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PMG Chapter 1384: Sly Methods

PMG Chapter 1384: Sly Methods

“Meng Qing’s cultivation is different.” thought Lin Feng, glancing at the blade-sharp snowflakes. Lin Feng remembered that Meng Qing had memories which only presented to her once she hit higher levels of cultivation.

Meng Qing and her opponent were both astonishingly strong. Even the battle stage Emperor Niu Mo had made was shaking violently.

“Tian Long Divine Castle, very good!” thought Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and his demonic energies rolled in waves in the air. Now some people were noticing him.

“I hate people who attack beautiful women.”

Mu Feng’s voice rolled in waves. Little Seven looked at Mu Feng in an ice-cold way and a dragon launched towards him.

“Hmph!” Mu Feng groaned coldly and demonic lights emerged from his eyes, instantly destroying the dragon.

“What do you think? I bet I can kill you easily!” said the seventh prince from Tian Long in a cold way, while still fighting Meng Qing.

“Is that so? If you agree to it, we can fight now. If we each decide to, nobody can prevent us from fighting.” said Mu Feng.

Little Seven didn’t say anything as Meng Qing continued releasing holy celestial Qi. Her energies were even more terrifying than before.

Tiantai was also amazed. They hadn’t thought Meng Qing could be that strong. She was stronger than the emperors’ direct disciples even.

“Argh…” Little Seven shouted furiously as a gigantic, sanguinary red dragon appeared. Red lights illuminated the white snow, but holy celestial lights surrounded the dragon. The space around them kept exploding, and those who were watching too close were suffocating.

“That cultivator must be a member from Tian Long Divine Castle. It’s the first time he has shown himself and he now he wants to kill Lin Feng’s wife: Meng Qing.” thought the crowd around the battle stage. Finally, the destructive energies disappeared and Meng Qing’s mouth was bleeding. But the strong cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle wasn’t in any better shape, his dragon scales were broken and he was covered in blood.

Little Seven raised his head and glanced at Meng Qing. Then, he shouted furiously and left. He couldn’t kill Meng Qing, so he quickly left.

Mu Feng glanced at him in a cold way and jumped towards Tiantai’s battle stage.

“Bzzz!” someone rose up in the air at the same time and his Qi was terrifying. He had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer.

Mu Feng moved like the wind and shouted coldly, “Stop!”

His voice emitted a soundwave which contained death Qi and cursing energies. That person turned around and saw Mu Feng’s demonic intent heading towards him. So he said, “Piss off!”

“Piss off, piss off, piss off!” that voice echoed. That person moved far away from Mu Feng in the blink of an eye. With that Mu Feng jumped onto Tiantai’s battle stage first.

“Empty space agility technique!” Mu Feng recognized the Empty Space agility technique as that guy left. Only the Qi Clan knew that agility technique.

Mu Feng smiled and said, “Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan already joined hands, I see. I hate people who fight against such beautiful women. I think I’ll exterminate all the cultivators from the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle, preventing any of them from reaching a hundred victories.”

Prevent strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan from reaching a hundred victories? He wanted to prevent any more of their cultivators from qualifying for the next round?

Mu Feng smiled at Meng Qing and said, “It is an honor for me to be on the same battle stage as such an incredibly beautiful woman. I wish we could get more intimate, I am even willing to give you my victory points.”

“Eh… He’s a real pervert!” thought the crowd, speechless. He had offered points to the beautiful women from Heavens of Desire’s Palace and now there was a beautiful woman on Tiantai’s battle stage, so he wanted to offer his points to her as well.

“What a bastard! He’s flirting with Meng Qing!” thought some people from Tiantai. Lin Feng was dead, so even though Meng Qing used to be his wife, she probably wouldn’t remain single for the rest of her life. In that regard, many people wanted to start a relationship with her, especially those from Tiantai since Meng Qing had spent so much time with them.

Mu Chen smiled and said, “What a guy!”

Meng Qing glanced at Mu Feng humorously. Still, she tried to release ice-cold energies at him.

“Boom!” Meng Qing punched Mu Feng, but he didn’t dodge it. Instead, he opened his arms and hugged her. This caused many people to grind their teeth, especially those people from Tiantai.

Vitality energies emerged from Mu Feng’s body and circulated through Meng Qing’s body. Mu Feng smiled and said in a gentle way, “Take care, celestial girl!”

Then, he left the battle stage. Thanks to his victory points, Meng Qing was now qualified.

After Mu Feng left, he went straight towards the Qi Clan’s battle stage and immediately destroyed the strong cultivator who was on it.

After killing that person, he went to Tian Long Divine Castle’s battle stage.

“He’s furious because the seventh dragon prince attacked Meng Qing. That demon cultivator really is a pervert.” thought the strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle. Mu Feng was in-line next to fight in the battle stage, but he could sense some sharp energies surrounding his body.

“He loves women so he offers women his victory points. If he goes to our stage again, make someone offer him ninety-nine points, then we’ll see how he can prevent our fighters from moving on to the next round.” said Emperor Tian Long, without opening his eyes. His voice was ice-cold though.

“Teacher, you’re so smart!” said the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He immediately disappeared from there with a few people.

After Mu Feng killed the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle’s battle stage, cultivators took more and more time to back on the stage. They began to pretend that they needed more time to send their people. Besides, each time they sent people, they sent the weakest ones, so people understood what Tian Long Divine Castle was doing. They were doing the same thing as the Qi Clan, they were giving Mu Feng points.

At some point, Mu Feng was surprised because Tian Long Divine Castle had sent a girl to the stage!

Mu Feng was speechless. He wasn’t the only one, everybody was.

“Hahaha, Tian Long Divine Castle is so funny! How ridiculous!” Mu Feng burst into laughter and said to the referee, “Take my victory points!”

Tian Long Divine Castle’s people turned red with fury, their cheeks were burning.

“During the second round, send the nine princes to kill him! We’ll see what he does then!” said Emperor Tian Long.

Mu Feng jumped off the stage. Very quickly, that girl was thrown off the stage by a challenger who took her victory points. After that, Mu Feng wanted to go back to their battle stage, but Mu Feng saw a cultivator with ninety-nine victory points arrive to their stage. He lost, giving his ninety-nine victory points to the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle, instantly allowing them to qualify for the next round.

“The meeting of the emperors is fun, but it’s not related to strength or cultivation, it’s just a huge theme park! The Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle are so funny! They are weak, but they still find ways to get qualified. However, even if they qualify, they’ll soon die anyways!” said Mu Feng as he stopped paying attention to them. He couldn’t kill their most outstanding cultivators since they didn’t send them to the stage, but at least, he had made them lose some face!

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