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PMG Chapter 1381: Humiliation

PMG Chapter 1381: Humiliation

“He attacked people from Tiantai, so he’s probably from the Qi Clan!” thought Lin Feng. He had been observing the battles on the different battle stages for some time already. He had noticed many people who probably belonged to influential imperial groups who were hiding.

“Since it’s that way. I’ll do the same.” thought Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered and he landed on the battle stage of the Qi Clan.

“Your Excellency, I saw you before, and now you came back on the stage. It seems like you wanted to offer your victory points.” said Lin Feng.

Everybody knew that there were such people, but they weren’t going to say it. Now, Lin Feng said it openly, a humiliation for the Qi Clan.

“A victory is a victory, a defeat is a defeat, why do you talk about offering victory points? Besides, there is no rule which indicates that you can’t get back on a battle stage even if you lose. Even if I had a hundred victories or a hundred defeats, so what? As long as I don’t die, I can get victories and defeats.” replied that person.

“I don’t mind offering other people points then. I didn’t know we could do that.” said Lin Feng while smiling thinly. Everybody heard Lin Feng say that.

“That’s your problem, but it seems like you’re on the wrong battle stage now. Do you want to receive open challenges as well now?” asked that cultivator.

“I’m not on the wrong stage, because from now on, no matter which fighter from the Qi Clan stands on this stage, I’ll eliminate them directly and offer their victory points to other people.” said Lin Feng mockingly.

“What a bastard. Are you trying to provoke the Qi Clan?” said that cultivator coldly. He was trying to warn the Qi Clan that they needed a strong cultivator to kill Lin Feng.
Behind the golden sun crow, Qi Qian Ren jumped off the carriage and said, “I’ll kill him.”

“We don’t need you to go. Let Qi Hai go.” said a strong cultivator. Lin Feng recognized that cultivator, Qi Qian Xing was Qi Qian Ren’s brother.

“If Qi Hai goes, he’ll die.” said Qi Qian Ren calmly. Qi Qian Xing frowned and said, “Why do you say that?”

“I’ve seen him before on the seventh floor of the shrine.” said Qi Qian Ren.

Since Qi Qian Ren had come back from the shrines, he knew what it meant when someone made it to the seventh floor. They were strong enough to kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. If Qi Hai went and fought against that guy, he would die without a doubt.

Emperor Qi opened his eyes after he heard Qi Qian Ren. Only incredibly strong cultivators could make it to the seventh floor of the shrines, but that cultivator of the second Zun Qi layer had been there.

“I’ll go and kill him.” said Qi Tian Xu.

“Since he’s been to the seventh floor of a shrine, you’ll die too.” said Qi Qian Xing. Qi Tian Xu looked upset, even his fellow disciples were talking to him in a disdainful way now.

In the continent, there were many incredible geniuses, some of them were grand talents who matured slowly, while many of them also fell. Qi Tian Xu belonged to the second type of people. He had received a lot from his clan and because of his arrogance and lack of determination, he kept falling. Even though Qi Tian Xu could be considered a genius when facing ordinary cultivators, while facing really strong cultivators, he wasn’t that strong. Back in the days, he used to be one of the ten strongest young cultivators along with Hou Qing Lin and was able to defeat ordinary cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer.

“Father, we should investigate that guy.” whispered Qi Qian Xing to Emperor Qi. If people from other influential imperial groups had heard him, they’d be surprised. Only their elders knew that Qi Qian Xing was Emperor Qi’s biological son.

Of course, Emperor Qi didn’t have only one child, he had many sons. There was a huge difference between the ages of all his sons. For example, Qi Tian Xu was Emperor Qi’s oldest son, then he had Qi Qian Xing later, and Qi Qian Ren was Emperor Qi’s youngest son.

“We’ll see. First, let a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer kill him. If we hurt him badly enough, he’ll be forced to leave.” said Emperor Qi calmly.

“Alright!” Qi Qian Xing nodded. He went behind the sun carriage and after a few minutes, Qi Qian Xing came back with a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer who quickly landed on the stage.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the cultivator.

“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and rose up in the air. He looked terrifying as he shouted, “Die!”

Death-curse energies filled the stage and that cultivator’s skin suddenly became grey, as if he were losing his vitality.

“Die!” Lin Feng then attacked with a Deadly Demon Punch.

“Kacha!” the stage shook as demonic energies dashed to the skies. Their two fists collided and crackling sounds came from the stage.

“Die, die, die…” shouted Lin Feng. He suddenly released more demon-curse energies and continuously assaulted his opponent’s head.

The face of the cultivator from the Qi Clan changed drastically. His face became deathly pale as he tried to avoid Lin Feng’s attacks, but Lin Feng used another Deadly Demon Punch. An explosion sounded as that cultivator’s body was blown to pieces.

After that, immortal Qi pierced through his corpse and made the leftover body parts explode as well.

The crowd shivered.

The cultivator from the Qi Clan who had cheated was still there and staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had obtained one more victory. However, this time, Lin Feng didn’t leave.

“Do you want to stay on this stage and accept open challenges?” asked the referee. Even though he was furious on the inside, he looked calm and serene on the outside. If he didn’t appear neutral, Emperor Qi would slaughter him.

“Surprisingly, he doesn’t piss off!” thought the members from the Qi Clan, standing up on the Qi Tian Peak.

“I’ll go and kill him!” said Qi Qian Ren. Even if Lin Feng had been to the seventh floor of a shrine, he still wanted to kill him.

“Wait, wait!” said Qi Qian Xing shaking his hand. “First, let’s listen to what he has to say.”

Lin Feng looked at the referee, smiled coldly and shook his head, “I don’t want to receive open challenges, I’m just waiting for the next one who will receive open challenges. No matter which member it is from the Qi Clan, I’ll fight him and kill him. I’m remaining here because I don’t want anyone to challenge them before me.” explained Lin Feng.

“How insane, that guy is both arrogant and insane. He doesn’t respect the Qi Clan at all.” thought many people.

“I’m coming.” said the one who had cheated. But then he saw Lin Feng was looking at him mockingly.

“I said no matter which member of the Qi Clan and now you’re so upset that you said you’d come. Doesn’t that mean you’re a member of the Qi Clan?” explained Lin Feng.

“Haha, the Qi Clan cheated even though they organized this event.” thought the crowd. Many people started laughing mockingly.

“The Qi Clan determined the rules and organized the event, but they had planned out how to cheat. How ridiculous!” said some people mockingly.

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    “First, let a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer kill him. If we hurt him badly enough, he’ll be forced to leave.” => let someone kill him to hurt him badly enough so he has to leave? I kinda makes sense he is kinda an imortal being and has to be killed to just be hurt. I mean its Lin Feng who would expect something else ^^
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