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PMG Chapter 1376: Gathering

PMG Chapter 1376: Gathering
“Meng Qing, how did you recognize me and how did you find me here?” asked Lin Feng.
“How could you forget that you have my holy celestial Qi in your body!” said Meng Qing shyly. Her face was completely red. Lin Feng had obtained Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi by making love with her.
“I see!” Lin Feng smiled and said, “Don’t you want to give me some more of Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi?”
Even though Lin Feng was laughing, Meng Qing turned scarlet red. She didn’t look like a cold woman anymore, she looked like a gentle and docile wife.
“What are you talking about?” asked Qiu Yue Xin. Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other and Lin Feng laughed while Meng Qing smiled and lowered her head.
“We were wondering when we could give you some of Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi so that we would never lose track of each other.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“How do you do it? And should we do it now?” asked Qiu Yue Xin. If she had been like Meng Qing, she would have recognized that Lin Feng was joking.
“Eh… now?” Lin Feng’s face became rigid. It wasn’t very convenient.
“Yue Xin, don’t listen to him.” said Meng Qing rolling her eyes. Then, she walked to Qiu Yue Xin and whispered something in her ears. Qiu Yue Xin’s face turned completely red as she looked at Lin Feng and said, “Try and dare!”
“Let’s try, let’s try!” said Lin Feng. Back then, Lin Feng always let Qiu Yue Xin win. But now things were different, she couldn’t resist.
“Seal!” shouted Lin Feng, just like the past. Qiu Yue Xin suddenly remembered some beautiful memories, but she was quickly interrupted by Lin Feng, whose hands were moving towards her head. Then he put his lips on her lips, and passionately made out with her.
Finally, Lin Feng opened his mouth, allowing Qiu Yue Xin to breathe again. She looked at Lin Feng angrily, even stomping on his foot.
“The conditions are not great, but I can still give it to you right here.” said Lin Feng, aggressively and fearlessly. Qiu Yue Xin didn’t dare look at him, she kept blushing and turning her head.
“Meng Qing, let’s leave him alone.” said Qiu Yue Xin to Meng Qing.
Meng Qing smiled in a gentle way and said to Lin Feng, “We’re off, otherwise some people could find out who you are. The Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle will never let you off, so be careful!”
“Don’t worry, you be careful too. I also need someone to give birth to my baby!” said Lin Feng smiling. The girls couldn’t stand his remarks anymore, so they ran away.
Lin Feng turned back into a demon cultivator again, his smile disappearing, his eyes turning pitch-black. He looked aggressive and he was again surrounded by ice-cold demonic intent. Mu Feng’s Qi was different from Lin Feng’s, but only Meng Qing could recognize the similarities.
He sat down cross-legged and continued practicing cultivation. Demonic intent continued flowing throughout the cave. Lin Feng had two demon generals’ illusions and an insane demon behind him.
Studying immortal energies, even a little bit, made him a lot stronger. Time passed and the thirty-six mountains were finally filled to the brim with people.
The sun rose up in the east, calm and peacefully. The crowd knew that it was just the calmness before the storm though. A few hours later, the meeting of the emperors would start, an event which took place only every one-hundred years.
“All the emperors are going to arrive soon.” thought the crowd. Emperors rarely showed up, but at the meeting of the emperors, all them would gather together.
“Roar…” a loud roaring sound made the earth and sky shake from the distance. Terrifying dragons arrived and dragon Qi filled the sky.
The first people to arrive were those from Tian Long Divine Castle.
“Emperor Tian Long!” thought the crowd. He was the first emperor to arrive, but how would he react when he saw that all the members from Tian Long Divine Castle had been killed already?
As Tian Long Divine Castle’s people arrived, they didn’t see their friends who should have arrived before, so they couldn’t help but release bestial Qi.
“Kacha!” they had a dragon carriage which suddenly exploded. An aggressive-looking person appeared wearing a majestic sanguinary-looking dragon armor.
“Speak!” said Emperor Tian Long looking at the crowd in an aggressive way. People shook and some said, “We heard that strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle were killed by two girls and two demon cultivators.
“Argh!” Emperor Tian Long was furious. He immediately killed the person who talked. The crowd was furious, they didn’t say it loudly, but on the inside, they were insulting him. He actually considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.
“Let’s go!” said Emperor Tian Long. Those from Tian Long Divine Castle who had died couldn’t have him involving himself, otherwise, he would lose face.
Tian Long Divine Castle’s people landed on a mountain, forcing the crowd away.
Soon, the members of the Celestial Land of Alchemists also landed on a mountain.
From the south, a hot Qi invaded a mountain as people from Fire Mountain arrived, and Emperor Yan landed.
After that, people from Qi Feng Mountain, the Sunset Pavilion, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the Island of the Thunderbirds, and Mang Niu Mountain also all arrived.
“Caw!” a loud bird cawed. Golden lights filled the skies as a gigantic bird appeared from the distance. It was dozens of meters long, and when it opened its wings, it was hundreds of meters wide. That was Emperor Peng.
Then, from the celestial part of Ba Huang: Fairyland of the Nine Songs, Celestial Thunder Temple, the Heavens of Desire’s Palace, and the Church of Desire’s people arrived. The leader of the Fairyland of the Nine Songs was a woman who had nine tails and looked like a fox. The leader from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace was also an astonishingly stunning woman.
The leader from the Celestial Thunder Temple was a golden Buddha who possessed a magnificent golden aura. The leader from the Church of Desire was an evil-looking young man.
Then, people from the sanguinary part of Ba Huang arrived: the Deva-Mara Palace and the Abyss of Sufferings. The leader of the Abyss of Sufferings was an assassin who looked illusory. The leader of the Deva-Mara Palace was a terrifying demon.
Then, the people from Tiantai arrived, but only Emperor Yu showed up.
After that, people from the central Ba Huang arrived. The Magic World Heavenly Palace and the Xiao Yao Sect arrived together. The Wen Clan arrived alone. Finally, the Si Kong Clan arrived, leaving only the Qi Clan to arrive.
There were twenty influential imperial groups who all had an emperor as their leader.
The meeting of the emperors was finally going to start!

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