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PMG Chapter 142: Insane Fury

I woke up and finished it for you all. Special thanks to Andrea J for sponsoring this chapter.

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The word covered his entire face which made it difficult to see his real facial features.

His entire appearance made him look extremely savage and hideous.

Besides, his two dark eyes made him look even more cruel. His expression was enough to make anyone shiver.

“How cold.” said the crowd. They were all shivering.

Cultivation slaves were fighting everyday all day. They were extremely strong and battle hardened warriors. Therefore, each time a cultivation slave came from The Prisoner Arena, there would always be fights between those who wanted to buy the slave.

Lin Feng frowned. What a cruel method!

He didn’t know where these slaves came from but marking their face was going too far. It completely violated their human rights and made them nothing more but animals. They would never be able to live in the real world, they were doomed to living in that hell forever.

“That slave is of the third Ling Qi layer. He has already won sixteen battles. If somebody wins against him, he can receive twenty purity stones if he’s above the third Ling Qi layer, a hundred if he’s of the third Ling Qi layer or lower.” said the old man leading him into the cage. The whole crowd was stupefied. He had won twelve battles less than the lizard but had won against all his challengers. He was incredibly terrifying of an opponent.

“Bai Ze, third Ling Qi layer, He is the same level as you.” said the young man in yellow clothes. Bai Ze was surprised. He immediately nodded and said: “I’m going.”

“Alright.” said the young man in yellow clothes while smiling. Bai Ze walked towards the edge of the cage near the old man who was inside. Bai Ze nodded to him.

The old man looked at Bai Ze and frowned, he then said: “This slave is extremely strong, are you sure that you want to go into the cage?”

“I’m sure.” said Bai Ze while nodding without hesitation. The old man thus let Bai Ze enter the cage.

“Hmph!” groaned Wen Ao Xue from on the bleachers to show his discontent.

Lin Feng was also surprised. Surprisingly, they had warned Bai Ze that it was a dangerous battle. When he wanted to fight against the lizard, the old man hadn’t said anything even though the lizard was extremely strong.

“Lin Feng, that slave is out of luck.” said Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng looked at him in a strange way and asked: “That’s weird because I know how strong Bai Ze is and he doesn’t have exceptional strength, nothing special. I even get the feeling that he could lose this battle before it even begins.”

“Bai Ze could never lose. Do you know who is in charge of the Prisoner Arena?” asked Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng was surprised and looking at Wen Ao Xue with big eyes.

“The Bai Clan is in charge of The Prisoner Arena. Everything here is controlled by his clan.” said Wen Ao Xue indifferently. Lin Feng was stunned. No wonder that the old man was warning Bai Ze, because it was his clan that run the arena.

“What if Bai Ze loses?”

“They only look at the process. Not at the result.” said Wen Ao Xue mysteriously who seemed to understand what was going on in the background.

At that moment, Bai Ze was facing the slave within the fighting stage of the cage. A strong and sharp Qi emerged within the atmosphere.

Bai Ze shivered when he saw the bestial expression in the slave’s eyes.

“Die!” shouted the cultivation slave. He then immediately threw himself at Bai Ze. Everybody who entered the cage wanted to kill him, if he did not kill the people who entered the cage then they would try to kill him.

The chains that he was wearing suddenly emitted a whistling sound in the air. The slave was jumping towards Bai Ze looking like a deadly spear.

“Hurricane Spirit…” whispered Lin Feng when saw that a hurricane spirit had appeared behind Bai Ze’s body.

Bai Ze was extremely arrogant and thought that he was a true genius… but Lin Feng had required only one finger to defeat him. He hadn’t even had the time to release his spirit. He had been humiliated to the extreme.

But Bai Ze was only eighteen. In any other place, he would be considered as a genius. In the Yun Hai Sect, it would have been no exception. However, in the Imperial City, there were many young cultivators who were much stronger than him. Genius was a very relative word in that context.

The slave didn’t even look at Bai Ze. His chains were still lacerating the atmosphere and diffusing whistling sounds as they cut the very air itself.

“How ferocious!” thought Bai Ze who started shaking and retreating a few steps backwards. At that moment, a vine illusion had started twining around Bai Ze’s body. The slave was still flying towards Bai Ze like a spear rushing through the air.

There was absolutely no superfluous movement made by the slave, he was going directly for the kill. Bai Ze was in a fatal position.

Bai Ze’s pupils shrank. He struggled to move his hands and suddenly a strong Qi flowed from his body which looked like a hurricane and moved towards the slave’s chains at full speed.

Suddenly, Bai Ze was almost suffocating because the slave had put even more strength into his vine illusion which was twining around Bai Ze’s body. The slave, with the aid of his vine spirit had managed to control his flight through the air and his trajectory looked like a perfect arch within the air. He was moving straight towards Bai Ze.

“How strong!” the crowd was amazed at the sight. The slave was extremely strong. Every single move he made was perfect. He was fast, agile and experienced in battle.

Lin Feng frowned. He remembered that he had already seen that kind of spirit. Han Man’s friend, Po Jun, had a vine spirit too.

“Po Jun and Jun the slave!” Lin Feng looked surprised. He was staring at that slave as if he had understood something terrifying. Was it a coincidence? How could they have the same name and use the same spirit?!

“BOOM!” while Bai Ze was doing his best to avoid the attack, the slave finally reached him and sent him flying backwards however he was not injured.

The slave was stupefied. He had carried out a very strong attack but hadn’t managed to kill his opponent. How could he have not died from that attack?

“Stop!” at that moment, a loud voice emerged in the atmosphere. The slave was surprised, stopped moving and stared at the old man.

“This battle ends here.” said the old man indifferently. The crowd was stupefied. End of the battle?

Only death could make a battle end, those were the rules! How could it just end during this fight?

“It looks like the old man and the current challenger have a relationship!” thought the crowd, especially when they remembered that the old man had warned Bai Ze. That was the only possibility.

“We’re not done yet, how could the battle end here?” asked the slave with a husky voice. He was fixedly staring at the old man.

The old man’s expression suddenly became evil. A slave dared refute his words?

“Since you want to die, I will help you achieve your aim.” said the old man with an evil smile on his face. “Release the beast.”

When the old man finished talking, on the other side of the arena, a middle-aged man appeared. The crowd was surprised by the fact of what he was riding as a beast-like monster. It had four legs and chains around its neck.

“Jun, this is the fiercest of beasts and while you are in its presence you would do best to act docile. Today, you will fight against it, if you win, you will live, if you lose, you will die.” said the old man evilly. Jun was fixedly staring at him. Surprisingly, he wanted him to fight against it, that old man was an animal!

When the beast heard these words, it raised its head and bestially looked at the old man.

When looking at the situation, Lin Feng, who was sat on the viewing platform started to release an extremely strong and cold Qi.

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