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PMG Chapter 1367: Four Demon Kings

PMG Chapter 1367: Four Demon Kings

“Demon Shrine, eighth floor!” Lin Feng looked around and saw three other people. They were sitting cross-legged in different corners of the room. They were staring at the walls and demon energies were flowing throughout their bodies.

“That’s…” Lin Feng looked at the walls. There were dazzling picture scrolls everywhere, and demon energies were continuously flowing from them.

“Four ancient books!” Lin Feng’s heart started racing as he released his godly awareness to inspect them. All those picture scrolls had demon kings on them.

“Demon kings!” Lin Feng inspected the picture scroll in front of him. The image became even more distinct, but he had a strange sensation though. It was as if his godly awareness couldn’t see the demon king clearly.

“I’m on the eighth floor so the demon kings have to be stronger than the demon generals on the seventh floor. Maybe those demon kings are actually demon emperors, or even great emperors.” thought Lin Feng excited. What were those twelve shrines exactly?

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and released his celestial book spirit. He sat down in his own demonic territory and then his eyes became even darker. The picture scroll appeared in front of him, energies pierced through his eyes and into his brain.

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng suddenly coughed up blood. He lowered his head and took in a deep breath. It felt like he was turning into a demon.

“How terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. His spirit helped him see things more clearly, but as soon as he saw the demon king more clearly, a gigantic person a hundred meters tall appeared, seemingly capable of crushing entire populations.

Lin Feng saw him and instantly thought he was going to die. He had had to stop looking at it suddenly. A few more seconds and he would have died.

“A demon king, his consciousness can turn into a gigantic town and kill millions of people.” thought Lin Feng. He had seen a gigantic city and there were ruins even.

“Was that the Holy City?” whispered Lin Feng. He now understood that he couldn’t always use his spirit to study things. On the seventh and eighth floors, the demons were terrifying and could injure him or even kill him if he inspected them too closely.

“That book was an insane demon, what about the other three?” Lin Feng turned around and looked at the other picture scrolls. His eyes became pitch-black again as he inspected them. He had the same sensation as before. However, without using his spirit, he couldn’t know what they were.

“I first need to understand what those demon kings are and then I will choose which one I am interested in.” thought Lin Feng. There were four scrolls and Lin Feng wasn’t sure how many he could study. So, he had to find out what they were first and then he’d choose the one he wanted the most.

Lin Feng looked at the second picture scroll and inspected it with his celestial book spirit. When he checked it, quaking sounds quickly ensured and blood splashed. His face turned deathly pale.

“A glance can destroy the Earth and sky.” thought Lin Feng. He had observed the landscape and thought the Earth and sky were going to collapse. Lin Feng had had to break his connection to that world just to retreat.

Even emperors could have been destroyed by those energies.

Lin Feng suddenly felt cold, he stopped studying that part of the wall. Someone who was studying that part of the wall opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to offend you!” said Lin Feng nodding and apologizing. He had interrupted someone while he was cultivating. Lin Feng would have been furious too if someone had done that to him.

That person looked at Lin Feng for a few seconds and then started practicing again. He had no time to waste.

Lin Feng moved back and looked at the picture scroll. Then he used his spirit and inspected it. There was a demon king, the space was distorted, the Earth and sky seemed like they were going to collapse, everybody had died in that landscape, their blood staining the ground. Lin Feng had the impression his organs were going to explode, it looked so real.

“One shout and the world can collapse. What a terrifying cultivator, probably a great demon emperor!” thought Lin Feng. Those demon emperors were all great emperors. If someday he became that strong, he’d be able to destroy cultivation emperors just by glancing at them. Ba Huang and Jiu You would just be playgrounds for him.

Lin Feng released his own demonic Qi, even more determined to become a strong cultivator. Since he had decided to practice demon cultivation, he wished he would become a great demon emperor.

Of course, he wasn’t going to give up his other types of cultivation.

“There’s the fourth picture scroll as well!” Then, Lin Feng looked at the last picture scroll using his spirit. This time, he saw a furious looking demon king swallowing the sky.

“Which one should I study first?” thought Lin Feng. He looked at the first one, the blurry picture. It was an aggressive and almighty demon king who was one-hundred meters tall.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and studied it. Luckily for him, the three others in the room were studying the other picture scrolls, so he was the only one studying that picture scroll.

He studied the characters written on the picture scroll and words floated around his brain. Just like Lin Feng had thought, those were demonic scriptures, but different ones.

Lights surrounded Lin Feng, and demonic energies flowed around his body. Dark clouds appeared as a silhouette slowly condensed, becoming bigger and bigger.

Lin Feng studied the picture scroll, but didn’t realize that a demon was slowly appearing behind him.

Something happened behind the three others as well. A sky absorbing demon appeared behind one of the other cultivators, and it was blurry as well.

The one who was studying the picture scroll with the terrifying demon vision, suddenly saw something, and sharp lights twinkled in his eyes.

Behind the one who was studying the demon with the terrifying voice, nothing appeared, but strange sounds surrounded him.

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