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PMG Chapter 1398: Fu Hei – Outwardly Kind but Inwardly Evil!

PMG Chapter 1398: Fu Hei – Outwardly Kind but Inwardly Evil!

“Argh, argh argh…” the seventh prince was shouting. His brain was shaking violently from the demonic intent. He raised his fist and condensed dragon energies, trying to amount something. However, that Deadly Demon Punch crashed onto his arm and instantly made it explode. Then, rumbling sounds spread in the air as Mu Feng punched the seventh prince’s head, which also exploded.

“Fuck off!” shouted Mu Feng. He kicked the seventh prince’s corpse and made it fly back to the members of Tian Long Divine Castle. The corpse flew so fast that it emitted whistling sounds.

“He killed him in one punch!” the crowd was astonished. No words could describe how they felt, especially the members from the Qi Clan, Tian Long Divine Castle and the Si Kong Clan. They were shook by Mu Feng’s hidden strength. They knew he was so strong, but not that strong.

The seventh prince didn’t even have time to use his full strength, he died too quickly. Mu Feng had oppressed him from the beginning of the battle, if it could be called a battle. Had Mu Feng used his full strength now? Nobody knew how strong Mu Feng really was.

Many thought about Lin Feng. Lin Feng was a lot like Mu Feng. However, Mu Feng was even more incredible than Lin Feng now, he had suddenly appeared and was directly killing the emperors’ sons in front of them.

Of course, the members from Tian Long Divine Castle were both upset and mad when saw the seventh prince’s corpse. Emperor Tian Long tried to remain calm, but he couldn’t, he looked furious.

“Little Seven, it’s my fault.” said Emperor Tian Long looking at the seventh prince. Little Seven wasn’t his biological son, he was his adopted son. He was stronger than Emperor Tian Long’s biological sons because he had made great efforts to make Emperor Tian Long proud. He wanted to kill Mu Feng to prove to Emperor Tian Long how strong he was.

“Father, I’ll definitely kill him.” said the fifth prince, clenching his fists so hard that they emitting crackling sounds.

“I’ll kill him when it’s my turn.” said the fourth prince. The fourth prince was the strongest prince apart from the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He had reached the very top of the sixth Zun Qi layer. One more step and he’d be a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He could even defeat cultivators of the seventh or eighth Zun Qi layer.

“We’ll see.” said Emperor Tian Long. Mu Feng had already left the battle stage and made it back to Tiantai. He looked expressionless.

After Tian Long Divine Castle, there were many other groups left to go. Next was the Fire Mountain’s turn to choose an opponent. Fu Hei went to the battle stage and the crowd looked at him. It was difficult to imagine that he was one of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang given his dumb-looking appearance. According to the Diviner, he was extremely strong. He’d even become an emperor within the next eighty years, maybe thirty, or even ten.

Fu Hei’s mouth twitched, then, he pointed at the Qi Clan and called upon a medium-level Zun cultivator, “You, you… yes, you, don’t look at the others. Come here, please.”

The cultivator from the Qi Clan finally understood that Fu Hei was pointing at him, so he was furious. Fu Hei and him weren’t enemies, they didn’t even know each other. So why did Fu Hei choose him?

None of the other groups wanted to join the Qi Clan, Tian Long and the Si Kong Clan’s alliance it seemed. On top of that, now, Fu Hei from the Fire Mountain was challenging them.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome man before?” asked Fu Hei when he saw that that cultivator from the Qi Clan were staring at him strangely.

“…” the cultivator of the Qi Clan was speechless. All the other groups were staring at them too. Just what was going on? Was Fire Mountain one of Tiantai’s allies?

“Fu Hei, if you offend the Qi Clan, you’ll regret it.” said that strong cultivator while jumping onto the fighting stage.

“Are you from the Qi Clan?” asked Fu Hei.

“Eh…” that cultivator’s mouth twitched. Fu Hei had chosen him as an opponent, hadn’t he seen that he was from the Qi Clan?

“What the hell are you on about?” asked that cultivator. Fu Hei walked towards him, he looked annoyed.

“Could you ask Emperor Qi if we could bury the hatchet?” asked Fu Hei in a fragile voice. That person was confused. He turned around and looked at the people at Qi Tian Peak.

“Be careful!” shouted an extremely loud voice. The cultivator from the Qi Clan suddenly sensed some energies, so he immediately used his Empty Space Agility Technique to escape.

“Boom!” However, a powerful fireball crashed onto his body and started burning him alive.

“No…” shouted that cultivator in pain. He was going insane as the fire was chewing through his flesh. No one could see him anymore, as the terrifying black flames had completely consumed him. He looked at Fu Hei, but he was already far away as if all this had nothing to do with him.

“Once on the battle stage, we’re enemies. Here we’re supposed to fight, sometimes to death. How come you believed me?” said Fu Hei compassionately. He almost sounded sad for his enemy. His death was even more tragic than the seventh prince’s death.

“Fu Hei…” the crowd was covered with cold sweat. That guy was outwardly kind, but inwardly evil (translator’s note: that’s a joke because the name “Fu Hei” (付黑) is a homophone of another word “腹黑” which means “ outwardly kind but inwardly evil”). Besides, Fu Hei had moved extremely fast when the Qi Clan’s strong cultivator had used his Empty Space Agility Technique. Initially, many people didn’t know that Fu Hei also controlled speed abstruse energies.

“That’s the sixth one!” thought some people looking at the members of the Qi Clan. Six of their people had been eliminated  and four of them had died. The first round of battles of the last round of the meeting hadn’t even ended and they had already lost six people.

It was only the first round!

“Black flames!” thought Lin Feng frowning. It looked like demon fire Qi.

After that, the next battles were also incredible. Finally, it was Tiantai’s turn. Everybody looked at them, who were they going to choose?

One cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai had died and another one was injured. On the side of the Qi Clan, four people had died and two were injured. On the side of Tian Long Divine Castle, one prince had died. In other words, Tiantai and their allies had the advantage so far. And now Tiantai would have the opportunity to eliminate someone else.

“Chen Hai, go and choose an opponent similar to you, but maybe a little bit stronger. If you lose, it’s not a problem.” said Mu Chen to a disciple of Tiantai. Chen Hai was surprised but nodded. He understood what Mu Chen meant. If he chose an opponent that was slightly stronger, he would become stronger if he won.

The crowd realized why Tiantai had sent a cultivator who seemed insignificant. It was because Tiantai didn’t want their weaker cultivators to get killed before they used their pick.

Chen Hai was grateful. He chose someone a bit stronger than him and it was an insane battle. They were both injured, but he had no regret. If Mu Chen hadn’t sent him, he may have died in the ensuing rounds.

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    Yay im first

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    Wait i have a feeling yan di somehow stole fu hei’s body

    • Blackbird May 13, 2018 at 11:38 pm - Reply

      Emperor Yan Di probably made him as slave, I can’t remember what chapters but Yan di was going to make him his disciple, probably forced him.

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    Ahaha, return of the corpse punt. I hope Lin Feng still does this in his main identity instead of leaving it to the black mage version

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    “Chen Hai, go and choose an opponent similar to you, but maybe a little bit stronger. If you lose, it’s not a problem.” said Mu Chen to a disciple of Tiantai.
    So it is better if he fights a stronger opponent and gains a bit of experience and gets eliminated than if he fights a weaker opponent and gains less experience and gets the price the final 200 get? It sounded like those resources would be pretty dang good.

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