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PMG Chapter 1362: Young People’s Decisions

PMG Chapter 1362: Young People’s Decisions

In fact, if strength had been the only criteria, the young man couldn’t have appeared on the ninth floor.

Being on the ninth floor would mean that a cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer could defeat a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer, which was impossible. Even with level nine abstruse energies, it wasn’t possible to defeat a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer in one strike.

Besides, that young man didn’t have the strength of the first Zun Qi layer, had he defeated cultivation emperors? Impossible. For emperors, those who weren’t emperors were insects. Amongst the incredible cultivators of the continent, those with the strength of the fifth Zun Qi layer could defeat cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, or maybe that cultivators of the sixth Zun Qi layer could, but could cultivators of the seventh or eighth Zun Qi layer defeat emperors? That was still too unrealistic. Lin Feng had heard of only one person who could defeat emperors with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, the Demon Emperor.

And now all the shrines wanted that person on their side.

Nobody helped others unconditionally, the shrines helped cultivators to become stronger, by bathing in their lights, because they wanted those people as their own disciples. The Shrines were their own influential groups, so they needed to remain strong at all times.

The Diviner was also an example, he wanted to recruit Lin Feng as a disciple for the future of Fortune Shrine.

“Hmph, he arrived there through the empty space shrine, so he should come here.” said an envoy.

“Even before that, we noticed him. That’s why the twelve shrines are now interconnected. Don’t you think you’re being ridiculous?” said another envoy in a cold way.

“He has an ancient king body which he had inherited his body at birth, unlike some other special bodies. He must be handled carefully. His body can be washed too.” said the envoy of the Ice and Snow Shrine. Lin Feng was confused, inherited at birth?

If Jun Mo Xi also had a king-type body, the imperial immortal body, then Kong Ming probably had a king-type body too, but he was only standing on the eighth floor.

“The members of your shrine can also come to my shrine and be washed by empty space lights too then!” said the envoy of the empty space shrine.

“If they want to!”

“Alright, then let’s allow people to choose again, what do you think?”

“Alright, the fire shrine has no objections.” said the envoy of the fire shrine.

“The demon shrine also accepts.” said a dark-looking envoy.

“I have no objection either.”

Everybody agreed for they had faith in their shrines. After all, since people had chosen their shrine, why would they leave? The differences weren’t that big between the shrines anyways.

But the Ice and Snow Shrine’s envoy didn’t say anything, he even frowned. He knew that someone would probably leave the Ice and Snow Shrine, someone who had also been to the Fortune Shrine. Therefore, he hoped he wouldn’t leave for another shrine.

“Ice and Snow Shrine, what do you think?” The eleven shrines had agreed, but the envoy of the Ice and Snow Shrine frowned. He knew he had no choice.

“Alright, I agree.” said the envoy nodding.

“Alright, let’s start again then. Let them choose which shrine they want to join again.”

The crowd was surprised when they heard the news! They would get different powers if they chose a different shrine, and people were curious, they probably wanted to see what the other shrines were like.

At that moment, nobody knew what it would be like to switch to another shrine. What would they do?

“You understand what we’re talking about, right? If you managed to come to the seventh floor, it means that you are very talented. We acknowledge your strength. So no matter what shrine you choose, you will learn something special. Now, you have the option to choose a new shrine. Stay where you are or go to another shrine and we’ll know your decision.” said an envoy, leaving everybody with a decision to make.

“How do we go back if we choose another shrine?” asked someone. Lin Feng had arrived through the Ice and Snow Empire, so if he chose the demon shrine, wouldn’t he go to the empire where the demon shrine was? Wouldn’t people want to kill him if they saw a stranger appear in their empire?

“You don’t need to worry about that, you’ll have the aura of the shrine you chose so nobody will dare attack you.” said an envoy. Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. He was different from other people, if he chose another shrine, wouldn’t the Ice and Snow Shrine reject Yi Ren Lei?

Lin Feng still remembered how cold the envoy had been to him.

“Lin Feng!” said Yi Ren Lei. She was thinking that the Ice and Snow Shrine wasn’t suitable for Lin Feng, and that he should choose another shrine. The demon shrine or the empty space shrine were both better for Lin Feng than the Ice and Snow Shrine.

Lin Feng looked at the Ice and Snow Shrine’s envoy. He wasn’t moving and the envoys were waiting.

“If you choose the Ice and Snow Shrine, I will be very happy, but if you choose the demon shrine or another one, I can understand. I will send your girlfriend to the eighth floor and let her bathe in the Ice and Snow Goddess’ lights, and even though she’s not that strong now, she will have a bright future.” said the envoy to Lin Feng using telepathy, as if he knew that Lin Feng was worried.

Lin Feng was skeptical, why would the envoy be nice to him?

Did he know that Lin Feng had a special body and that he was going to choose another shrine? Was he trying to win Lin Feng by offering his girlfriend a position? So if Yi Ren Lei became incredible, then Lin Feng would still be connected to the Ice and Snow Shrine.

Lin Feng was thinking.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” silhouettes flickered. Many people moved behind the envoys, but few people had chosen to move to another shrine.

“Yi Ren, I’m going to the Demon Shrine!” said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei using telepathy. “The envoy won’t do anything to you.”

“Alright, go, I can’t wait for you to be my Demon God!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling graciously.

“Alright, someday, I’ll make love to my Ice and Snow Goddess!” said Lin Feng, caressing her cheeks. Then, he left for the Demon Shrine.

Yi Ren Lei looked at him and then went to stand behind the Ice and Snow envoy.

The twelve envoys looked at the young cultivators and then at the young man on the ninth floor. They couldn’t wait to see where he would go.

“With your abilities, if you choose the empty Empty Space Shrine, you’ll become even stronger!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s envoy.

“The Fire Shrine will be more flexible for you!”

“With your innate body, if you choose the Demon Shrine, you’ll become a god!” said the Demon Shrine’s envoy.

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