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PMG Chapter 1404: Throwing Stones At Somebody Who Has Fallen Down A Well!

PMG Chapter 1404: Throwing Stones At Somebody Who Has Fallen Down A Well!

Qi Lin jumped forwards and descended from Qi Tian Peak. In a flash, he landed on the battle stage and faced Tian Chi. He also knew how famous Tian Chi was, but he didn’t know how strong Tian Chi had become since those rumors.

“Punishment, Sinner Killer!” said Tian Chi, putting his palms together and sitting cross-legged. He looked pure, innocent, and majestic. Golden lights were twinkling around him and his blood was boiling. A Buddha then appeared behind him.

“Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih…”

“Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih…” Tian Chi starting chanting the Mantra of Manjushri. Each syllable turned into a soundwave which contained terrifying energies.

“Is that the Great Compassion Mantra?” some people in the crowd thought they had recognized the mantra.

“No, it has eight syllables. This must be the Mantra of Manjushri.”

The members of the Celestial Thunder Temple were in disbelief. Tiantai had two amazing Buddhist monks, Ban Ruo who knew the Sapta Atibuddha Karasaniya Dharani Mantra and Tian Chi who knew the Mantra of Manjushri.

A mantra which had eight syllables was undeniably more powerful than a mantra with only six syllables.

“Roar!” It was as if the Mantra of Manjushri had attracted the power of a lion. Golden lions appeared in the air and moved towards Qi Lin.

“Slash…” Qi Lin was surrounded by dazzling lights and a sword took shape in his hand.

“Boom!” the lions roared and destroyed the lights, then they continued moving forwards. Qi Lin raised his sword and slashed the air ahead of him. An infinite amount of golden strength passed next to him, both on his left and right. Directly in front of him, his sword was slowly rising.

His empty space sword even more powerful than a medium-level holy weapon, it matched the strength of a high-level holy weapon.

Tian Chi didn’t seem to care too much about the sword. He continued chanting mantras in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, far-reaching Brahma voice. The Buddha behind Tian Chi raised his gigantic hand like the rising sun. Then, what looked like a fireball appeared. Actually, it was the energy of the sun which was turning into a sword.

“Vairocana?” thought Lin Feng.

“Vairocana Sword? How can he be so strong?” the members from the Celestial Thunder Temple were all chatting about it.

Qi Lin couldn’t even open his eyes anymore because of the dazzling lights. He still attacked with his sword, but the Vairocana was descending towards him.

“Boom!” The empty space sword landed on Tian Chi, but at that moment, he was surrounded by golden lights and his body was incredibly dense. A metallic ringing sound resounded from the blow.

The gigantic Vairocana neared Qi Lin, and explosions sounded. Then, Qi Lin disappeared, reappearing in front of Tian Chi while condensing another empty space sword. He condensed it with the one he had just made. This time, he was aiming at Tian Chi’s third eye.

“Roar… roar…” the lions appeared again and roared, making Qi Lin shake violently. His sword was incredible sharp, but he still couldn’t manage to cut Tian Chi’s body.

“Vairocana skills and techniques are just as incredible as the rumors.” thought the strong cultivators from the Celestial Thunder Temple.

“Die, die, die!” shouted Qi Lin. His eyes were bloodshot now, his voice was hoarse, but he continued attacking Tian Chi with his empty space sword. He hit Tian Chi’s head, neck, chest, all of them were strikes aimed to kill.

“He’s insane if he thinks he can kill Tian Chi.”

“Replacement!” said Tian Chi. In a flash, Qi Lin’s next sword cut Tian Chi’s body into two. The crowd was astonished, so much so that they could barely breathe. The Buddha behind Tian Chi opened his eyes and threw his gigantic hand towards Qi Lin.

“Tian Chi!” the crowd recognized those eyes. Tian Chi and the Buddha had exchanged bodies. The body Qi Lin cut in-two with his sword then turned into a million golden stars.

“Bzzz!” A terrifying strength rolled in waves. Qi Lin wanted to escape, but it was too late. The gigantic buddha hand grabbed him.

“No!” shouted Qi Lin furiously. The gigantic Buddha looked at the people at the top of Qi Tian Peak and said, “The Qi Clan only has five more people. There’s only one more medium-level Zun cultivator!”

Right after he said that, a horrible shriek sounded as he crushed Qi Lin. Then, the gigantic Buddha broke apart and Tian Chi appeared from inside. Then, he went back to his friends from Tiantai.

“If Qi Qian Ren gets killed by Mu Feng, the Qi Clan won’t have any more medium-level Zun cultivators left for the meeting of the emperors.”

“In five years, ten years, or even twenty years, how strong will Tiantai be?” thought the crowd. But they didn’t think too much about it. It was pretty obvious about what would happen if Tiantai’s strength grew in the coming years.

Then, it was the Qi Clan’s turn again. The Qi Clan sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight. Qi Qian Ren was still waiting for Mu Feng to challenge him. The cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer chose a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Wen Clan: a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. The Qi Clan’s cultivator eliminated the cultivator from the Wen Clan after a grand battle.

The Si Kong Clan sent a medium-level Zun cultivator who also chose a medium-level Zun cultivator from the Wen Clan and managed to eliminate him. Then, it was the Wen Clan’s turn. They got their revenge and sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer who had eliminated one of them during the previous round. The battle was great and terrifying, but in the end, the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Wen Clan won. He had eliminated the cultivator of the Qi Clan, but didn’t kill him.

“Qi Qian Yun is extremely strong, he’s not any weaker than a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer. Not to mention Qi Yao’s strength.” thought the crowd. Then, it was the Deva-Mara Palace’s turn. They sent a demon cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to face a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer who had fought against Meng Qing before. The cultivator of the Deva-Mara Palace won and had eliminated the cultivator from the Qi Clan, leaving the Qi Clan with only three people left.

It was the turn of the Abyss of Sufferings and they sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight Qi Yao.

Then, the strong cultivator from the Abyss of Sufferings eliminated Qi Yao!

It reminded everybody of a proverb: “to throw stones at somebody who fell down a well”.

Many people thought of something, if Tiantai didn’t have such incredible disciples, they would have probably been the ones at the bottom of the well!

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