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PMG Chapter 140: Lin Feng’s Battle

Final chapter sponsored by Robert B, special thanks to him for reigniting the war against the queue.

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At the Celestial Academy, people who studied military tactics and those who studied governmental affairs were usually not on good terms. There had always been tensions between the two categories of students.

Not only military students liked to come to The Prisoner Arena, political students also liked to come and watch the fights… but they generally preferred spending their time within the Market District to get valuable items which were for sale.

A lot of people like to come to The Prisoner Arena because it provided insights into battle, however it normally required courage.

When the military student joined the fights in The Prisoner Area, they could improve their abilities as fighters and gain insight onto the path of enlightenment. They had to be brave as it was a great challenge to their courage. However, those who studied political affairs didn’t require these skills, they were not hot blooded and often liked to work in the shadows.

For those studying political affairs, the military students who engaged in battles in the Prisoner Arena were simply stupid brutes. Risking their life for a few purity stones was a stupid thing to do. They were probably all from poor and insignificant families.

The political students enjoyed coming to the Prisoner Arena to watch battles especially when military students were involved. The political students became really excited each time they saw a military student get devoured by a ferocious beast or get killed by a cultivation slave.

“You are Lin Feng, right? The reason why you came here is because you want to become stronger now that you have challenged Hei Mo, correct?” said a young man in yellow clothes sitting next to Bai Ze and then added: “You cannot get killed by a ferocious beast before your fight against Hei Mo! We are all too impatient and excited to see you make a fool of yourself!”

Lin Feng glanced at Bai Ze. These people obviously knew who Lin Feng was because of Bai Ze. However, Lin Feng didn’t know any of them.

Therefore, Lin Feng glanced at the young man in yellow clothes and then turned around and looked at the cage. With such people, the best reaction was to ignore them and continue as if they didn’t exist.

Wealthy and noble cultivators were arrogant and thought they were set high above others. When they said something, people would always listen to them or at least they wouldn’t ignore them.

The fact that Lin Feng ignored him made the young man in yellow clothes furious. He was stupefied. The smile that he had on his face slowly turned into an evil expression. He then said coldly and loud enough so that everybody could hear him: “Are you deaf? Can you not hear what I’m telling you?” …But as before, Lin Feng ignored him.

“I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!” Lin Feng just continued to ignore him, the young man in yellow clothes was flying into a rage from shame as it had now attracted people’s attention. Cold Qi was being released from his body.

“How noisy!” said Wen Ao Xue while scratching his head. He then turned around and shouted at the young man: “Do you realize that you’re just like a noisy barking dog?”

The young man in yellow was stunned. His heart was violently pounding in his chest. Usually, he was the one who insulted other people by calling them a dog, not the other way around!

“Or do you bark like this because you are actually the son of a dog?”” added Wen Ao Xue sounding extremely firm.

“He dared to challenge Hei Mo, do you think that you are stronger than Hei Mo? What do you intend to do?” asked the young man in yellow clothes with an evil expression in his eyes. He was intensely staring at Wen Ao Xue with murderous intentions and said: “A dog? Do you know who you are provoking now?”

Wen Ao Xue remained silent and turned around without looking at the young man. He then comfortably sat down on his chair and said in a cold tone: “Don’t think that because your family name is Yu, you can act arrogantly to whomever you wish. Even if your family is Yu, you are still a dog… and trying to make a show of your strength here would just be pathetic and ridiculous.”

Wen Ao Xue was calm when saying these words. The young man in yellow clothes was stupefied. How did Wen Ao Xue know his family name was Yu? Besides, he knew that his name was Yu and still didn’t hesitate to humiliate him in public!

When Liu Fei heard that his family name was Yu, she turned around and looked at him. Then, she immediately looked at Wen Ao Xue again.

The Yu Clan was extremely powerful within the Imperial City and was worshiped by many people. Even though Wen Ao Xue knew his name, he still didn’t care! It seemed like Wen Ao Xue was not easy to deal with!

“Yu!” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng had already heard that family name and not only once!

In the Xue Yue Country the strongest clans and sects were the Imperial Clan, then the Yue Clan, the Yu Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, the Hao Yue Sect, the Yun Hai Sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village and the Luo Xia Sect.

These eight groups of people were influential across the entire country and were known to be extremely strong. Since the Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed there were only seven left… amongst which four powers of influence were in the Imperial City.

Impressively, the young man in yellow clothes was probably a member of the Yu Clan.

But at that moment, the sound of roaring ferocious beasts woke Lin Feng up from his thoughts. Then, an old man entered in the cage.

“Ferocious beast, Lizard!” The crowd was very excited. The lizard had extremely strong defence but was also as agile as a tiger. It was extremely strong.

“I don’t know who will dare to enter the cage now but in any case, it will be another spectacular battle!” thought the crowd. The crowd was wondering how many people that lizard had already killed before that battle. It was probably a huge amount!

“Those who own this place constantly have to fill it with slaves and ferocious beasts, are they not losing money when they get killed? Besides, they also have to give purity stones to the winners!” asked Lin Feng who was perplexed at the idea of The Prisoner Arena. Surprisingly, the owners of The Prisoner Arena always had slaves and beasts to put inside, if some of them died every day, was their project economically viable?

“When these slaves and ferocious beasts arrive, they are not necessarily very strong. Even if they get killed, it is not such a big deal. They rely on the experience that the slaves and beasts gain with each battle. Ferocious beasts become stronger and long for more blood with each battle. The slaves also become strong and stronger as they fight to the death. Because they grow stronger with experience they become more expensive… then, the owners take them out and sell them for a high price. This is precisely their goal. We come here to become stronger and increase our cultivation abilities… well the owners do the same, we use them to become stronger but they also use us to make their beasts and slaves become stronger.”

Lin Feng was surprised. He was far from even considering something like that. These ferocious beasts and slaves, if they won a great deal of deadly battles then they could become extremely powerful which was beneficial to their owners. Besides, they also became more valuable as they became stronger.

“As far as purity stones are concerned, we already have to pay an entrance tax everytime we want to come inside to fight or watch. Even though it’s not expensive, think about the number of people who come here every day. Besides, those who sit in the first rows of the viewing platforms have to pay more. Imagine the amount of money they make every day from admission to the viewing platforms.” explained Wen Ao Xue to Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and shook his head. Lin Feng had just drawn conclusions too quickly. He had neglected the fact that everybody had to pay something when they came into the arena.

At that moment, the old man announced: “Lizard, Beast of the Fourth Ling level. Twenty-eight victories!”

Everybody sighed in amazement when they heard the old man. That lizard was terrifying! It had already killed so many people!

“That means twenty purity stones of medium quality for someone at or above the fourth Ling Qi layer and a hundred purity stones of medium quality for someone under the fourth Ling Qi layer.” continued the old man.

“Twenty purity stones of medium quality… That’s so many!” thought Lin Feng. Twenty purity stones of medium quality was the equivalent of two thousand purity stones of lower quality. That was enough to practice on the fourth floor of the cultivation tower for two years. Two years in the cultivation tower, what a terrifying power one could gain from two years inside the tower!

“But putting one’s life at stake to become rich is also terrifying!” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng had realized that the Yun Hai Sect was actually quite poor. The owner of The Prisoner Arena owned so many purity stones that it was frightening!

Twenty purity stones of medium quality were enough to buy a strong slave, a very good martial skill or an agility technique.

When Lin Feng realized that, he stood up without hesitation and said indifferently: “I will participate in the next battle!”

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