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PMG Chapter 1365: Immortality and Death

PMG Chapter 1365: Immortality and Death

“Immortality allows strength to remain forever.” thought Lin Feng. Immortal demonic intent was everlasting, almost impossible to destroy.

Demon intent continued burning in his eyes. He could make immortal abstruse energy fuse together with any kind of abstruse energy, he just had to know how to control it.

“Kaboom!” After a long time, another statue exploded. Now, there were only sixteen statues left. None of the young cultivators on the seventh floor were weak, some of them were medium-level Zun cultivators who had been practicing demon cultivation for a long time. They probably had a deep knowledge of demonic intent.

But Lin Feng didn’t care, he focused on his goal. He wanted to understand the immortal demon general’s statue.

After some time, threads of immortal Qi appeared around Lin Feng’s body and intertwined with the Qi in the room. Then, it started rolling in waves,, as if the immortal intent couldn’t be corroded. Lin Feng was bathing in immortal demonic intent.

Lin Feng’s eyes were also filled with immortal demonic intent.

“Kacha!” the third statue exploded. Someone else had understood a general’s intent. At the same time, pitch-black lights invaded the room and penetrated into that person’s brain.

When the fifth statue exploded, some cracks appeared on the immortal demon general’s statue, but it didn’t explode, it just cracked.

“Kacha, kacha…” more and more cracks appeared, but it didn’t break. Many of them looked at that statue, seeing how it contained immortal intent, could it break?

“Bzzz!” lights descended from the sky and penetrated into Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng could see an image, it was alternating between a one-paged ancient scripture and a demon statue. In other words, the demon general was printing his one-paged demon scriptures in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng could sense the immortal demonic intent fusing together with his body.

“How terrifying, immortal demon energy is fusing together with my body!” thought Lin Feng. He had never tried to study immortal abstruse energy before. Maybe, if he had tried to study demonic fire, his fire abstruse energies would have become stronger.

But Lin Feng didn’t think about that too much, he just continued bathing in the immortal intent, receiving the general’s knowledge.

It continued for a long time and finally Lin Feng opened his eyes, surrounded by immortal intent.

“My demon abstruse energy is now level four and my immortal abstruse energy immediately reached level three.” thought Lin Feng. He smiled happily.

Lin Feng already knew many sorts of abstruse energies, most of them were level three or four. Only his soundwave abstruse energy was level two, which was his weakest one.

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised, he knew he was gifted. He could study any type of abstruse energy, but knowing many types of abstruse energies wasn’t necessarily the best thing. When they weren’t at a high level, leveling them up and combining them was best.

Demonic abstruse energy, immortal abstruse energy, soundwave abstruse energy, Lin Feng wanted them so he learned them quickly enough.

Lin Feng looked at the other generals, eight statues had already been broken, leaving ten left.

Lin Feng looked at the statue which contained death-demon intent. One glance could kill him.

“If that was a real emperor, he could kill me in just one glance.” thought Lin Feng. He had studied death strength, but only a little bit. He had never studied real death abstruse energies. However, since he knew life abstruse energies, he should have an easier time studying death strength.

Everybody had life strength in them. The stronger a cultivator was, the higher their cultivation level was, and the stronger their life strength was. Therefore, Zun cultivators could live thousands of years. However, no matter how strong a cultivator was, their life was slowly replaced by death.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who thought death strength was powerful. Elsewhere in the room, others were also studying the death-demon general’s statue, death Qi was floating around them. Not everybody could study those energies as they wished though, unlike Lin Feng who could study anything. It wasn’t necessarily suitable for them.

Lin Feng studied the death intent faster than the immortal intent. It wasn’t long before some cracks began to appear on the statue.

“Kacha!” The statue broke a little bit more and death Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s brain. Then, death intent invaded the room, allowing some of the others to study it too.

“Boom!” two gigantic threads of death intent rose to the sky. Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who had understood it, two other geniuses had understood it, but Lin Feng had been a bit faster and the statue completely broke apart because of him.

“Kacha, kaboom…”

All the other statues continued breaking apart as the other geniuses studied their energies.

Lin Feng was bathing in death intent. He had already understood two types of abstruse energies, that was enough.

“Kacha!” When the last statue broke, demonic intent invaded the entire room. A strong wind blew and energies dashed to the skies. Terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air as a door appeared, it was the path to the eighth floor.

“Just like the envoy said!” thought everyone. That tornado was the path to the eighth floor.

At the same time, the room changed. Two people looked at Lin Feng coldly when they sensed his death energies. But they quickly looked elsewhere. Killing Lin Feng was useless. Besides, they didn’t know how strong he was. In there, cultivation level didn’t mean much!

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