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PMG Chapter 1368: Leaving the Shrine

PMG Chapter 1368: Leaving the Shrine

“I can actually invoke a demon using that picture scroll.” Even though Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, he knew what was going on behind him. That picture scroll contained an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship, Lin Feng hadn’t expected it to be so complex.

He already had three books: the demon scriptures, the Ten Thousand Things of Creation Scriptures, and the three lives scriptures.

Besides, the three-lives demon emperor had transmitted a part of the Xiao Yao ancient scriptures to Lin Feng, and he was always working on improving it.
Apart from these, Lin Feng also obtained ancient scriptures in the Ice and Snow Shrine, imperial scriptures on the moon and sun fusion.
Lin Feng may have been the last one to start practicing with the scrolls, but he wasn’t any slower than the others. The demon behind him was already ten meters high, he was bending over and looking at the others.

The cultivator studying the sky absorbing demon was comparable with Lin Feng.

Their scrolls were becoming more and more dazzling as the demons behind them became more distinct.

“Argh!” A deep groan. The scroll turned into a dazzling light and moved towards the strong cultivator. The demon behind him shouted and released Qi at the mouth of that strong cultivator.

After that, the cultivator slowly turned around and looked at the three others in a cold way.

He slowly walked towards Lin Feng, the sky absorbing demon behind him looked terrifying.

Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, his demonic intent was rolling in waves and the picture scroll he was studying started shaking.

“Argh!” The sky absorbing demon roared, seemingly wanting to eat Lin Feng alive.

“Roar… roar…” the demon behind Lin Feng was furious.

“Swallow!” shouted the cultivator furiously. His picture scroll was already finished, but Lin Feng was still one step away from finishing, so the sky absorbing demon still had time to swallow Lin Feng’s demon.

“Come!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The picture scroll turned into a demonic light and penetrated into his body. Then, his demon roared furiously and ran towards the sky absorbing demon.

The sky absorbing demon and the large demon faced each other. Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the young man with his pitch-black eyes.

“Not bad, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d learn it so fast!” said that young man. He walked towards the other two who immediately stood up and looked at him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” said a person. Did the one who studied the sky absorbing picture scroll want to attack them because he’d already finished?

“Nothing, if you can study the picture scrolls in here, then so can I.” said that person, before he sat down cross-legged.

“Hmph!” the other one groaned coldly and sat down again. He didn’t fear that the other cultivator would learn any faster than him.

The other one continued studying as if nothing had happened, but he was a bit nervous.

Lin Feng looked at them, but he didn’t care about the other picture scrolls. Lin Feng was wondering what was going on in the outside world, he had to leave soon.

“Exit!” Lin Feng looked at a certain wall which seemed to have a door.

“I should go.” Lin Feng had learnt a lot in Jiu You already. He had arrived with the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer and now he had broken through to the second Zun Qi layer. Even his abstruse energies had improved.

“I wonder if Yi Ren is alright.” thought Lin Feng. The envoy of the Ice and Snow Shrine said that he’d take care of her, so Lin Feng didn’t need to worry too much.

Lin Feng crossed the door and arrived in another space, an area with many doors and things written on them.

“Desolate Demon Town, Hell Region, Underworld Empire…” Lin Feng read the names of places. He had heard of the Underworld Empire before, it was an empire in Jiu You.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much about it and crossed the door to the Underworld Empire. The space changed and after a while, he appeared in a dark palace.

Lin Feng left the palace and came across a majestic mountain. Many people were waiting there as Lin Feng came out.

“Eh?” people stared at him. He was surrounded by demonic lights, but they didn’t know him. He hadn’t gone to the Demon Shrine from the Underworld Empire entrance.

“Who are you?” asked a demon to Lin Feng. He was the leader of the empire, a cultivation emperor.

“My name is Mu Feng, the envoy of the Demon Shrine told me to come out from here.” said Lin Feng calmly.

He inspected the aura surrounding Lin Feng’s body and said nothing. Lin Feng could prove he was from the Demon Shrine, so they couldn’t offend him. The leader also knew that the Demon Shrine could kill him if they wished, even if he was an emperor.

“Mister, I need to go to the Ba Huang Province.” said Lin Feng.

“Are you from Ba Huang?” asked that person. He was skeptical because he had never seen Lin Feng before.

“I came from Ba Huang and I went to the Ice and Snow Shrine, but I’m a demon cultivator so I was teleported to the Demon Shrine.” explained Lin Feng.

“The Ice and Snow Shrine and the Demon Shrine are connected?” asked that cultivator. As soon as he finished talking, a cultivator appeared and shouted, “The twelve shrines are connected, but only those who reached the seventh floor could know about that!”

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the person who was shouting. He had seen him on the seventh floor of the Demon Shrine.

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