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PMG Chapter 141: Jun!

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“I will participate in the next battle!” Lin Feng’s voice wasn’t loud but it was loud enough for everybody to hear him.

Everybody was surprised when looking at Lin Feng. He surprisingly wanted to fight against a fourth Ling Level lizard! He was so young!

Those who dared to enter in the cage all considered themselves as very strong cultivators. They were not stupidly playing with their life… but that lizard had already killed twenty eight people, it meant that it was very powerful and strengthened in battle!

A cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer who wanted to fight the lizard was taking a huge risk. It would be very difficult to emerge victorious for an average cultivator of the fifth Ling Qi layer.

Someone under the fourth Ling Qi layer would never be able to win against it. That is why the reward for them if they won was a hundred purity stones of medium quality.

Bai Ze smiled when he saw that Lin Feng was standing up. It looked like another military student was going to die in the Prisoner Arena.

“What a pity! He’s going to die before his battle against Hei Mo… It’s terribly disappointing.” said the young man in yellow clothes while laughing. Lin Feng was challenging a lizard, he was definitely going to die.

“Born as a beggar, he will also die as a beggar… For a few purity stones, he dares to risk his life. Not only will he lose his life but he will also lose the few purity stones that he has.”

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the young man in yellow clothes in a playful way.

“The Prisoner Arena can lend a stage to two cultivators who wish to battle to the death. Could it be that you want to have a try against me?” said Lin Feng in a loud voice which echoed throughout the arena. The young man was speaking so loud that a great number of people could hear him, so Lin Feng spoke so loud that everyone in the viewing platform could hear him.

The young man was stupefied and was speechless.

“Are you fighting or not? You keep talking bullshit yet do not have the spine to take action. A piece of trash with a big mouth can also be a coward, what a surprise.” said Lin Feng fiercely. The young man in yellow clothes was furious. The sensation that everybody was looking at him with mocking glares made him even more furious. He was evilly staring at Lin Feng.

“Poor guy, he’s so pitiful!” said Wen Ao Xue while laughing loudly.

It was useless to keep talking to him as he had no backbone, so Lin Feng ignored him again and walked towards the border of the cage, moving close to the old man.

The old man opened the door of the cage and let Lin Feng enter. Lin Feng went in and suddenly felt oppressed. It was as if the Qi of all the people and creatures in the cage that was oppressing him. The sensation was very uncomfortable.

When the Lizard saw Lin Feng come in, it roared loudly. Ling Level ferocious beasts were very smart. They knew who their enemies were. It knew that if it didn’t kill Lin Feng, it would have to die.

The expression within its eyes looked ice cold. It was slowly and cautiously crawling towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the lizard move towards him. Lin Feng looked indifferent and calm. He didn’t look agitated at all.

But suddenly, the gigantic body of the lizard jumped up into the air and flew towards Lin Feng at full speed! It was a thousand times faster than a moment before when it was crawling.

“Eight strikes of desolation!”
Lin Feng used both of his hands to unleash his strikes. Lin Feng had mastered this skill to perfection! with one strike, he could kill a normal cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer.

Surprisingly, the lizard didn’t avoid Lin Feng’s attack. It opened its claws and blocked Lin Feng’s attack. It managed to weaken the power of Lin Feng’s attack. Of course, eight strikes of desolation was an extremely powerful attack and it was impossible for that lizard to completely disintegrate its power. A few strikes still managed to pass through and crash into its body which made it fly backwards. It roared extremely loudly as if it had been angered. However, what surprised Lin Feng is that it wasn’t injured at all.

“As expected, it has a very strong defence. No wonder it has managed to kill twenty eight cultivators already.” thought Lin Feng.

It emitted a loud bestial roar. Its eyes grew colder and colder. It was an incredibly horrifying sight to behold. Suddenly, it dashed towards Lin Feng again!

Lin Feng didn’t use his eight strikes of desolation. Instead, he released an extremely strong sword Qi which created whirlwinds in the air. It seemed like the body of the lizard was being oppressed by the power of the Qi.

“RAAAWWWWWRRRRR….” the sharp sword Qi made the lizard roar extremely loudly. Its sharp claws were moving towards Lin Feng with deadly precision.

If Lin Feng came into contact with these claws then he would be cut into pieces.

At that moment, Lin Feng jumped straight towards the lizard. He had moved into the range of the lizard’s strikes. He also slightly raised his hand into the air.

“What is he doing?!”

“He’s using his hand to block the claws of the lizard?”

“He’s crazy! He’s going to die.”

People in the crowd were making various comments. Most of them were stupefied. Many people got lacerated into pieces by the claws of the lizard after the first attack. Its claws were even sharper than most swords.

Lin Feng’s hands finally reached the lizard’s claws and suddenly, a radiant white light filled the entire cage.

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng didn’t seem to have been injured but the lizard was screaming and howling in agony.

“How’s that possible? How could his hand be sharper than the lizard’s claws?” the crowd was astonished. They all looked puzzled.

Lin Feng continued moving nearer and nearer to the lizard. Surprisingly, he wanted a close combat battle against the lizard! They were both moving as fast as lightning.

“CRRRAAAACK!” suddenly a trail of brown blood splashed into the air. There was a huge wound on the lizard’s body.

“What a terrifying attack… and he did that with only his hand… he concentrated sword Qi into his hand and it became even sharper than a sword!” said a cultivator in the crowd. The crowd was astonished. That young man was really a monstrous genius. What many cultivators of the fourth Ling Qi layer had tried in vain before, Lin Feng had done it so easily with his bare hands!

When they saw that, Bai Ze and the young man in yellow clothes were both astonished and furious. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was so strong.

“Obviously, he hid his strength on the entrance day.” Bai Ze felt ridiculous and laughable. He realized how strong Lin Feng was. On that day, he had called him a beggar each time he opened his mouth. At that moment, he realized that Lin Feng was a much stronger cultivator than him. He would never be able to defeat Lin Feng no matter how many resources his family provided him.

Lin Feng didn’t know what all these people were thinking at that moment though. He just wanted to achieve his victory over the lizard. At that moment, he could concentrate all sword energy into his hand. It wasn’t as terrifying as his sword attacks but it was still extremely strong.

Each time Lin Feng’s hand touched the lizard, blood was sent splashing around the arena.

“RRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRR…….!!!” after a short time, the lizard had already lost a great deal of blood. It gave a horrible shriek.

“I’ll stop playing with you now.” thought Lin Feng. He went even closer to the lizard. Immediately, a gigantic sword Qi emerged from his hand and with a single strike he beheaded the lizard and put it out of its misery. The entire crowd was astonished.

“Wow…..” sighed the crowd in amazement and thought: “How strong! He just used his hand as a sword!”

“You win. Here are twenty purity stones of medium quality.” said the old man entering the cage while handing Lin Feng the purity stones. Lin Feng impolitely took the stones and left the cage without sparing a glance at the old man.

Lin Feng glanced to the side where the cultivation slaves were fighting. This time, another cultivation slave had been killed.

The two sides were separated by an iron gate. If it was opened, the slaves and the beasts would be together in a single area.

When Lin Feng came out from inside of the cage, he felt much better as inside it was a very oppressing atmosphere.

Lin Feng moved back towards his seat, glanced at the young man in yellow clothes with a mocking look and then sat down.

On both sides of the cage, two old men were bringing in a new ferocious beast and a new slave. The slave’s hair was so messy that his facial features were almost invisible. He had handcuffs on his hands and chains at his feet which made a loud metallic noise after each step he took.

Suddenly, the slave raised his head and his face became visible. There was a word on his face: Jun!

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