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PMG Chapter 1418: Cosmic Energies

PMG Chapter 1418: Cosmic Energies

Lin Feng was holding Qiu Yue Xin in his arms, both of them were resting on a big stone. Qiu Yue Xin was wearing her clothes, but they were soaked and transparent.

Lin Feng caressed her skin, her breasts. Qiu Yue Xin moaned, turning Lin Feng on. Lin Feng had become an expert at making love since he had been with Yi Ren Lei.

He slowly took off her clothes, cherishing the view with each piece.

Lin Feng caressed her everywhere. He kissed her lips, then he slowly kissed her everywhere, including her most sensitive spot.

“Eh, ah…” her moans were bewitching. Qiu Yue Xin was shivering with each of Lin Feng’s movements. He was moving with more and more passion, but suddenly, a merciless ice-cold energy emerged.

“Boom!” Lin Feng suddenly moved back as an ice-cold hand shot out. Lin Feng came back to his senses, Qiu Yue Xin’s face was now red from embarrassment.

“Lin Feng, I’m sorry!” Qiu Yue Xin shook her head.

“No problem!” said Lin Feng. Qiu Yue Xin’s facial expression kept changing, one moment cold and the next hot.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and very careful and put on her clothes again.

Lin Feng felt sad for her, but how could he help Qiu Yue Xin solve that problem? He knew that Qiu Yue Xin was in love with him, which is why she could control her merciless emotions around him, somewhat.

“Let’s go into that cave and change your clothes.” said Lin Feng while carrying her. Meng Qing looked at them and then looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng put Qiu Yue Xin on the ground and walked over to Meng Qing, hugging her and saying, “Meng Qing, when I become a cultivation emperor, I think we should have a child. What do you think?”

“Alright.” replied Meng Qing, in a gentle and tender way, lowering her head. Qiu Yue Xin was looking at them, but she didn’t know what they were talking about.

“You’re still this shy? Even though we’ve been together for so long.” Lin Feng was mocking her. Meng Qing blushed even more after.

Meng Qing rolled her eyes and Lin Feng smiled, he was becoming more perverted the older he got.

After a short time, Qiu Yue Xin changed into some new clothes. She had on a new blue dress.

“Meng Qing, Yue Xin, I’ll bring you to a special place.” said Lin Feng, taking out the Jade Emperor’s heart. Then, it became gigantic and turned into a palace. There were two doors he still hadn’t opened. Now that he was so strong, he might be able to open them. But would there be anything good in them?

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng, entering the palace with Qiu Yue Xin and Meng Qing. The crowd saw Lin Feng enter, this time with two incredibly beautiful women.

They used to be Gan Yu’s heroes and Lin Feng was only an ordinary disciple from Tian Chi.

Lin Feng ignored them as he swallowed an abstruse tablet and chewed it. He brought Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin to the doors he hadn’t opened yet.

“Wait, I’ll break it.” said Lin Feng. Then, he used his Deadly Demon Punch to break down one of the doors.

“Ancient scriptures!” Lin Feng was surprised. There was a wooden table with ancient scriptures resting on it. They were surrounded by yellow Qi and earth abstruse energies.

“Let’s see what they are.” The three of them entered the room. Apart from that book, there were marks on the walls. Emperor Yu had also carved such marks in his palace, back in Tiantai.

Lin Feng looked at the book and suddenly felt like he was in a vast area. The ground beneath him was dusty and the area was filled with abstruse energies.

After a short time, Lin Feng recalled his godly awareness and whispered, “That’s the first step of the book. Each step teaches cultivators about different territories! The Jade Emperor made that page to teach cultivators about earth territories.”

“Meng Qing, Qiu Yue Xin, inspect at the book.” said Lin Feng. Even if they didn’t practice the powers taught in those books, they could still learn something from them.

Lin Feng looked at the walls and analyzed them.

“The incredible gate could steal the strength of the Earth and sky to cleanse my body, spirit, and soul. It also helped strengthen my relationship with the Earth and sky. If I could understand how that works, I’d be even further ahead.” thought Lin Feng.

The Jade Emperor understood earth abstruse energies, so he had probably used them to create this palace.

“If my fire abstruse energies become cosmic energies, I could actually burn the Earth and skies energies.” thought Lin Feng. He was starting to understand more thanks to the Jade Emperor’s teachings. No wonder people who hadn’t become cultivation emperors were still like insects. Emperors could use cosmic energies to reign over the Earth and sky.

“But, if I fought against someone as strong as them and was able to condense cosmic energies, I’d need to create my own spells, skills and techniques still. I’d have to rely on my own special abilities.” thought Lin Feng.

He recalled when Emperor Yu saved Meng Qing, he had condensed the strength of the Earth and the sky to incredible degree. He concluded from that, that if a cultivator didn’t understand the strength of the Earth and sky, they couldn’t learn to use cosmic energies. No wonder his emperors had attached so much importance to the strength of the Earth and sky. Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi had probably used the strength of the Earth and sky to create the flight of stairs in Tiantai.

Cosmic energies required high-level abstruse energies before they could be used to fuse together with the Earth and sky.

“Understanding ten types of abstruse energies is indeed incredible, it’s like having a special kind of body. If I could level up all my abstruse energies to their highest degree, I’d be able to master so many types of cosmic energies.” thought Lin Feng.

If he managed to make his death abstruse energy become death cosmic energy, it’d be horrifying. He’d be able to make people grow old instantly and die, unless his opponents’ cosmic energies were of the same level.

Lin Feng stopped studying and turned around. Then he said to Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin, “Some powerful scriptures can help cultivators understand cosmic energies. Without these ancient scriptures, it must be difficult to become a cultivation emperor.”

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