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PMG Chapter 1419: Fighting Against Emperor Yu

PMG Chapter 1419: Fighting Against Emperor Yu

“Let’s go to the other door.” Lin Feng took the ancient, imperial scriptures with him. He wasn’t as surprised to find imperial scriptures anymore because he had found several already before. If it was anyone besides him, they’d be furious at Lin Feng’s reactions. Many cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer only dreamt of having imperial scriptures.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the last door and broke it down with sword energies. Even though that room had been sealed for many, many years, it was still clean inside. There was no dust and the walls were still shiny.

“Poor Jade Emperor, he hid so little that the door was even weaker than the previous one. The ancient scriptures were probably his most cherished treasures.” thought Lin Feng, glancing around the room. There were three dazzling items, but Lin Feng didn’t sense the Qi of any imperial weapons.

There was an armor set resting on a statue. It looked domineering and imposing, like it contained cosmic energy. It was more powerful than ordinary peerless holy weapons because it contained cosmic energies.

Lin Feng’s cultivation level was too low, so he couldn’t understand those weapons very well. Not all emperors had imperial weapons, but it was similar to when people had just broken through to the Zun Qi layer, they didn’t necessarily have holy weapons either. Imperial weapons were precious treasures. It was difficult to obtain imperial weapons, emperors had to be lucky.

Apart from the armor, there was a gigantic axe filled with a terrifying strength. Lin Feng was surprised because that axe contained pure strength and nothing else. It wasn’t even sharp.

The last item was a helmet, the Jade Emperor’s helmet!

“That’s the Jade Emperor’s helmet.” Lin Feng smiled at Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin while adding, “Those three weapons seem to contain cosmic energies. I want that axe. Meng Qing, Yue Xin, you two can choose one of the weapons as well.”

“Give the helmet to Yue Xin, but the armor is not suitable for me. Lin Feng, you should take it.” said Meng Qing.

“No, peerless holy weapons are better than ordinary weapons. You can make them fuse together with your flesh, so how couldn’t it suit you? Yue Xin, you can take the Jade Emperor’s helmet, Meng Qing, you must take the armor.” said Lin Feng.

“So take my high-level holy armor then.” said Meng Qing.

“I don’t need it. I have an Empty Space Robe. It’s a peerless holy weapon as well, so just keep both of them.” said Lin Feng. He walked to the axe and slowly raised it up. It was very heavy, at least one-million kilos. It could decimate mountains or kill a low-level Zun cultivator in one strike.

“Take your holy weapons and let’s go. We still have to see if there are any suitable holy marks to practice cultivation. Then, we can leave and modify those weapons.”

Lin Feng and the girls went back to one of the other rooms where carvings lined the wall. Last time, Lin Feng hadn’t spent much time studying them.

“Those holy marks contained the strength of the Earth and sky. Once you’re an emperor, you can carve them yourself. Even Yan Di can do that.” whispered Lin Feng.

“I can use other abstruse energies to replace the earth abstruse energies, I just need to activate the marks.” thought Lin Feng, sitting down cross-legged. When he had the strength of the Tian Qi layer, he came to study the holy marks of the mysterious world, but he needed to be stronger before he could benefit from them. Now, he was a lot stronger.

Seven days later, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged in front of the waterfall in Emperor Yu’s small world. He was calmly studying something while Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were in the distance practicing cultivation. Lin Feng was releasing empty space energies as his godly awareness turned into threads and moved towards the empty space energies.

“Caw!” In the sky, a bird passed. Lin Feng open his eyes and rose up in the air.

“Constriction!” the space around the bird became distorted. Then, it turned into dazzling marks as a thousand threads of empty space abstruse energy formed a cage.

“I’m too slow. If it were the great roc, I wouldn’t be able to imprison him with that speed.” whispered Lin Feng. Those holy marks were challenging, but Lin Feng wanted to control cosmic energies.

Lin Feng freed the bird, then he continued studying the holy marks.

Lin Feng realized that when the holy marks became almost as powerful as cosmic energies, they fused together with the Earth and sky even better.

“Lin Feng!” said a voice. Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw Emperor Yu ahead of him.

“Teacher!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Lin Feng, I came to see you because I want you to see some people. I just saw you studying holy marks, what a coincidence.” said Emperor Yu smiling.

“Teacher, when abstruse energies change, they become cosmic energies. Are holy marks a form of cosmic energy?” asked Lin Feng.

Emperor Yu was a bit surprised as he said, “I initially wanted to tell you about cosmic energies, but now you already know about them. Great minds think alike! The ten thousand things of creation exist because of the same thing. Holy marks exist thanks to the strength of the Earth and sky, and abstruse energies. You just have to make them fuse together.”

“So every emperor is a kind of magician who can create holy marks.” thought Lin Feng.

“Of course, first, you need to understand the strength of the Earth and sky, only then will you be able to understand cosmic energies. Emperors use the strength of the Earth and sky all the time. Of course, when you become an emperor, you’ll understand how scary and explosive attacks can be.”

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Teacher, how many sorts of cosmic energy do you understand?”

“Earth cosmic energy.” replied Emperor Yu calmly.

“Teacher, can you show me some cosmic strength?” asked Lin Fen.

“Alright.” replied Emperor Yu, he was happy to see Lin Feng so enthused. “Attack me using your most powerful attack!”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. Suddenly, Qi blotted out the sky as he was surrounded by sword intent.

Then he condensed death energies into his sword energy and a pitch-black light flew towards Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu remained calm though. He stretched out his fingers and moved them a little bit. The strength of the Earth and sky turned into yellow earth, seemingly indestructible. The death and sword energies couldn’t pierce through that strength.

“Imprison!” said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng was suddenly trapped in an earthen cage.

Emperor Yu looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Those are the holy marks you want to learn about.”

The cage slowly opened and Lin Feng nodded back.

“Indeed, but holy marks seem rudimentary when compared with cosmic energies.”

“Don’t think that cosmic energies aren’t that strong. Back when you couldn’t control abstruse energies, you thought the same of them. After you can control cosmic energies, you will change your mind.” said Emperor Yu.

“I know.” Lin Feng knew his teacher was being nice to him too. Abstruse energies were the major difference between Tian level and Zun level cultivators, but the difference between them was nothing when compared with the differences between Zun level cultivators and emperors.

“I can easily create the cage because I’m an emperor, but if you were an emperor, I couldn’t imprison you that easily.” explained Emperor Yu.

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