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PMG Chapter 1366: Unparalleled

PMG Chapter 1366: Unparalleled

The eighth floor was probably going to be extraordinary.

“Boom!” A pitch-black silhouette jumped into the tornado.

However, demonic energies oppressed him and his face turned deathly pale. The wind was oppressive. It was even more powerful near the entrance of the eighth floor.

“Rise!” that person tried to rise up, but he couldn’t make it far before those energies started hurting him.

“Boom!” Demon Qi rotated around his body and he continued trying to go up. The seventh floor had so many great treasures, so the eighth floor would be even better.

He took four steps, only three away from reaching the entrance, but he couldn’t continue. Rumbling sounds appeared as he was propelled downwards and crashed onto the ground.

“Pfew…” that person took a deep breath and pulled a long face, he could have died.

“I’m definitely going to get to the eighth floor.” thought that cultivator, annoyed. He tried again, but this time, he was propelled even farther away.

It seemed like they only had one opportunity.

“How could a demon be oppressed?” said a cultivator coldly. He glanced at the one who had failed and jumped into the wind. He released demonic energies, but once he sensed that wind, his facial expression changed drastically. However, he continued rising up.

After three steps, he realized how powerful the wind was. His body almost exploded, but he had only managed to take four steps.

The other demonic cultivators were staring at him, looking a little concerned. Two people had failed, and they only had one chance.

The third and the fourth failed too, only four steps as well.

The fifth one finally managed to take five steps, but then came back down.

The eighth person took six steps, amazing everybody. One more step and he’d be on the eighth floor.

“Boom boom!” That cultivator suddenly crashed onto the ground and coughed up blood. He looked furious, one more step! What a pity! He had failed, but he could be proud of himself still.

Three people were left. They seemed to be practicing cultivation though. They were studying the last three statues, even after receiving the transmissions from the statues, they could continued studying, but it wasn’t as efficient.

Finally, someone opened his eyes. He jumped into the tornado, groaned furiously, and took six steps. One more step and it’d be the eighth floor, but that last step was difficult.

“Argh!” that person raised his head and shouted and demonic Qi dashed to the skies. His body felt like it was going to explode. His body turned red, but he continued and made great efforts. However, when he reached the eighth floor, a demon roared furiously. The ground quaked and that cultivator was violently propelled back to their level. He had failed. He sat down cross-legged and healed himself. Nobody dared underestimate him though, for he had almost succeeded.

The tenth person made six steps and failed again. The crowd felt relieved, they weren’t weak, it was just that the wind was too terrifying. They were on the seventh floor for a reason. The three people on the eighth floor were incredibly strong. Of course, they would catch up someday, they just had to persevere.

“One person left!” thought the group, looking at Lin Feng. He was bathing in death Qi, so no one wanted to get close to him. He had left the Ice and Snow Shrine and had come to the Demon Shrine. Surprisingly, he was an incredible demon cultivator who understood death intent.

“That death intent contains death abstruse energy, level three even. With that, he could kill cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer in the blink of an eye!” thought some of the others. Two people had tried to study it before, but they had failed because Lin Feng had been faster than them.

“Hmph!” two cultivators groaned and looked at Lin Feng.

“Bzzz…” at that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and death intent projected outwards. He turned around, his eyes were pitch-black as he fixedly stared at those two people.

“Tap, tap…” the two cultivators took steps backwards. Quaking sounds appeared as the one who had looked at Lin Feng in a cold way before, sensed that his life was being taken.

But that was just a sensation, it had only  lasted for a few seconds.

Lin Feng glanced at them in a calm way before he turned his attention to the tornado. Even he didn’t say anything, he knew that the others there could kill him.

“Eighth floor!” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. That tornado was the only way to the eighth floor and there was only one chance.

Lin Feng didn’t hesitate as he jumped into the tornado. He sensed the demonic Qi oppressing him as well as the energies from outside the tornado.

“When I went to Tiantai, I was weaker and had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Now that I’ve broken through to the Zun Qi layer, how could a trivial wind prevent me from moving?” thought Lin Feng, feeling determined. Even though he still had some powers he wasn’t aware of, in a few years, he had become a lot stronger and more confident in himself.

“Boom!” Lin Feng rose up in the air. The space was distorted as Lin Feng made three steps, the energies became more intense which step.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and made another step.

Lin Feng raised his head and stared at the top with his pitch-black eyes.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously as he made the sixth step. One more step and he’d succeed.

“Slash, slash…” his body felt like it was going to explode. Blood splashed everywhere as Lin Feng was wounded.

However, he refused to fail even if he ended up seriously injured. As long as he didn’t die, it didn’t matter.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously. Now, dragon chants hummed as his nine-headed dragon appeared. Lin Feng raised his foot to make the seventh step.

“Swallow!” shouted Lin Feng. His nine dragon heads absorbed the powerful demonic Qi.

“Rise!” Lin Feng raised his foot. He couldn’t die, he had to succeed, no matter what.

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, leaving the ten others in awe. The cultivator who came from the Ice and Snow Shrine had managed to make it to the eighth floor. He had passed the test while they had failed.

That cultivator of the second Zun Qi layer had almost died. He was wounded, blood had splashed everywhere, his skin, his bones, his organs felt sore, but he didn’t back down!

“Boom!” Lin Feng arrived on the eighth floor. He immediately released life energies to recover. After that passage to the eighth floor, his demonic abstruse energy was now level five and he had reached the top of the second Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng was defying the laws of cultivation!

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