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PMG Chapter 1413: Insane!

PMG Chapter 1413: Insane!

Many people sensed the energies and turned their attention to them. They were surprised, not only had Lin Feng killed the fifth prince, now he was making things difficult for the third prince.

“Burn!” Flames appeared inside Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes. Lin Feng’s sword was also emitting strident whistling sounds. He then made the demon fire go to his sword. Apart from demon fire, he also condensed destructive, desolate and death energies into it.

“Destructive energies can’t make things decay.” Lin Feng also added immortal abstruse energies.

“Roar!” the third prince shouted furiously. He was surrounded by force as he released dragon energies towards Lin Feng.

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng released his terrifying sword, immediately destroying the dragons. Force oppressed him, making the immortal energies fuse together with the sword even better.

“Roar, roar, roar!” the third prince didn’t want to let Lin Feng condense any more energy. His energies turned into a gigantic dragon once more, but this dragon then fused together with his spirit and moved towards Lin Feng.

“Die!” A demon appeared behind Lin Feng. The demon and the sword moved towards the third prince’s dragon together.

“Boom, boom boom, boom!” explosions sounded and the space around them was completely distorted. Lin Feng’s arm, body, blood and spirit were all shaking violently, making him cough blood even. His sword was extremely solid though, it was if the immortal energies had protected the sword. The sword energies had managed to penetrate the dragon’s head.

The gigantic dragon was crumbling apart.

“Roar!” the dragon gave one last effort.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. Again, his sword and demonic energies dashed to the skies. At the same time, he was staring at his opponent, trying to damage his determination. A song suddenly started resonating in the third prince’s brain and terrifying cursing energies injured the dragon. The sword was now making its way down the dragon’s body.

That physical body was terrifying, just like a real dragon. Lin Feng’s sword could have destroyed anyone, but the third prince’s dragon was incredibly resilient.

“Roar!” The gigantic dragon’s tail made a swing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng condensed sword energies in his other hand again. Explosions sounded and the energies released from the collision was overwhelming.

“No wonder those prince’s were Tian Long Divine Castle’s trump cards. Even though the third prince has only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, he can easily kill cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer.”

“Die!” the dragon’s tail swung again, this time towards Lin Feng’s demon. Lin Feng released a Deadly Demon Punch and the tail collided against it. Although his arm was sore, he didn’t flinch. How could a demon king flinch?

“Argh…” Lin Feng’s demon king roared furiously. Lin Feng’s strength became stronger with it as he continued growing taller.

“Die!” more energies appeared, but those energies hadn’t come from the third prince. Lin Feng raised his head and saw someone with a terrifyingly sharp sword aimed at his head.

“Kill him!” shouted someone furiously. Lin Feng slowed down, like he was trapped in mud.

“Slash, slash…” the terrifyingly sharp sword made Lin Feng tremble. That was an assassin’s sword.

“Be careful!” shouted someone to Lin Feng.

Two assassins from the Imperial Assassin Union were joining hands to fight Lin Feng. One of them was a strong cultivator from the Si Kong Clan.

“Rise!” Explosions and rumbling sounds shook the ground. A gigantic gravestone appeared which then enveloped Lin Feng inside. Mu Bei was trying to help Lin Feng.

“Break!” shouted the third prince. A gigantic dragon assaulted the gravestone, creating cracks as the sword neared.

“Desiccation and Desolation!” shouted Ku Can. Now, Lin Feng was surrounded by desiccation and desolation energies.

“Sapta Atibuddha Karasaniya!” Ban Ruo jumped onto a lion. He was holding a lotus in one hand and a sword in the other.

“You won’t have a chance!” shouted a voice. The second prince had arrived and was insanely attacking the gravestone.

“Stop him! Since you want to kill Lin Feng, you’ll have to get past me!” said Hou Qing Lin. He released sword reincarnation energies. In a flash, a gigantic hole, ten thousand meters wide, appeared and blocked them.

“What is he doing?”

“Hou Qing Lin is insane!” the crowd was crazed. Hou Qing Lin wanted to kill them all at once.

“Piss off!” a strong cultivator from the Deva-Mara Palace, was also appearing above Lin Feng.

“Celestial Vision, die!” shouted a strong cultivator from the Si Kong Clan. Lin Feng’s vision was suddenly blurry and the space around him was distorted.

“Lacerate!” A Vairocana sword moved towards the strong cultivator with the Celestial Vision. Tian Chi was surrounded by golden lights as he chanted mantras in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, far-reaching Brahma voice. He reinforced the gravestone which was protecting Lin Feng.

“Boom, boom, boom!” the third prince was going insane as he attacked the gravestone. More and more cracks began to cover the gravestone.

“Die!” Hou Qing Lin pointed a finger at someone and suddenly, that cultivator was surrounded by reincarnation energies.

“Die!” shouted Hou Qing Lin furiously. Then that cultivator groaned and suddenly died.

“Die, die, die!” Qing Lin continued releasing reincarnation energies which surrounded all the strong cultivators.

At that moment, the gravestone became surrounded by golden energies. Those energies were actually an oppressive sword Qi. Mu Bei could sense it, after all, he had made the gravestone.

“Brother, back, let them try!” shouted Mu Bei as he ran back. The others were surprised, but they trusted him, so they also moved back.

“Let them die, brothers!” shouted Mu Bei again. Everybody nodded and released energies. Tian Chi’s gigantic Buddha moved towards a strong cultivator and crushed him. He died immediately. Tian Chi didn’t know to which group that cultivator belonged, but it didn’t matter, they needed a hundred people to die before the round could finish!

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