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PMG Chapter 1397: Hopeless Seventh Prince

PMG Chapter 1397: Hopeless Seventh Prince

After Qi Xiao killed the cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai, he glanced at people from Tiantai in a cold way.

Then, he rose up in the air and went back to the top of Qi Tian Peak. The Qi Clan and Tiantai didn’t need to exchange words, they only had to look at each other to know what the others were feeling.

After the Qi Clan, it was the Si Kong Clan’s turn to send a fighter. This time, the Si Kong Clan sent a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer and he chose a fighter from Tiantai as well. Tiantai had four cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, three cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer and one of the eighth. The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan wanted to kill all the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai, that way, Tiantai wouldn’t be able to cope with their own cultivators in the end.

“Tiantai is doomed. Emperor Si Kong and Emperor Qi must have discussed this matter before the meeting of the emperors.” thought the crowd.

Tiantai’s people now understood what the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan had planned. After that, Mu Chen said to his people, “Not many of our people will be able to survive until the end. Please remember that you must think about your life first. You’ll have another opportunity in a hundred years. Besides, in less than a hundred years, Tiantai will rise.”

As expected, the second cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai didn’t die, but was eliminated. The cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer from the Si Kong Clan had defeated the cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer from Tiantai. The best cultivators of Tiantai were mainly medium-level Zun cultivators, so this wasn’t that surprising

After that, the Wen Clan sent Wen Ao Xue who chose an opponent from the Qi Clan: a medium-level Zun cultivator. Wen Ao Xue had reached the top of the third Zun Qi layer, and he controlled murder abstruse energies. Just like Wen Tian Ge who controlled murder, speed and empty space abstruse energies. They were even better at controlling empty space abstruse energies than the Qi Clan. Wen Ao Xue made quick work of his opponent.

After that, the others continued fighting. The other groups didn’t choose people from the six main groups though, because they didn’t want to get involved.

But when it was the Celestial Palace of the Immortals’ turn, they chose a cultivator from the Qi Clan. The opponent forgot that Jun Mo Xi had an imperial immortal body and got too close to him. Jun Mo Xi easily won. Besides, when he punched his opponent’s head, making it explode, Jun Mo Xi absorbed his opponent’s vitality and recovered himself quickly. An imperial immortal body was even better than controlling life abstruse energies.

After Wen Ao Xue and Jun Mo Xi, Xiao Yu landed on the battle stage and also chose a cultivator from the Qi Clan. He completely destroyed a medium-level Zun cultivator.

Two medium-level Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan had died and one was injured. Three medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan had already been eliminated.

Many people were excited while the members of the Qi Clan looked furious.

After that, Yi Ren Lei battled and she also chose a cultivator from the Qi Clan: a medium-level Zun cultivator. She also killed her opponent!

Yuan Fei from the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit looked at the people from the Qi Clan and said arrogantly, “A bunch of cunts, cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer dared kill my brother. You shameless bitches! And now you dare attack my brother’s wife. I’ll destroy some of you to avenge his death!”

Yuan Fei chose a medium-level Zun cultivator and crushed his head with his wooden stick. However, just before Yuan Fei was going to kill him for good, the cultivator jumped off the stage.

Then, it was Tian Long Divine Castle’s turn. The Qi Clan had already lost three people and two of their fighters were injured. Five of their cultivators had been eliminated in total.

“I’ll go and kill him!” said the seventh prince. He jumped forwards releasing bestial Qi. Of course, he was talking about Mu Feng.

“Let me go. I’m stronger.” said the fifth prince, releasing a bestial Qi too. Even though Mu Feng was arrogant, he was, without a doubt, strong. His Deadly Demon Punch was terrifying. And when he had killed Qi Tian Xu, he had released some demon Qi with empty space energy in it. The seventh prince might be too weak to deal with that demon cultivator.

The fifth prince had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer and his cultivation level was thus higher than Mu Feng’s, he also had a powerful dragon spirit. Even cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer couldn’t compete with him. Killing Mu Feng probably wouldn’t be difficult for him. Concerning the fourth prince, he was even stronger. He could easily kill cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer.

“I’ll go and kill him.” said the seventh prince rushing over to the stage. All the members from Tian Long Divine Castle were surprised and exasperated.

“He has a bad temper.” said the fourth prince, making the fifth prince smile wryly.

“Father, what do you think?” asked the fourth prince to Emperor Tian Long in a low voice. Emperor Tian Long rarely expressed his opinion.

“If Mu Feng hasn’t hidden his real strength, he is, at most, as strong as Little Seven. Mu Feng has probably hidden his real strength, but I still think that Little Seven can defeat him with some difficult. He shouldn’t have any problems protecting himself, at least. Besides, thanks to him, we’ll also see how strong Mu Feng really is.” replied Emperor Tian Long.

The seventh prince also needed experience, he needed to go through difficult battles. Therefore, he didn’t prevent the seventh prince from going to the battle stage. If he won against Mu Feng, it would be good, if he lost, it wouldn’t be a problem, he would learn from it instead.

The seventh prince landed on the battle stage and looked at Mu Feng, shouting furiously, “Mu Feng, I’ll kill you now!”

Mu Feng had been waiting, finally, someone chose him. That person was one of the nine people they had talked about. He was the one who had tried to kill Meng Qing before.

“Boom!” Mu Feng jumped in the air and demonic Qi whistled. The force of the Earth and sky surrounded him, his eyes were pitch-black, his Qi was pure, he could easily oppress people of the fourth and fifth Zun Qi layer with that strength.

“Roar…”It seemed like there was an army of dragon around the seventh prince.

“One of the nine trump cards from Tian Long Divine Castle.” thought the crowd.

Mu Feng amazed and astonished people because his cultivation level was so low. His cultivation level was the lowest amongst people who could defeat cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, but each group had their trump cards. They could resist or even kill Mu Feng if they used them. Therefore, Emperor Qi had made the rules that way. He had hoped that Tian Long Divine Castle would send their princes to deal with Mu Feng.

But would Mu Feng lose?

“That battle should be incredible. Maybe we’ll get to see Mu Feng use his full power. We’ve only rarely seen him before and now he’s rising at the meeting of the emperors.” thought the crowd. Mu Feng was mysterious.


“Roar, roar…” Mu Feng slowly walked forwards. The seventh prince was surprised by this nonchalant demeanor. Mu Feng released cursing energies, leaving the seventh prince feeling like he was going to die. Death Qi then surrounded and started draining his life.

Mu Feng had used his demon-curse and his death-curse techniques on him at the same time. He was also using demonic intent and singing his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song. The seventh prince really thought that he was at the end of his life.

His face turned grey as began to look like a corpse. It seemed that the seventh prince had underestimated Mu Feng. Everybody had underestimated him. Demon energy was rolling in waves and the seventh prince was hopeless, without a chance to attack.

Mu Feng raised his fist, readying to use his Deadly Demon Punch. He also condensed the force of the Earth and sky in it, as well as immortal abstruse energies. The earth shook a dozen times under its weight. It no longer looked like a Deadly Demon Punch, it looked like a Deva-Mara Punch!

“Boom!” Emperor Tian Long suddenly released a terrifying Qi. Even though he didn’t attack Mu Feng, he could somehow sense how the seventh prince was feeling in that trance!

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    Revenge is sweetest

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    Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.
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    Yuan fei used his wooden stick. I thought weapons are not allowed

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      good point… well i think the author messed this part up or haven’t thought about any other abilities for him

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        It was not a holy weapon. His wooden stick technique is superior so it does the job.

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