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PMG Chapter 1377: The meeting of the emperors

PMG Chapter 1377: The meeting of the emperors
“The Qi Clan is in charge of the meeting of the emperors this year and yet, they still haven’t arrived yet. Concerning the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, we don’t know if he’s still sick or if he died yet.” thought the crowd.
“The Celestial Palace of the Immortals!” in the distance, more people appeared. The Celestial Palace of the Immortals wasn’t far from the eastern part of Ba Huang, so they could easily fly over. The leader was a young man.
The old emperor hasn’t come, Jun Mo Xi had replaced the old man as the leader and brought many of the strong cultivators from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals with him.
“Eh? There’s a problem!” thought the crowd. They saw some people behind Jun Mo Xi, they were also from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, but there seemed to be a problem as if there was a certain distance between them. It was as if internal tensions had started in the Celestial Palace of the Immortals and that some people didn’t want to follow Jun Mo Xi.
After all, he was very young and had only broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer. Maybe in ten years or so, Jun Mo Xi would have reached the very top of the Zun Qi layer. Then he could have controlled those people, but the old emperor wouldn’t survive that long.
They also landed on a mountain, leaving only the Qi clan.
“Bzzz!” a terrifyingly hot energy came from the distance. The crowd turned around and saw flames in the east sky.
There was a gigantic bird bathing in flames. Behind that bird was a gigantic sun which was emitting scorching flames.
“That’s…” the crowd was stupefied. A supernatural bird, the golden crow with three feet?
“It’s not the golden crow with three feet, it’s a golden sun crow. That bird is related to the three-legged golden crow, but they’re both very strong.” said someone who had some advanced knowledge. It was also a golden crow, but it was even stronger than the three-legged golden crow.
“The Qi Clan arrived.” some people shivered. The Qi Clan was in charge of the meeting this time and they came leading with the golden sun crow.
The crow landed on a mountain and a silhouette jumped off it. That was Emperor Qi.
“Everybody has arrived.” said Emperor Qi.
“What about the emperor from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals?” asked Emperor Qi.
Jun Mo Xi raised his head and replied, “He’s not feeling well, so he couldn’t come. Please don’t blame him.”
“His health is more important!” replied Emperor Qi, smiling in a gentle way as if he really cared about the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.
“Thank you very much, Emperor Qi!” replied Jun Mo Xi politely and smiling. He didn’t like him for he knew that if the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals died, the Qi Clan would be the first to raid him.
Emperor Qi slowly turned around and smiled at the crowd, “Brothers, the meeting of the emperors only takes place every one-hundred years. This time, how should we determine the rules?”
“Since you organized the meeting this era, you should choose the rules.” said Emperor Si Kong, smiling indifferently.
“Of course, don’t forget to be fair.” said Emperor Wen. Everybody knew that the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan had joined hands to fight the Wen Clan not that long ago.
“Of course, I’ll just tell you what I’m thinking. Then, if you agree, we can proceed. If you don’t, we can change the rules still.” said Emperor Qi smiling. All the emperors listened calmly.
“In this valley, there are already thirty battle stages laid out. We could organize battles and those who can win a hundred battles continuously will qualify for the next round. What do you think?” said Emperor Qi.
“What about the specifics?” asked Emperor Tian Long.
“Disciples can fight on twenty-two of the battle stages, one battle stage per influential imperial group. They can only fight people who challenge them. If they win a hundred battles, they are qualified, if they lose, they are eliminated and the one who wins can continue. If the one who challenges wins, they steal the challenger’s winning streak and then they can fight others who are issuing challenges. On the eight other battle stages, people who are confident or want to challenge others can use them. Of course, amongst them, we need three battle stages for cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer to battle.” explained Emperor Qi.
Amongst the thirty battle stages, each influential imperial group can have a battle stage. Those who are not from an influential imperial group could then decide to challenge anyone from those battle stages. After winning, they could continue challenging people or give up and go to some other battle stages. The goal was to win a hundred times in a row.
The advantage was that someone who fought against someone who had a ninety-nine win streak could steal their victory streak. Of course, those who weren’t strong enough would probably find it difficult to defeat someone who had a ninety-nine win streak.
Apart from the battle stages used by the influential imperial groups, there were also three battle stages on which only cultivators of the top of the Zun Qi layer could fight. Of course, those who were confident enough could also challenge cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. People who didn’t belong to any influential imperial group could even use the five remaining battle stages.
“Those rules are fair because anyone can challenge disciples from influential imperial groups, however, for newly created groups such as Tiantai, it will be tougher. After all, they had fewer disciples than the other influential imperial groups, but they have some incredible disciples who will probably qualify.” thought the crowd.
Besides, those who would pass the first round would be real heroes.
“Mister Qi, what will be the prize for the winners be?” asked someone.
“The goal of the meeting of the emperors is never unveiled to outsiders. If you win, you’ll know. That’s just a tradition. Everybody has the opportunity to join in, without limits, but we won’t tell you what the purpose is. Joining in or not is your decision.” said Emperor Qi in a calm and serene way.
“It must be an incredible treasure since they aren’t talking about it. Otherwise, why would all the emperors gather together like this? There must be something great in the end.” thought the crowd. An event that occurred every hundred years, involving all the emperors from Ba Huang..
“Just a hint though, if you rank amongst the best, you will obtain an incredible prize. A prize you cannot even begin to imagine. You will discover things which very few people know about. However, you may face some danger after obtaining that knowledge.” said Emperor Qi.
“Since the emperors have brought all their best disciples, our goal is also to rank the best ones!”

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