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PMG Chapter 1386: Insane Battle

PMG Chapter 1386: Insane Battle

There was nobody left on Tiantai’s battle stage after the fifth day. All their members were back on a peak, sitting cross-legged. There were thirty-eight people who all had a golden number carved on their body: “100”. It meant that thirty-eight people from Tiantai were qualified to move on to the next level and thirty of them had been eliminated.

There were two reasons. First, those who had waited until the end were weak, they had planned to practice and see if they’d have the opportunity to win a hundred times near the end of the event. After the rules changed, they could no longer participate unlimitedly. The second reason involved assassins who continuously attacked them.

People were still fighting on some of the other battle stages. Apart from Tiantai, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer should also stop fighting soon. There were only few cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer and because they were so strong, people were more vigilant. Besides, their battles lasted longer than other battles.

“My teacher said it, that every Zun cultivator must walk their own path. They have to possess a pure heart and change the way they perceive and see life. The closer you are to becoming a cultivation emperor, the more you understand your path, your life and the consequences of your previous actions in life.” thought Lin Feng, still sitting down cross-legged.

During the past few days, he had been observing battles while not participating. He wanted to become stronger, so he decided to watch the battles between the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer most of the time.

Mu Feng had sensed their energies, he had observed their moves. He also understood their state of mind for they were usually calmer than ordinary people. It seemed like they controlled themselves better than most.

“I am now practicing demon cultivation, is that a path though?” thought Lin Feng. He had doubts. His demonic intent flowed throughout his body as he stood up and walked towards the battle stage where cultivators the top of the Zun Qi layer fought.

If he had a path to choose, it’d definitely be the path of a fighter!

“Eh?” a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, who had just defeated a cultivator, suddenly sensed Mu Feng’s oppressive energies in the distance. He turned around and looked at Mu Feng. Even though they were separated by ten thousand meters, he could still sense Mu Feng’s powerful energies. It was almost as powerful as his own Qi.

The cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer in the surroundings also sensed Mu Feng’s energies. A cultivator at the top of the second Zun Qi layer could oppress a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer?

“Let’s fight!” shouted a voice.

“Fight, fight, fight…” those words resonated in the atmosphere.

“Let’s fight!” shouted that cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer before he jumped forwards.

Mu Feng landed on the stage was suddenly surrounded by terrifying energies. The strength from the Earth and sky surrounded him. The space around them became sad, desolate, and gloomy. Energies were apocalyptically rolling in waves. Terrifying waves of energies moved towards that cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

“Boom boom!” their energies collided, making it look like a battle between titans.

“Kacha!” after that, the two cultivators collided for the first time and a few hundred-meter explosion appeared in the air.

Mu Feng was propelled backwards, but he felt more determined than ever. His demonic energies were still dashing to the skies. Then the force from the Earth and sky fused together with his demonic intent before he jumped again.


This time, Mu Feng had the impression his bones were going to break. He was propelled backwards again, but as before, he felt even more determined. Each successive attack became even more terrifying.

“Fight!” shouted Mu Feng again. Then, he then threw himself at the cultivator again. Blood splashed and his face became deathly pale, his organs felt like they were going to explode. However, he continued releasing demonic energies and making them fuse together with the force from the Earth and sky.

However, Mu Feng threw himself at the cultivator again. Each time they collided, the people around them shook their heads. Mu Feng was insane, was he masochist?

“He’s borrowing the force of the Earth and sky and transforming it!” realized some people.

Even the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, who Mu Feng was fighting, thought he was insane. He was injured and he kept healing himself with vitality strength. He looked insane, but at the same time, he admired Mu Feng. Unfortunately, he had to defeat him or else he wouldn’t be qualified.

“Die!” He said.

“Die!” shouted Mu Feng as well. Mu Feng seemed to become one with the Earth and sky at that moment. His fist collided with his opponent again, this time, he had condensed even more demonic energy inside.

“Boom!” Mu Feng wasn’t propelled backwards this time, instead, he was steadily standing on the stage. His eyes became even darker as he stared back at his opponent.

“Die, die, die!” shouted Mu Feng furiously. He continuously released death energies from his fist and he punched his opponent over and over again. Both of them disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision as the Qi surrounded them.

“My Deadly Demon Punch seems even more perfect when I fuse it together with the force of the Earth and sky. It seems to be three times more powerful.” thought Lin Feng. He had many thoughts at the same time. He was analyzing the battle in real-time to see how he could become stronger. If he could break through to the third Zun Qi layer, that’d be for the best.

The cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer was doing the same thing as Mu Feng, he was analyzing his own moves and Mu Feng’s. He wanted to understand why he couldn’t defeat him.

“I’ll try to absorb the insane demon strength and make it fuse together with my blood and soul.” thought Lin Feng. A demon king silhouette then appeared, empowering his Qi even more.

Mu Feng’s blood was boiling and flames had appeared in his eyes.

“He’ll break through to the third Zun Qi layer if this continues!” thought the crowd after they sensed Mu Feng’s Qi!

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