yi Ren Lei. She wanted to spit out the last drops of life water and give them back to him. Even though it wasn’t a holy weapon, it was extremely potent.

Lin Feng put his hand on her lips and shook his head, “Keep it, I stole it from you back then, so now it’s yours!”

“Let’s go and see what is behind the door.”

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei walked on the small path and crossed the door. The crowd looked at them, speechless.

As Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei crossed the door, the space around them became distorted as they were being teleported again.

A light appeared and they landed somewhere else.

It was a large palace with an exit. Many people were already there.

“It’s them!” Lin Feng could see eight people who had been selected before, as well as two other people.

They turned around and saw Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei. They were surprised. Two people? Hadn’t the envoy said only one more person could come?

“Not bad, you’re here too.” said the tall and sturdy young man, smiling at Lin Feng.

The girl in black clothes also nodded at Lin Feng. That girl had nodded at him, maybe that strong cultivators respected each other after all. She acknowledged Lin Feng’s strength which meant that they were now acquaintances.

Lin Feng nodded back at her and walked forwards. He realized that there were nine palaces, and in front of them, were two more floors.

“Twelve Empires and Twelve shrines?!”

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