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PMG Chapter 1361: The King Body

PMG Chapter 1361: The King Body

In front of Lin Feng were eleven luxuriant palaces which pierced the clouds. The palaces were all connected by lights, and together, sealed the atmosphere.

For example, Lin Feng was facing a shrine which was bathing in flames. The sky above it was red like fire. That shrine had nine floors. On its seventh floor, there were quite a few people. The eighth floor had only one person, and the ninth floor was empty and desolate, without a soul in sight.

There were eleven shrines plus the one Lin Feng was in, so twelve shrines in total. Those were probably all the shrines from the empires of Jiu You.

But those people inside the shrines weren’t all from Jiu You. For example, in the shrine where Lin Feng was, there were people who didn’t come from the Ice and Snow Empire.

That meant that there were several entrances to the shrines, but that they all led to the same place.

In the center of the shrines, there was a vast area and a battling stage divided into twelve areas. In each area, there was only one person. On the side of the Ice and Snow Shrine, it was the envoy. It was like Fortune City, where there were multiple shrines and the same man was in all of them at the same time.

“Yi Ren, you’re here too!” a loud voice made Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei turn around. The voice seemed to be coming from another shrine. That shrine had dazzling lights which seemed like they could disappear at anytime. It was the empty space shrine.

“It’s him!” Lin Feng was astonished. That person was from the Ba Huang Province, Si Kong Xiao!

“The cultivation world is really strange, surprising things keep happening.” whispered Lin Feng. Si Kong Xiao was in the empty space shrine, but how had he come to Jiu You though? Besides, Si Kong Xiao’s best ability was his Celestial Vision, so why had he chosen the empty space shrine?

Si Kong Xiao had seen Lin Feng and the black mage steal the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s demon flute, so he recognized Lin Feng. He smiled politely and nodded at Lin Feng.

“Yi Ren, you’re even more beautiful now. Did you find someone to practice your six desires skill with?” said someone next to Si Kong Xiao.

“Do we know each other?” Yi Ren Lei didn’t recognize that person, but that person seemed to know her.

“Let me introduce him, that’s Qi Qian Ren from the Qi Clan. He’s rarely in Ba Huang because he’s always abroad practicing cultivation. You don’t know him, so that’s absolutely normal.” said Si Kong Xiao.

“Qi Qian Ren!” Lin Feng frowned. The one who had used the banishment spell on Lin Feng was Qi Qian Xing.

“Qi Qian Ren, are you of the same generation as Qi Qian Xing or are you older?” asked Yi Ren Lei. She had heard that Lin Feng had been banished by Qi Qian Xing. She knew that Qi Qian Xing was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer.

“About the same generation, I’m younger than him by about a hundred years!” replied Qi Qian Ren calmly.

“Lin Feng, that guy is even scarier than Qi Qian Xing.” said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng using telepathy. Qi Qian Xing and Qi Qian Ren were brothers and there was a difference of a hundred years between them. Qi Qian Xing was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, but Qi Qian Ren was also on the seventh floor of the shrine, so he was naturally a genius.

“The relations between the Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan are quite good, no wonder you fought against the Wen Clan together.” said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, he knew those people, so were there other familiar people there?

Lin Feng glanced around and quickly saw some other people he knew.

“Wen Clan, seventh floor!”

Lin Feng glanced around and saw Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue.

He continued glancing around and then noticed someone else in a dazzling shrine, Kong Ming the Buddhist monk.

He wasn’t surprised to see Kong Ming, after all, he had already noticed several people he knew. What surprised Lin Feng was that Kong Ming was on the eighth floor.

Si Kong Xiao and Wen Tian Ge were part of the ten strongest young cultivators and the meeting of the emperors would take place soon, so they couldn’t waste time.

However, what were the differences between all the shrines? He didn’t know how the other people had chosen which shrine they wanted to go to?

Lin Feng remembered that in the empty space battlefield, Yi Ren Lei and he had encountered Kong Ming. They had been traveling in the same direction, the direction of Jiu You. Yi Ren Lei had also told Lin Feng that Kong Ming was difficult to understand.

“Eighth floor!” whispered Lin Feng. Kong Ming was on the eighth floor which meant that he could defeat people at the peak of the seventh Zun Qi layer, at least.

Kong Ming was on the eighth floor, and it was great and all, but each shrine had one or more people on the eighth floor.The most incredible person was on the ninth floor, he was the only one to make it to a ninth floor.

His cultivation level wasn’t high. He had just broken through to the third Zun Qi layer.

“That person seems to have a special body, his Qi looks special.” whispered Yi Ren Lei.

“Like an ancient king, that’s a king body from the antiquity.” said the tall and sturdy man next to them. He was a real ice dragon, so it was no surprise that he had an extensive knowledge. King was a cultivation level, it was an appellation, a sign of respect.

“A body type!” Lin Feng remembered the imperial immortal body. Was it a kind of body type as well?

“Twelve shrines, they were connected at first and now it seems like they’re connected because of that guy. They want to compete for him.” said the girl in black clothes. She wanted to replace that guy. It seemed that even without a king body, anyone could become a king.

“You’re a real ice dragon, don’t they want to compete too?” said Lin Feng to the tall and sturdy young man.

“Haha, ice dragons are not very respected. There are many types of dragons in the Holy City and they all live together. Kings are rare, and for me, having  to compete is not so useful. You can probably understand!” said the tall and sturdy young man. Lin Feng nodded. The ice dragon guy probably wanted to go back to his clan.

“Everybody, did you pay attention? How should we decide to whom he belongs? Or should we let him decide?” asked an envoy at that moment. Just like the girl in black clothes had said, the twelve shrines were competing for the king.

At that moment, the young man was becoming even more dazzling. They all wanted him to become a real king and help them maintain their power!

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