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PMG Chapter 1385: An Imperial Dialogue

PMG Chapter 1385: An Imperial Dialogue

“Bastard!” shouted someone from the top of Qi Tian Peak.

There were many grey areas with the rules and the Qi Clan had made it that way on purpose. They benefited from those grey areas and so did Tian Long Divine Castle. Mu Feng benefited from them too, but not as obviously as them. However, why were the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle not acting as discreet? Mu Feng wouldn’t have been so obvious if they hadn’t started it first.

Die, die, die!

“During the second round, I must kill him!” said Qi Qian Ren furiously.

At that moment, Emperor Qi opened his eyes and looked directly at Mu Feng, surprising him. He raised his head and looked back at the emperor.

“Emperor Qi!” Mu Feng’s eyes were filled with aggressive demonic intent. It seemed that even the emperor didn’t scare him.

The Qi Clan had repeatedly attacked Tiantai and had banished him, they had also tried to kill his friends and family. Mu Feng only had one thing on his mind: to kill them!

“You’re right, I made a mistake. The rules weren’t perfect, so let’s change them now. If someone loses a battle, they will be eliminated and can’t continue participating at the meeting of the emperors. That way, these problems won’t keep happening. What do the other emperors think?” asked Emperor Qi. Even though he was furious, he looked calm and serene.

“That guy surprisingly made the emperor change the rules!” thought the crowd.

“I agree!”

“I agree too!” said the emperors from Tian Long Divine Castle and of the Si Kong Clan immediately.

“I agree as well!” said the emperor from the Church of Desire. They were all staring at Mu Feng. They wanted to see what he would do if he couldn’t offer victory points to other people. How many people could Mu Feng kill without losing? If Mu Feng made it to their battle stage, they’d have their cultivators surrender.

All the emperors agreed. Even if some of them didn’t, they had no choice but to agree.

“Are you satisfied now?” asked Emperor Qi to Mu Feng.

“I don’t care. You guys were the only ones who took advantage of the grey areas of the rules. I was just playing along with you.” said Mu Feng in a cold way.

“He’s not scared of offending Emperor Qi?” thought the crowd. If he managed to become a cultivation emperor someday, he’d kill them too!

“So you understood.” said Emperor Qi smiling indifferently. What he meant was that Mu Feng had understood how emperors played with the rules, and surprisingly, he had recklessly done the same.

“Of course, I understood!” said Mu Feng smiling. Then he jumped and landed next to the Qi Clan’s battle stage.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” if someone threatened Mu Feng, he usually killed them. Even if he couldn’t offer victory points anymore, he could still kill a hundred people, he wanted to see how many victims the Qi Clan would give him.

Emperor Qi slowly closed his eyes and whispered to Qi Qian Xing, who was behind him, “Make him tired first and then use the power of the empire.”

“Roger!” said Qi Qian Xing nodding. His father was furious and wanted Mu Feng to die.

Mu Feng was waiting next for the battle stage. After a short while, someone descended from the sky. That cultivator had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer and had white eyes. He looked like a corpse and his Qi was ice-cold.

“Eh?” Mu Feng frowned. What a strange person, but he didn’t care. He jumped onto the battle stage.

The battle began and the cultivator threw himself at Mu Feng, like an animated body might throw itself at someone. Mu Feng punched him and his body exploded.

After that cultivator died, a second, a third, a fourth cultivator and so on came onto the stage. Quickly, Mu Feng had ten victories.

However, Mu Feng frowned because those people didn’t look like members of the Qi Clan. They had no blood and they were seemingly lifeless. They didn’t even look scared before dying.

“Zombies!” After Mu Feng killed the eleventh cultivator, he left the battle stage because he didn’t want to waste his time fighting against dead people. The Qi Clan really was shameless.

The members of the Qi Clan were surprised when they saw him leave. They wanted to offer him a hundred victories, but he didn’t seem to want to take them.

After Mu Feng left, he went to kill a cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle and then glanced around, watching the battles.

“Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan were well prepared. I need to become stronger and when the right time comes, I’ll kill their geniuses.” thought Lin Feng. He needed more time to become stronger before the end of the first round. Many strong cultivators had appeared during the first round, so the second round wouldn’t be easy.

Mu Feng went to the battle stages where cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were fighting. There were already many people around those battle stages. People who weren’t cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer could also participate, but it was risky.

Mu Feng stood a bit away from the battle stages because he didn’t want to get too close. Most of the crowd was the same because those battles were dangerous.

“A majority of cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer who are younger than two hundred years have broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer. There are very few people of the ninth Zun Qi layer, and they primarily belong to influential imperial groups.” thought Lin Feng.

Mu Feng got closer to the three battle stages and sat down cross-legged. He released his spirit and his eyes became pitch-black. He could now clearly and distinctly see each movement made on the three stages.

Time passed by in the valley. There were still many people, but less than before. Many had already died and those still alive were fighting. There were many people, and even after three days of battles, there were still many battles left. Only around Tiantai’s battle stage were there less people.

“Not many people from Tiantai battled, but each time a fighter showed up, they were incredibly strong. Emperor Yu didn’t even let Qiu Yue Xin battle, but I wonder if she will battle later. Emperor Yu seems to hope that each fighter they send will get qualified.”

During those three days, Tiantai sent more than thirty fighters and all of them qualified. Even though some assassins attacked them and made their battles difficult, they always ended up winning. Tiantai had few people, but in the end, they had the highest winning ratio.

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