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PMG Chapter 1408: Slaughter!

PMG Chapter 1408: Slaughter!

“Tiantai’s people are all direct disciples!” If Mu Feng was Lin Feng, it meant that all the qualified fighters were the emperors’ direct disciples.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng and then at the people from Tiantai. They were trying to imagine how powerful Tiantai would become.

At the top of the mountain where Tiantai’s people were, Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were smiling radiantly.

“Haha, that’s Lin Feng, our brother! Did you and our teacher know that already?” asked Xing Zhan to Mu Chen smiling. “Of course.”

“Hehe, we’re the eleven direct disciples. We’ll see who can eliminate us now!”

“Nobody and none of us will die for we must see Lin Feng through properly, and then we must conquer Ba Huang together!” said Li Hen smiling happily. Many of them had heard of Lin Feng, but they had never seen him. They didn’t even know what his real face looked like.

“Lin Feng, brother, you’ll have to show us what you really look like.”

Lin Feng laughed and took off his mask. Everybody now knew that Mu Feng was Lin Feng, the incredible and legendary Lin Feng.

“What a great mask! We can’t even see through it!” thought the crowd. It was easy to recognize ordinary masks, but nobody could see through that Mu Feng’s mask.

Lin Feng looked at the people from Tiantai and smiled, “I couldn’t greet you all before, sorry.”

“Haha, no problem, we understand. At least you’re safe and sound now. That’s awesome!”

“Right, that’s really great!”

What a tragedy for the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle.

“Lin Feng, what a great guy!” said Emperor Deva-Mara, smiling. He wasn’t disappointed, he was even happier. Cultivators like Lin Feng would easily become an emperor, which meant he was even more likely to receive ancient scriptures.

“Haha, brother, I knew you wouldn’t die that easily!” Yuan Fei laughed happily and loudly.

Many beautiful girls were amazed, even the empress looked at Yi Ren Lei and smiled thinly.

“How didn’t you die in that damn broken fissure!” Qi Qian Xing wasn’t as happy as the others. Rather, he was furious. He hadn’t managed to kill a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, and on top of that, he had come back even stronger.

“You’re disappointed, right?” said Lin Feng, smiling at Qi Qian Xing. “As long as the Qi Clan hasn’t been destroyed, I can’t possibly die.”

“Did Mu Chen save you?” asked Qi Qian Xing. He had banished Lin Feng himself, so Qi Qian Xing was wondering how someone could have saved him under those circumstances.

“Why do you care? You just need to know that I, Lin Feng, am still alive. Besides, I’m convinced you won’t forget about me until you die!” said Lin Feng smiling. His eyes became pitch-black again.

“Qian Ren, go down!” shouted Qi Qian Xing to Qi Qian Ren. His arm wouldn’t grow back again, the wound was too severe and it was filled with death energy.

He knew he had to leave, but while Lin Feng was talking to them, he had released cold energies to surround Qi Qian Ren. He knew that if he moved, Lin Feng would kill him immediately. Qi Qian Ren was a bit annoyed though because Qi Qian Xing, by calling him, had kind of reminded Lin Feng that he was still fighting.

Qi Qian Ren didn’t care about Mu Feng or Lin Feng, he just wanted to stay alive. He had lost an arm and he could no longer use his Qi properly. He hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t kill him, that they’d fight again some other day.

“Qi Qian Ren!” shouted Lin Feng, furiously startling Qi Qian Ren. He looked at Lin Feng and looked straight into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes.

“Qi Qian Ren, you have already lost an arm. If you kneel down and beg for your life, I won’t kill you.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Qi Qian Ren thought his brain was going to explode, it was filled with so much demon-cursing strength. Qi Qian Ren’s determination was extremely weak at that moment.

“Kneel down!” shouted Lin Feng aggressively. Qi Qian Ren’s legs were shaking, making it look like he was going to kneel down.

“Qi Qian Ren is waiting for an opportunity and so is Lin Feng. Qi Qian Ren doesn’t want to give Lin Feng an opportunity to kill him, but Lin Feng isn’t going to let him off either.” thought the crowd.

“No…” shouted Qi Qian Ren furiously. He released empty space energy again and enveloped his body with his spirit.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao Agility technique, coupled with wind abstruse energy to catch-up to him.

“Bzzz!” Qi Qian Ren tried to use his Empty Space Agility Technique to escape, he even reached the edge of the battle stage.

He was wrapped up in his picture scroll spirit by the time Lin Feng caught up with him. Lin Feng was holding swords in both hands. He hadn’t thought Qi Qian Ren would be so determined. Even demon-cursing energies couldn’t affect him for too long, so he had to kill him with swords.

“How fast, will he kill him though?” thought the crowd. They couldn’t see the two fighters because they were moving too quickly.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released cursing energies, and at the same time, the sword he was holding in his left hand streaked across the sky.

“Desolate Ksana, lacerate!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” Qi Qian Ren disappeared, but Lin Feng attacked with the sword he was holding in his right hand as well. His sword attack wasn’t that magnificent, it was pitch-black.

“Stop!” shouted Qi Qian Ren. Just before landing on the ground, he had shouted.

“Qian Ren!” shouted Emperor Qi. As Qi Qian Ren was just about to land on the ground, Emperor Qi moved too. He wanted to block Lin Feng’s sword.

“Boom!” Emperor Yu also jumped in the air.

“Ah…” a horrible shriek resonated.

“No!” Emperor Qi could have saved his son, but Emperor Yu had prevented him from doing so!

He looked at Qi Qian Ren’s corpse, his eyes were bloodshot with anger.

“Emperor Qi, don’t forget the rules. Lin Feng killed Qi Qian Ren before he touched the ground.” said Emperor Yu indifferently. But this didn’t seem to register with Emperor Qi.

“You saved her!”

“Indeed, but she had already landed on the ground. Besides, back then you said I couldn’t anyways, so you can’t either. If you had saved him, I wouldn’t have said anything, but you failed, unfortunately.” said Emperor Yu indifferently.

Emperor Qi looked at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way, then an oppressive Qi surrounded Lin Feng.

“If Emperor Qi is furious because the Qi Clan has been eliminated from the meeting of the emperors, let’s all kill him together!” said Emperor Yu furiously. Emperor Qi suddenly felt cold. He was still at the meeting of the emperors, so he couldn’t violate the rules!

“Alright!” said Emperor Qi, he was still furious though.

“Thank you very much, Emperor Qi. I wouldn’t be what I am now without you.” said Lin Feng smiling mockingly. Emperor Qi’s face turned even more red.

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  1. Lito Origo May 15, 2018 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    How you like me now? – Lin Feng

  2. Sadd3 July 18, 2018 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    So if he couldn’t come as Lin Feng from the start, then why is it ok for him to be Lin Feng now? Wouldn’t it have been better if he came as LF and by that kept MF’s identity hidden?

    • Northz August 1, 2018 at 10:10 pm - Reply

      Because he wanted to surprise them, remember how many people he got to kill during the first round because of the disguise? And even though he was targeted later on they were still underestimating Lin Feng by a large margin.

      • Azrul August 15, 2018 at 2:13 am - Reply

        True. It was for the surprise.

  3. iiyo May 26, 2019 at 2:44 am - Reply

    I wonder what’s the point of LF disguised himself for so long lol

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